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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/11/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Church) Josh gives Natalia a kiss on the cheek and congratulates her on marrying Gus Rafe also does the same thing and tells Gus that it took him long enough to marry his mother. Lizzie congratulates Gus and encourages him to be happy with Natalia. Because she has had two weddings in her life and Jonathan interrupted the first one and the second time Jonathan only married her for the sake of the baby. Bill whispers that Jonathan was too good for her and she deserves someone better in her life. Lizzie wonders whom he had in mind and Bill avoids the subject and just says that anybody else at all is better then Jonathan.

(San Gabriel) Beth tells Alan she has left Rick because she realized she never loved Rick and only married him to protect herself from the feelings she had for him.

Alan doesn’t believe the story and Knows Beth is only doing this to protect Lizzie and Sarah. Beth tells Alan that Lizzie getting Sarah back made her realize how much she missed him and how much she wants to have a family with him. Beth gives Alan a kiss to prove to him how much she loves him and then Alan leaves to tell his pilot he won’t be going home today. Beth quickly calls Lizzie to explain to her that she is with Alan to stall for time so that she and Jonathan can keep Sarah safe. Lizzie worries that Alan will find out what Beth is doing and then come back more angry to search for Sarah. Beth promises Lizzie that she won’t let her down this time. Beth also tells Lizzie that she is going to try to persuade Alan to end the war with Jonathan.

(Outside the Church) Jonathan waits for Remy to bang him the gun Remy arrives and gives him the gun and Jonathan pays him the money he owes him for the purchase of the gun.

(Bauer Cabin) Olivia starts gasping for breath as she pounds on the door with what Little strength she has left and then vows that if she dies she will come back and haunt Natalia.

(Church) Lizzie continues to gently press Bill to tell her that he cares deeply for her but she tells her that he hates to see anyone being used by Jonathan.

(Outside the Church) Josh tries to persuade Jonathan not to seek revenge against Alan for Tammy’s death because Tammy wouldn’t want him to do it. Josh tells Jonathan he has grown up a lot since he had to take care of Sarah and he asks Jonathan to let this go for Sarah’s sake.

(Inside the Church) Lizzie leaves to go look for Jonathan because she needs to warn him that Alan is coming Bill is hurt that Lizzie doesn’t think he can protect her and Sarah and instead has to turn to Jonathan. Bill tells Lizzie that Jonathan planned to leave with Sarah if things go wrong with Alan Lizzie tells Bill Jonathan gave her his word he would never take Sarah away from her again. Gus goes to call the limousine driver but before he does that he gets a call from the national heart registry to tell him they have a heart for Olivia and she doesn’t have much time because if she doesn’t respond soon they will give her heart to another patient. Gus hangs up the phone and explains thing to Natalia who admits she locked Olivia in the Bauer Cabin bathroom so she wouldn’t ruin the wedding. Gus is shocked but has no time to talk because he and Natalia must rush to the Bauer cabin before Olivia loses her donor heart.

(San Gabriel) Alan tells Beth he wants to pamper her and he has prepared some sandwiches for her and then he will rub her feet. Alan tells Beth that he will get his lawyers to work on her divorce from Rick as well as adoption papers for the baby. Beth points out that Rick will never agree to allow him to adopt his baby so Alan tells her that if Rick doesn’t agree to it he will crush him Alan leaves the room for a few minutes and Beth calls Rick to tell him that no matter what happens he should never forget how much she loves him. (Main Street) Rick calls Josh who is at the church and tells him that he is worried about Beth because she called and he had the police trace the call and she is insane Gabriel and Rick fears that Alan may have kidnapped her. Lizzie wonders why Bill isn’t concerned about Alan coming back to town and then she remembers that Beth told her that Alan knows about Sarah and Jonathan so she figures out that Bill was the person who told Alan Sarah was alive. Lizzie is angry that Bill sold her out and she slaps him Bill says he only did it to protect her and Sarah from Alan. Bill tells Lizzie that you can’t handle men like Alan with violence you have to negotiate with them. Bill admits he made a deal with Alan that he had to leave her and Sarah alone as well as someday make a business deal with him. Lizzie gets angrier at Bill and she starts to leave but Bill screams that he needs her so she comes back and asks him to repeat what he said which he does and she also gets him to say that he doesn’t want her for her money or for future business deals with Alan. Lizzie and Bill share a tender kiss and then he persuades her to bring Sarah to his place so that he can protect them from Alan.

(Bauer Cabin) Gus and Natalia arrive to rescue Olivia who has passed out so Gus puts her in the car and then she awakens and says that she prayed he would come and rescue her. Gus tells Olivia the roads are slippery because of the rain so that slows them down a lot but they do manage to get to the hospital.

(Hospital) Natalia tracks down the doctor after s few minutes and he tells Olivia since she didn’t respond they gave her heart to another person. Olivia begs the doctor to reconsider saying she has two daughters who need her but the doctor says there is nothing he can do but her name is back on the transplant list. Gus goes outside to talk to the doctor and Natalia congratulates Natalia on her wedding and getting the guy at the cost of her life.

(Church) Josh calls Rick to tell him that his flight to San Gabriel is set and Jonathan follows Rick to the airport and sneaks onto the plane to confront Alan.

(Beacon) Olivia arrives home with Gus and Natalia and Gus tells Olivia to go lie down and rest. Gus also tells Olivia that he talked to the doctor and she is at the top of the list to get the next available heart. Once Olivia is lying down and can’t hear them Gus yells at Natalia for doing such a despicable thing to Olivia he also tells her she isn’t the girl that he once loved because that girl would never have done something so awful. Natalia tells Gus that Olivia was trying to ruin their wedding and she couldn’t let her ruin the perfect day she had waited for so long to have with him. Natalia tells Gus she never meant for Olivia to get hurt and she is sorry. Natalia tells Gus that he should have left Olivia in the hospital or call Ava or a nurse to take care of her but Gus says he owes it to Olivia to stay and take care of her after what happened today. Gus tells Natalia to go home and then he goes into Olivia’s room to stay with her. Gus assures her she will get a heart and then she can have anything or do anything she wants to celebrate her new life. Gus falls asleep because he is tired and Olivia curls up next to him because even though she didn’t get a heart she smiles because Gus stayed with her instead of Natalia.

(San Gabriel) Rick arrives looking for Beth but Alan doesn’t allow him to see her and has Rick arrested and taken away by the police. A few minutes later Jonathan arrives and after he and Alan trade insults with each other Jonathan points a gun at Alan. Alan tells Jonathan that Beth is in the next room lying down because she isn’t feeling well at all. Jonathan has sympathy for Beth because he knows she is pregnant but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Alan must pay for what he has done. Jonathan gets ready to shoot Alan but before he can shoot Beth interrupts to inform Alan her water has broken.

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