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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/8/08

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Written By Eva

(Beacon) Bill and Jonathan have a playful shoving match as they talk about what is best for Lizzie. Jonathan tells Bill he intends to stay in Springfield and fight Alan but if things get too bad he will take Sarah and leave town again. Bill explains to Jonathan that Lizzie suffered a lot when she thought Sarah was dead and if he takes of with Sarah again she wouldn’t be able to survive this time.

(Bauer Cabin) Olivia is applying makeup to look sicker then she feels and is surprised when Natalia arrives to see her instead of Gus. Natalia makes it clear that she heard the phone message she left for Gus and erased it. Natalia tells Olivia that she has waited too long to marry Gus and sick or not Olivia isn’t going to ruin her special day. (Church) Lizzie arrives to tell Gus she wants to drop the custody suit she had against Jonathan. Lizzie helps Gus put on his tie and he invites her to come to his wedding. Lizzie says she will come and before she leaves Gus gets a call from Alan saying that he is coming home today. Lizzie whispers for Gus to help keep Alan on the island because she and Jonathan are not ready to face him yet. Gus tells Alan that he was thinking of bringing Natalia and Rafe to San Gabriel to be with him. Alan wishes Gus luck on the wedding and tells him that he is coming home today. Gus tells Lizzie that he couldn’t persuade Alan to stay on the island any longer. Lizzie rushes out of the church to warn Jonathan so that the two of them can come up with a plan.

(Bauer Cabin) Olivia thinks that Natalia is threatened by her because in her heart she knows that Gus isn’t in love with her. Natalia tells Olivia that isn’t the point at all she just isn’t going to allow her to use her illness to Manipulate Gus. Natalia tricks Olivia into the bathroom and locks her in there until after the wedding.

(Church) Rafe and Daisy laugh a little as they tease Gus because they know he is nervous because he isn’t wearing any shoes just his socks. Gus looks down at his feet and then goes to look for his shoes all around the church because he can’t remember where he left them. (Beacon) Lizzie tells Jonathan that Alan is on his way home from San Gabriel and she starts locking the windows and the door because she won’t let Alan get near Sarah again. Lizzie thinks they should have left town the way they had planned to do but Jonathan tells her that he is tired of running its time that they both face Alan. Lizzie decides to face Alan too because she sees that Jonathan is determined to stay and fight this time.

(San Gabriel) Alan packs his suitcase and Alexandra asks him if he actually thought Natalia would leave Gus for him. Alan responds No but he hoped that she would be a new beginning for him. Alexandra wonders if Alan still loves Beth and he admits that he does love Beth but she is married to Rick. Alexandra tells Alan he should tell Beth how he really feels about her but Alan says its too late now. Alan wonders why everyone leaves him and Alexandra says its because he pushes the people that loves him away.

(San Gabriel) Alexandra wants Alan to stay a little longer because she feels lonely and admits she will miss him when he leaves the island. Alan tells Alexandra he wants to go home today so Alexandra leaves him alone to finish packing. Bill arrives and promises to give Alan back his family, legacy and future. Alan wonders how Bill can do that and Bill tells him that Jonathan faked his and Sarah’s death because he wanted to keep Sarah away from him. Alan can’t believe the news at first but then he soon gets angry at Jonathan for making him mourn his great granddaughter and lose his family since Lizzie thought he was responsible for their deaths. Bill tells Alan that Jonathan and Lizzie are keeping him on the island while they figure out how to fight him and keep Sarah away from him. Bill offers Alan a deal he can do anything he wants to with Jonathan but Sarah is to be left with Lizzie and he is to be allowed to have a relationship with Lizzie. Alan wonders what Bill’s intentions are with Lizzie and Bill assures him that he will never hurt Lizzie. Bill promises Alan that he can be a part of Sarah’s life as long as he does him a favor whenever he asks him for a favor. Bill also wants Alan not to say anything to Lizzie about their deal. Alan agrees to the deal and Bill leaves Alan is about to leave the house for the AIRPLANE WHEN Beth arrives and announces she has left Rick.

(Beacon) Jonathan tells Lizzie to go to the wedding with Sarah and he will meet them at the wedding. Jonathan tells Lizzie she will be a good mother and Sarah will need her now more then ever. Lizzie leaves and Jonathan runs into Remy in the hallway and asks him to get him an unregistered gun. Remy figures out Jonathan intend to kill Alan and he says that he would probably do the same thing. Remy tells Jonathan that he never liked him but Tammy loved him and for her sake he will try to get him a gun. (Church) Natalia arrives and goes to change into her dress. Natalia looks beautiful as Rafe walks her down the aisle but at the same time at the Bauer cabin Olivia struggles to get out of the locked bathroom but can’t break the lock on the door. Olivia dreams that she is marrying Gus because Natalia died and gave her the heart she needed to live. Olivia hears the beeper on the hospital pager telling her that the heart she needs has arrived and Olivia tries frantically to get out of the bathroom but she can’t get out. (Church) Gus and Natalia exchange beautiful wedding vows and both feel like Gus’s parents who have died are blessing their marriage. Natalia and Gus then exchange rings and instead of kissing they hug. Bill arrives to be Lizzie’s date for the wedding. Gus and Natalia’s family and friends through confetti on them while Olivia is still locked in the bathroom of the Bauer cabin crying out of frustration and sadness because she only has one hour before the heart she needs is given to another person

(Tammy’s grave) Tammy’s ghost tries to persuade Jonathan not to go through with Killing Alan because he won’t gain anything by it. Tammy encourages Jonathan to let this go and just do his best to protect Sarah and be happy with his family. Tammy tells Jonathan to think before he leaves Sarah without a father. Jonathan says that Sarah has her mother now and she will be fine. Jonathan thinks that if he kills Alan Sarah will be safe and If Alan kills him first at least he will finally be reunited with the love of his life so either way it’s a win win situation.

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