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Guiding Light Update Thursday 2/7/08

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Written By Tanya

Gus talks with Rafe about his suit for the wedding and about being his best man. Gus wants him to hold on to the rings and tells him to get them out of his jacket pocket. As Rafe is going into the pocket, he pulls out Gus’ cell phone and then asks him if he loves his mom. Gus responds by asking if he really needs to ask him that and then Rafe says yes because he has five missed calls, all from Olivia. Gus tells him that he has nothing to worry about with Olivia because she is family, Emma is his cousin and Olivia is her mother. But Rafe says that Emma is just a kid and she’s not the one that he is worried about. Gus tries to explain that he didn’t return her call earlier and that’s why she keeps calling.

There is a knock on Olivia’s door, she calls out Gus’ name because she thinks that it is him, but Natalia is there instead. She brought Olivia some soup, wine and comic books and then tells her that she is really there to tell her that she and Gus are getting married today. Olivia tells her that she just needs to stay away. Natalia says that her and Gus are a package deal and if she wants Gus over there, that she gets her too. She then tells Olivia that just because she is having a tough time, doesn’t give her the right to steal something that isn’t hers. Olivia tells her that it isn’t stealing if he comes to her on his on. Natalia says as she is leaving that she is going to get married now.

Dinah runs into Matt at Company and tells him how good she is doing now. She tells him that she is going to focus on the most important thing to her, which is Mallet. Matt tells her that sometimes it’s not so easy to get someone to forgive and accept you. Then Dinah tells him that it is her and Mallet’s M.O. to break up and get back together again and she will prove him wrong.

Mallet finds Marina on the ground and then calls for an ambulance. As he is waiting for the ambulance, she wakes up complaining about her knee, she says that she thinks she just passed out from the pain. He gets her up on her feet, but it is too much and he has to carry her to his car. She tells him to call Cyrus to get him to meet them at the hospital.

At Harley’s house, she and Cyrus are kissing when she asks him if he is sure, he says yes and then she says that she will be quiet. Then they make love for the first time. As they are lying there afterwards, the alarm clock goes off, then he jumps up because he is supposed to meet Marina at the airport in an hour. He says that he has to find her to tell her that the trip is off. She asks him if he is going to tell her what happened with them and he says that they have to. They both say that they don’t regret any of what happened, then he kisses her and leaves.

Natalia gets to the church and asks Gus and Rafe what they are doing there. Gus tells her that he called Josh to get him to marry them in his church instead of City Hall. She tells him that that is perfect and then says that they are really going to be a family. Gus tells her that he took the old ring that she used to wear and had it redone with diamonds to mean eternity for them and he wants her to wear it as her wedding ring.

Olivia is waiting for Gus to call when Ava brings Emma back home. Olivia tells her about Gus and Natalia getting married today. Ava tells her that she and Emma are there for her, then Olivia says that she is not going to give up on Gus and she believes that he is the thing that is keeping her alive. She says that she believes that there is a reason that he found her when she got sick and a reason that she feels this way with him. She says that she needs to fight for him and then Ava tells her to go get him.

Harley goes back to the nail salon and the manicurist notices that she is extremely happy and then Harley tells her about Cyrus being in her life now. She then tells her about him going to tell Marina that it’s over between them. Harley says that she didn’t play it safe for the first time in her life and that it feels really good.

At the hospital, the doctor tells Marina that she will probably need surgery. Marina asks if she could fly to France that night and then Mallet tells her that she is not going tonight, that her knee needs to heal first. Cyrus gets there and she tells him what happened. She tells him that she is sorry because now they can’t go to France. He tells her not to worry about that right now. She tells him that when the perp held the gun to her that her life flashed before her and she could only see him and then she knew that he was the only one for her and she could never let him go. He starts to tell her about him and Harley, but he just can’t bring himself to do that.

Harley goes back to her house, shortly after Cyrus gets there. She tells him that she wasn’t sure if he was coming back and then says that she should probably talk to Marina. After he doesn’t say anything, she realizes that he didn’t tell her. He tells her that he had every intention of telling Marina that he couldn’t be with her anymore, but then he saw her and couldn’t do it and then tells her what happened to Marina. She says that he did the right thing. Then she realized that they were making love when Marina was getting hurt and says that they are terrible people.

Mallet goes back to Company and checks his phone and then realized that Marina tried to call him for backup, but his phone was turned off. Dinah comes over to him and asks him about Marina. He then asks why would his phone be off when he never turns it off. He asks Dinah about it and she admits to turning it off and then apologizes, but he didn’t want to listen and then he walks out. She follows him and then she says that she wants them to try to work things out. He tells her that today wasn’t about her and that she hasn’t changed, she is still selfish. Then he tells her to think about the fact that Marina was really close to being where she was six months ago and then he leaves.

Gus and Natalia leave each other to get ready for their wedding.

Olivia goes up to the Bauer cabin and then calls Gus. She leaves him a message telling him that she is having a hard time and asks him to come there to help her. She hears a car and then a knock at the door, she opens it to see Natalia.

Cyrus comes back to the hospital with Harley right behind him. Harley talks with her about what happened. Marina then thanks both of them for being there. She tells Cyrus that she loves him and can’t wait to go to France with him. Then she tells Harley that she loves her and wants to watch chick flicks with her. As they help her out of the room, both Cyrus and Harley give each other looks.

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