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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 2/6/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Harley, Frank, Buzz, Coop and Ashlee sit down to play cards using potato ships as their poker chips. Buzz asks where Marina is and Harley says that maybe she is out on a date. Buzz comments that she just broke up with Cyrus and Harley says that she doesn’t know where she is, that she was just guessing. As they are about to deal the cards, Marina and Cyrus walk in. Frank says that they thought that the two of them broke up. Marina says that they did, but now they are back together, that they had a stupid fight and decided that they are happier together. Harley goes to the other room and Frank follows to ask her about a case. Harley kept looking out at Marina and Cyrus and then asks Frank about seeing Mallet and Marina on a date. Frank says that he thought that she wanted Marina and Cyrus to patch things up and she says that she did, but the last time that she saw Cyrus, that he was ready to move on. Harley goes back out to the table and Cyrus tells her that he saw that she called and he wanted to tell her. She interrupted him to tell him that she is happy that they have worked things out.

As the card game goes on, Harley says that she has a full house and then Marina says that she can keep her full house, that she loves what she has and then kisses Cyrus. Later Marina catches Ashlee looking at her cards and tells her not to peek. Harley tells Marina that just because she has a good hand doesn’t mean that everyone wants to steal it. Ashlee says that she wasn’t trying to steal it and then Marina says that she didn’t think that she was, but was looking at Harley like she was. Harley and Marina take shots at each other as Ashlee is winning every hand and then Ashlee lets on that she is really good at poker. Harley and Marina continue to go at each other referring to Cyrus throughout the game until Harley finally gets up to leave. Buzz pulls Cyrus to the side to tell him that somebody is going to get hurt through all of this and he doesn’t know who it will be. Buzz then tells him that he should deal with this situation and will put an end to it tonight.

Marina asks Cyrus if everything is okay and he tells her that he didn’t think that things would be this bad. He says that he doesn’t think that it will get better and then tells her that they should go to France like they dreamed about. She tells him that before when they talked about France that she was the one running away and now she feels like he is the one running. He says that this is only about the two of them. She asks him to give her the night to think it over and she will let him know tomorrow what her decision is.

Harley goes to the nail salon to meet Daisy. Harley tries to talk her into getting makeover the next day, and then pulls out a dress that Daisy bought. Then Daisy tells Harley that she is wearing the dress to Gus and Natalia’s wedding tomorrow. Daisy explains that Rafe slipped a note to her asking her to go to the wedding, but she won’t go if it upsets her. She then tells Harley that she put the dress on her credit card. Harley says sarcastically that she is paying for the dress that Daisy is wearing to her ex-husband’s wedding. Harley tells her that she has been messing with her and that she will be on a date tomorrow anyway.

Back at home, Harley tosses and turns, not being able to sleep. Marina is in her room staring at the Paris brochure. Cyrus is at Company flipping over cards.

Cyrus goes back to Marina’s room in the morning and she has ordered all of her favorite French foods. She then tells him that she loves him and that she wants to go to Paris with him.

Harley is in front of a mirror pretending that she is talking to someone and then she goes to meet Preston, Frank’s friend. She tries to make small talk, but it doesn’t go well and then Gus comes over to her. She leaves Preston to talk to him and lets him know that she knows about the wedding today. She talks about getting away from Preston and he tells her that she could handle that guy. She says that she can handle any guy, but she has problems holding onto them.

Dinah runs into Cyrus and tells him that she know about their plans to leave. He says that he wants to be with Marina and tries to explain why he should be with her. He says that Harley is complicated and explains why he shouldn’t be with her. Dinah tries to get him to see that maybe he and Harley should be together, but he just dismisses it and walks away.

Harley and Gus goes to the church where he will be getting married later. She tells him that she isn’t angry anymore. They talk about how she has changed since she got trapped in that building and she says there has to be a reason that people are drawn to each other over and over again. He kisses her lightly and then as he walks away, he tells her not to worry about Marina. She asks what is he talking about and then he tells her about Marina and Cyrus leaving the country today.

Marina goes back to Company to say her goodbyes to Frank, Buzz and Coop. Frank tells her that he is happy for her despite the fact that he doesn’t want her to go, especially not with Cyrus, but he wants her to be happy. Buzz thanks Cyrus for making a choice.

Harley goes to Marina’s room, but she is not there. She goes to Company and Marina tells her that she is glad that she is there because they have news. She tells Harley about France and then Mallet gets Harley to make a toast to them. Then she makes a quick exit. Cyrus leaves to go get their luggage, but then he goes to Harley’s just in time for her to have another panic attack. She tells him to leave, but he just wants her to listen to him. She tells him that he needs to be with the woman that he loves and he says that he is. He tells her that every time he thinks about getting on the plane, he can’t stand the thought of leaving her. He says that he now knows what he wants and it is her, then they kiss.

Dinah comes in at Company to see Mallet, but he says goodbye to Marina first. Marina tells him to go talk to Dinah because she wants him to be as happy as her. He goes over to see Dinah and she tells him that she is getting clearer and that she still loves him and wants them to be back together. Then a police officer runs by them saying for Mallet to come on because he just got a distress call from Marina.

Marina starts to make a phone call when a man comes up behind her with a gun. She fights with him and he throws her to the ground and then takes off in the car.

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