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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Lizzie and Jonathan are packing to leave town when she asks if they are packing for the heat or the cold. He says both and then asks if she is backing out on him. She says no just as Reva is knocking on the door. They hide the luggage and then let her in. Reva talks with Lizzie about her pressing charges and Lizzie said that she had called Gus that morning to drop the charges. Reva says that maybe they can be a family again, but Lizzie tells her that even though she is not sending her to prison, she is still not off the hook. Lizzie tells Reva that she is so happy that Jonathan and Sarah are not dead, but then she thought about what she had been through the last year and how she kept lying to her and couldn’t tell her the one thing that would make things better for her. Jonathan tells Lizzie to blame him for putting Reva up to everything that happened. She says that she does blame Jonathan, but it was worse because Reva is a mother. Reva tells Lizzie that she knows what Alan is capable of and then Lizzie says that she knows what Reva is capable of now, too. Reva then tells Lizzie that the three of them are alike. Lizzie tells her that she has her daughter back and that that is all that matters. Reva asks if they are staying now. Jonathan tries to avoid the question and then Reva invites them all for dinner.

Billy joins Bill for breakfast to talk about Jonathan and how he and Sarah are family. Then Bill asks him if he is going to let him run the family business again, Billy tells him that they will discuss that at another time. Billy tells Bill that he thinks he is jealous of Jonathan and that he thinks that he will leave town before Alan can get his hands on him. Bill says that he thinks that is a great idea. Bill then tells him that he thinks that he could do business with Alan and that this thing with Jonathan and Lizzie isn’t his fight.

Lillian goes to see Josh at the church to bring some coats for his coat drive and asks him how R.J. is doing. She tells him that she was at the park that day when R.J. went on the train tracks and wondered why he did that. He asks her where Will was when this was happening and she says that he was standing right there and was probably too scared to help R.J. After Lillian leaves, R.J. comes in and Josh asks him why he went on the tracks. R.J. says that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Josh asks him if Will made him go on the tracks and he tells him that every time he says something bad about Will, that his mom takes Will’s side. Josh tells R.J. that he can’t help him unless he tells him the truth. Then he tells Josh that as long as Will is around that he has to keep his mouth shut.

Will tells Cassie that he wasn’t feeling good and she gets him to lie down. The school principle comes by the house to tell her that Will isn’t sick, that he was suspended from school. He says that the psychiatrists the she had Will to talk to had called the school to tell them what she thought about Will. He tells her that until she gets him the help that he needs, that he won’t be able to return to school.

Doris goes to see Jeffrey at his office to tell him to prosecute Jonathan. Jeffrey asks her if she has seen Alan, she says no and then tells him that she wants him to prosecute Jonathan because he is a menace to society. He says that Lizzie is not pushing this, so why is she. Doris says that he was not good to Ashlee and then threatens his job if he doesn’t follow through on this case.

Bill goes to visit Ava. He says that maybe he can work with Alan, but Ava tells him that as soon as Alan knows about Jonathan and Sarah that he wont be able to think about business. Bill then asks if she told Alan and she responds by asking if he is worried about Lizzie. He says that it wouldn’t be good for Lizzie and then Ava says “So what.”

Reva goes to see Jeffrey to tell him that Jonathan is staying in town and he tells her about Doris leaning on him to prosecute Jonathan. She asks him to help to make it go away, but he says that because this is such a high profile case that he can’t help her. They talk about keeping Bill away from Lizzie because he will convince her to go against Jonathan. Reva then gets a call about Alan.

Josh goes home and Cassie tells him that Will was suspended from school because he is a danger to other students and they wont let him come back until they can prove that he is better. She says that she is going to meet with Mel and try to sue the therapists that met with Will for getting him kicked out of school. Josh tells her that she was just doing her job. He then asks her if Will was responsible for getting R.J. to go on the tracks, she says that it was an accident. He then tells her that Will needs full time help and then she tells him that she is the only one that can help Will. After Cassie leaves the room, Will comes in and asks where she is, he says that he will explain in the car and then takes him with him. They go to a facility that will help Will. They meet Mrs. Dennis, who tells Josh that he and his wife can visit every weekend and call every night after the first week. Will tells Josh that he can’t make him stay there and that he will run away. Then Josh gets a phone call.

Lizzie and Jonathan talk about what is left to do before they leave that night. He tells her that he wants to make sure that there is no doubt about her being at the airport because he is leaving her car there and then he gets her I.D. from her and then gives her, her new passport with her new name...Jodie Swanson. Then he says that Jodie is marries and gives her a wedding ring to wear. She tells him that she wants to see everyone one more time and then he tells her that there can be no more contact with anyone, especially Bill, because he knows that she likes him. Jonathan tells Lizzie that they will be going to Canada. Jonathan and Lizzie talk about what is next when a car blocks them in, they think that it is Alan. Jonathan grabs a fire poker and tells Lizzie to go in the bedroom with Sarah. Then they realize that it is Billy. Jonathan lets him in and behind him are Josh, Jeffrey and Reva. Reva tells him that they are family and Josh says that family sticks together. She tells him that she figured out that he was going to run again and then Billy says that they will figure out a way to keep them safe. Then Bill shows up and says that he just wanted to check on Lizzie. He sees the wedding ring and asks her if she married that jerk. She tries to explain, but he just jumps in Jonathans face. Lizzie tells everyone their plans to leave, then says that the ring was fake and that she tells Bill that she didn’t think that he would care. Lizzie says that she thinks that they should stay and then Jonathan says that whatever they gain by staying, that Alan will take it away. Billy jumps in to say that if they stay that they will have all of them to help them fight Alan. Jonathan decides that they can stay in town. Billy tells Bill that he saw the look on his face when he saw the ring and for him not to mess this up for Lizzie. Jonathan goes outside and calls Customs to tell them that Alan is being held out of the country under false pretenses and that he is a good citizen and should be let back in.

Cassie comes back in the room to see that Will is gone.

Mrs. Dennis talks to Will and tells him that the kids that do the best there, know that they need a little help. Just as she is leaving, Will is looking at the phone and she tells him that it wont work because you need a special code to dial out. She leaves and he tires the phone anyway to see that she was right, then Cassie comes in the room. He tells her that Josh said that he has to stay there and then she tells him that Josh is wrong and she is taking him home.

Josh takes Jeffrey outside to tell him that he put Will in that school for troubled kids. He also says that he hasn’t had a chance to tell Cassie yet. Jeffrey asks how Will was when he left and Josh says that he was angry.

Cassie takes Will home and tells him that maybe the two of them can go on a trip together.

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