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Guiding Light Update Monday 2/4/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Marina and Mallet are kissing when he pulls back and says that he didn’t see that coming. She tells him that he gave her the look that a guy gives a girl when he wants her to kiss him. He says that it’s not right that they are doing this because she is the Chief’s daughter, which also happens to be his best friend. Then she asks him if the kiss wasn’t good, he says that it wasn’t half bad and then they kiss again. He stops them again to ask her if they are doing this because of Cyrus, she says yes, but not entirely. She tells him that she is vulnerable, but it was about just kissing him too. They discuss how they could be good together and then decide to go on a date. They try to go to the movies, but the movie reminds Marina of Cyrus. They talk about the type of movies that they like and then he tells her what “First date Mallet” is like and starts holding her hands. They pull away from each other as Frank walks up. They tell him that they are on a stakeout inside the theater. But they keep bringing up how they are not a couple. After Frank leaves, they agree that the date wasn’t meant to happen and go their separate ways.

Harley and Cyrus are kissing when he stops them to ask what they are doing. Then she tells him that she wants him to stay in town. They start kissing again and then Dinah comes in looking for Marina. Harley leaves and Cyrus tries to go after her, but Dinah says that she will handle it and goes after Harley. Dinah catches up to Harley and asks her if Marina and Cyrus are over. Harley asks her why she cares because her and Marina aren’t even friends, then Dinah admits that she wanted to know if there was something going on between Marina and Mallet. Harley says that she wishes there was something between them because it would make her life easier if Marina wasn’t in love with Cyrus.

Bill listens in on Jonathan and Lizzie talk about Sarah and how they seem like a regular family. Lizzie asks him if he wonders if they could be a real family when Jonathan hears a noise outside. He checks things out and then says that they are alone, but she says that maybe they don’t have to be alone. Lizzie goes in the other room to wash the bottles and Jonathan starts to pack. Then Lizzie walks back in to see him and asks if he is trying to take Sarah again. Jonathan tells Lizzie that he was packing a bag for all three of them to go together. They talk about not being able to see their family again and then she asks about what they will do for money. She tells him that she can withdraw money from her trust fund, but he tells her that if they are going to do that that she needs to do it for Sarah, not him. They each leave to go see Beth and Reva before they go. She asks if this is a trick to run away with Sarah again, he says no and then agrees to let her take Sarah with her.

Ava calls Bill to hook up with him. She goes to his room and they talk about Lizzie until he finally says that Lizzie has an ex to keep her busy now. He doesn’t tell Ava that he is talking about Jonathan. After she goes to take a shower, Lizzie knocks on the door. She tells him that she is sorry about their fight. He tells her that he doesn’t know what she sees in Jonathan. He catches on to the fact that her, Jonathan and Sarah are leaving. He asks her if she would give Jonathan up if he asks her to and then Ava comes out of the bathroom. Lizzie tells her about Jonathan and Sarah and then Ava asks if Alan knows. Bill tells her that he can’t find out and then Lizzie goes after her, but Bill stops her. Ava asks if her and Jonathan are together and she says that they are raising Sarah together, then Ava says that that is good enough for her. Lizzie asks Bill what is it about Ava because she doesn’t get it and he tells her that Ava isn’t her and the only time that he doesn’t think about her is when he is with Ava. They agree that they couldn’t get things right, then she kisses him and leaves.

Jonathan leaves a message for Reva and then runs into Billy. He tries to talk Jonathan into staying. Billy tells him that they can fight Alan together. Billy asks him if he is running away from Alan or Tammy and then asks how can Sarah be happy if her daddy isn’t.

Dinah waits for Mallet near his room and tells him when he gets there that she wanted to share her good news with him but she didn’t think that it was right anymore, but he told her that it is okay and that he wants to hear her good news. Mallet and Dinah go inside and he quizzes her to see how far she has came.

Frank sees Harley cleaning again and they talk about Marina and Cyrus. He tells her that she may have done Marina a favor. Then Frank tells her about Marina and Mallet acting strange around him earlier. He says that Mallet wouldn’t do that to him as Harley tells him that if they were a couple and then he interrupts her to say that he can’t even think about that right now.

Buzz goes to Marina’s room to find Cyrus packing and asks him if Marina knows that he is leaving. Buzz tells him that if he leaves that both Marina and Harley gets hurt and he would like to see at least one of them happy. Buzz tells him that running away isn’t the answer and that he made a mess and he should stay and clean it up. Marina comes in, Buzz leaves and then Marina tells him that she doesn’t want him to leave. Marina and Cyrus hug as Harley calls him.

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