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Guiding Light Update Friday 2/1/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Marina runs into Harley and asks her if she has seen Cyrus because he has moved out. Marina asks her what they said to each other after she left. Harley tells her that Cyrus only knows what she told him. Marina tells her to butt out of her relationship with Cyrus. Harley says the she doesn’t think that she can do that because it is a small town and she and Cyrus will run into each other eventually.

Cyrus runs into Catherine, one of Alex’s old friends that he ripped off at the Beacon, she tells him that her husband got all of their money back and then she took it all from him in the divorce.

Lizzie is having trouble getting Sarah to stop crying and then Beth comes in. Beth tells her that she just misses her father. Lizzie says that she hates Jonathan for making her a stranger to her own baby. Then she tells Beth about Jonathan trying to drug her so that he and Sarah can take off. Beth says that he was probably desperate and then Lizzie asks her why she always takes the other person’s side against her. Beth tells her that Jonathan has done a good job at raising Sarah and that the two of them need to work through things together because a child bonds two people for life whether they are together or not.

Jonathan keeps trying to call Lizzie, but she wont pick up. Bill knocks at the door and offers to help Jonathan get inside the Spaulding house. Bill tells him that he wants him to take Sarah and go. That he thinks that he and Lizzie have a good shot at being together, but he doesn’t want to do it with a kid in the picture. Jonathan tells him that he is making him sick to know that he only wants Lizzie, not the package deal. Bill says that he can get any woman he wants but he is willing to help Jonathan steal Sarah away so that Lizzie has a shot with him, then Jonathan says that he is a scumbag. Bill says that Jonathan isn’t much better and then Jonathan agrees to his plan. Bill says that the deal is that he can’t come back and Jonathan says that he doesn’t want to come back.

Marina catches Cyrus coming out of Catherine’s room with her pearls in his hand. Cyrus confronts Marina about lying to him and tells her about Harley saying that she lied about Immigration to get him to marry her because Marina doesn’t trust him. She lies and says that it isn’t true. He says that this is not the life for him and then she starts to cry because she knows that what he is saying is true. They go back to their room and talk about things and she realizes that he can’t even say Harley’s name without looking guilty. She tells him that she thought that he was the one for her and he says that he wished that he could’ve been.

Harley goes into Company and starts cleaning, Frank comes over and asks her what’s going on because when Cooper’s get cornered, they clean. Frank tells her that he thinks that Cyrus made up the Immigration thing to get Marina to marry her, but then Harley tells him that it was Marina, not Cyrus. Harley tells Frank what has been going on with her, Cyrus and Marina. Frank is upset to hear that if she had it to do again, that she isn’t sure which way she would take things.

Ava is talking to Alan on the phone about getting him back home right away as Beth overhears her conversation. Beth goes up to Ava to see if Alan knows anything about Jonathan and Sarah, which he does not. Beth is able to find out that Alan is waiting for the all clear from Customs so that he can come home.

Bill gets Jonathan into the Spaulding house and then goes back outside and locks Jonathan in. Jonathan realized what Bill did and tried to open the door, but couldn’t. When he starts going further inside the house, two security guys grab him and then Lizzie comes out of the other room and asks what they are doing. She tells them to let him go, but they say that that isn’t what they were told and then she says that she is telling them now. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she had no idea why that just happened and he says that Bill set him up.

Bill runs into Beth and tells her that he took care of Jonathan. He tries to get her to go back to see Lizzie, but she says that she is too busy right now. He goes back to see Lizzie by himself and sees that Jonathan is still there. Bill tries to explain what he did to get Jonathan in the house, but Lizzie is just fed up with the whole charade. Then she tells Bill to get out. Jonathan then gives Sarah to Lizzie so that he can make sure that Bill leaves. After he leaves, Jonathan and Lizzie talked about neither one of them taking Sarah away from the other because they both need Sarah and Sarah deserves to have both of them. As they are lying on the bed with Sarah, Bill slips in through the door.

Beth tells Rick that she is taking a train to Chicago for the weekend to have fun with her friends, but she is really going to St. Gabriel.

Marina goes to Company where she runs into Mallet. She tells him that she isn’t the kind of girl that blows her career over a guy or lets her emotions get in the way of her job. She tells Mallet about what has happened between her and Cyrus, but she doesn’t tell him about Harley. He tells her that she deserves someone better than that and she will find someone that’s better. She says that she just did and then she kisses him.

Harley goes to Marina’s room to see her and Cyrus opens the door. She tells him that she isn’t going to let him leave her. Then she says that if he leaves, that he might miss out on his one chance at happiness, then he tells her that Marina already kicked him out. Harley tells him that Marina walked away and he let her go without a fight. She says that he needs to fight for her and then Cyrus grabs her and kisses her.

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