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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Dinah’s doctor walked her back to her room after her appointment. He tells her that she has shown a lot of improvement. As Billy walks up, she tells him that she is feeling like herself again. After the doctor leaves, Billy invites Dinah out for coffee. She then asks him about he and Vanessa, he says that they are working on it and then says that he will take a rain check on the coffee.

Olivia gets winded moving some furniture around in her room. Gus and Natalia come by to take Emma out for a little while. Natalia tells Olivia while Gus is on the phone that they have been making plans for their wedding and that it will happen. Gus says that he and Olivia need to sit down together to write something out to get her moved up on the transplant list. Natalia offers to go ahead and take Emma out while the two of them work together. After Natalia and Emma leave, they talk about what they can do to move her up on the list. She tells him that she trusts him. She tells him that she has been spinning things to make herself look good for a long time and it will only be a matter of time before Emma starts to hear the truth about who she really was. Gus tells her that she should stick around so that she can change things to be the good person that she wants Emma to see.

Cassie is talking to Josh on the phone and tells him that she is working on getting everything worked out with Will and she hopes to have him and R.J. back home soon. She had a doctor come over to examine Will and the doctor tells her that not only does Will have some serious aggression issues, but he also is able to reinforce his worst tendencies by manipulating Cassie. The doctor tells her to think about what she is doing, but Cassie tells her to send her a bill because they are done. Will comes in wanting a cookie, but Cassie tries to talk to him about what happened with R.J. Will says that after he gets his cookie, then they will talk, but when she grabs him to talk, he pushes her. He apologizes and she tells him that they have to fix this together or they will take him away from her again.

Reva and Jeffrey go to the Bauer cabin looking for Jonathan and see him in the floor after being drugged. He asked where Sarah is and then realizes that Lizzie took off with her. Reva tells Jonathan that Gus has already filed papers and that Lizzie is going for full custody. He tells her about telling Lizzie everything. Reva thinks that Cassie may be able to talk some sense into Lizzie and then they leave to go to her house.

Natalia takes Emma to get some hot chocolate and Emma tells her that she likes hanging out with her because she is cool, then Natalia asks her if she is sure that she is related to her mom. Rafe comes over to her and asks where Gus is. He knows that he is with Olivia and tells Natalia that he doesn’t trust her. She tells him to let her worry about Olivia. Natalia and Emma go back to Olivia’s just as she and Gus are sharing a tender moment. Natalia and Emma go into the other room to play when Gus leaves. Olivia asks her why she is sticking around to be with Emma, she assumes it is because Natalia is trying to get back at her because she said that she wants Gus. Olivia tells her that she doesn’t want Natalia to try to take her place with her daughter. Natalia tells her that she just feels guilty because of what she is trying to do with Gus. Olivia tells her that she will not give up on Gus as Natalia says that he loves her, then Olivia reminds her that Harley used to say that all of the time. After Natalia leaves, Olivia calls Gus to talk him into coming over, but Natalia comes back in time to tell Gus that she will take care of Olivia. Natalia tells Olivia that she will go to the pharmacy for her later and she will just stay there to keep an eye on her.

Jonathan, Reva and Jeffrey come in at Cassie’s house and Cassie can’t help but give Jonathan a big hug. They both say that they feel like they just got a piece of Tammy back. Cassie tells Reva that she understands why she had to lie about Jonathan and Sarah. They tell Cassie about Lizzie taking Sarah and Cassie offers to do anything to help out. Jonathan is talking about destroying the Spaulding’s if they keep Sarah away from him as Will stands in the doorway listening. Reva tells Cassie that she should talk to Lizzie because of their connection together for the past year. Cassie agrees to do it as Jonathan says that he will stay with Will while she is gone. Will comes in and Jonathan introduces himself and then Will says that he is his hero. Jonathan tells Will not to be like him by trying to make everyone else miserable just because he is. They talk about Jonathan’s step-father drowning after falling off of the boat, Jonathan just tells him that accidents happen.

Jeffrey runs into Dinah and asks her if she has seen Bill, he then fills her in on everything that has happened. She tells him that he is just Reva’s caddy, doing whatever he can to help her and then asks how Jonathan looks. Dinah goes back to her room and plays a game matching pictures and then hugs the picture of Mallet.

Reva and Cassie go to the Spaulding mansion to meet with Gus about the custody hearing. Cassie says that both Lizzie and Jonathan should be heard and asks that Gus help them instead of fighting them. Gus agrees to talk to Lizzie to try to work things out for all of them. Reva then asks Cassie about Will, but all she tells her is that she is handling it. Reva tries to get Cassie to open up by saying that she saw Josh and R.J. with suitcases and Cassie just tells her that it is nothing and that she is just trying to help Will. After Jonathan, Reva and Cassie go outside to talk, Will gets up after pretending to be asleep and gets a book about boats. He then calls Josh to tell him that he wants to go on a boat with him.

Cassie and Reva tell Jonathan what happened at the Spaulding mansion. Gus comes over and tells Reva that he is there as a cop to investigate what happened when Reva had the medical procedure performed on Lizzie against her will.

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