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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/30/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Lizzie and Bill are in her room trying to figure out what to do with Sarah because she keeps crying. Bill leaves to go get her some food and toys and tells Lizzie to keep her door locked.

Jonathan is outside when Tammy comes up behind him. She tells him that he did a good thing by letting Lizzie know that Sarah is alive. He comments that this is the first night that he and Sarah have ever been away from each other. He says that it won’t happen again until she goes off to college. Then he tells her that they will be leaving town tonight going to Canada. She asks him what is in the backpack, but he doesn’t want to tell her. After he turns around to go inside, Tammy disappears.

Sarah is still crying when Jonathan comes back. He tells her that he is sorry for keeping Sarah away from her and then convinces her to let him in after he tells her that he knows how to get her to stop crying. She opens the door and makes him promise that he won’t try anything. He tells her to try making faces to get Sarah to stop crying and when that doesn’t work, Jonathan starts laughing saying that he just wanted to see if she would do it. He then tells her to rub Sarah’s back and then she stops crying. Lizzie tells him that he needs to write all of his tricks down, because she is going to need them if she is going to do this Mom thing. He asks her if anyone is around and she tells him that they are safe as long as Alan is out of the country. He tells her that they should go away for the day, just the three of them to get reacquainted. She questions if he is staying now and he says that he will take it one day at a time. Bill comes back in and is upset at seeing Jonathan there. Lizzie tells him that it’s okay and suggests that Bill come along too, Jonathan says no, but then she says that he told her that they wouldn’t have anything to worry about and if Bill is there then she wont worry. They all get ready to go to the Bauer cabin and Bill makes it clear that he will call Alan if necessary. Bill and Jonathan take Sarah out to the car so that Lizzie can call to make sure that Alan is not coming back any time soon. Bill asks him why he is staying in Springfield and then Jonathan realizes that he is worried about him and Lizzie getting back together. Jonathan then tells Bill that they used to be married and if he wanted Lizzie that it wouldn’t be a problem. Bill tells him that he hopes that Jonathan doesn’t plan on hurting Lizzie and Jonathan tells him that he couldn’t treat her any worse that Bill has lately, then comments that he and Lizzie have the real bond together.

Lizzie didn’t call Alan, she called Gus and had him to come over. She tells him about Jonathan faking his and Sarah’s death and says that Sarah belongs with her, not Jonathan. He says that he will see what he can do. She tells him not to throw the family name around because she doesn’t want it to get back to Alan.

Lizzie goes out and Bill has left to go get food, when he gets back, he has some papers showing that he is tearing down Outskirts. By the look on Jonathan’s face, you can tell that he is upset, but he says that it is a dump and Bill can do whatever he wants with it. Jonathan then looks in his backpack where he has a small drug bottle and commenting to himself that he hopes that he has enough for two.

They get up to the cabin and the three of them start going at it. Jonathan tells Lizzie that just because he hasn’t raised Sarah the way that she would’ve, with designer things, that they have done just fine. Lizzie’s phone rings and she pretends that it is her mom, but it is really Gus. He tells her to try to keep Jonathan in town, because he is preparing a custody case and that she needs to prepare herself to fight dirty. He tells her to find out anything that she can about the time that Jonathan was away to use against him. After she gets off of the phone, Jonathan goes outside to get something out of the car and she tells Bill that he can leave, that she will be okay. He tells her that he is fine with staying, then she tells him that it wasn’t her mom on the phone and that she is working on something. He says that it sounds like she will try to seduce Jonathan to get what she wants and she tells him that she will do whatever she has to do to protect her daughter. He calls for a car to come to get him.

Jonathan comes back inside and tells her that he doesn’t understand why Bill left. She tells him that he told her that she could trust him and for him to come over to her so that she can make it up to him. She then gets him to open up about the time that he was gone. He tells her about Aubrey, but then says that she let her go because he was putting her at risk just by being around her and that she wasn’t Tammy. He gets upset about it partially being her fault that Tammy is gone. She then tells him that she is sorry and that she agrees with him about it being her fault. They realize that Sarah is hot, Lizzie says that they can take her to Cedars, but Jonathan says no and that he will think of something. He goes outside where Tammy is and he tells her that he thinks it is the same thing that happened to Sarah when she was a baby because it started the same way. Lizzie come outside and hears him talking to Tammy. She calls Rick to come to check on Sarah. When Rick and Beth get there, Beth smacks Jonathan. Rick starts to examine her and Jonathan tells him to take a blood sample. Jonathan and Lizzie are holding hands as they are waiting for Rick to tell them something.

Back at the hotel, Bill goes to see Olivia to ask her who was staying in the room that he was at. She tells him that she doesn’t know and he says that it is Jonathan. He says that he knows that she is putting him up in the room. As she starts to walk away, he asks how Emma is doing. He gets her to let him into Jonathan’s room by threatening to help the Spaulding’s to get Emma if there is ever a custody battle.

Rick tells Lizzie and Jonathan that Sarah just has a cold. Beth goes off on Jonathan about keeping Sarah away from them and Rick speaks up to defend Jonathan, saying when you are facing a threat like Alan, that you do whatever you have to do. Rick tells Jonathan that he deserves a medal for doing what he did. Beth tells Lizzie not to let Jonathan out of her sight before leaving. Lizzie ask Jonathan if Sarah has been sick. He tells her about the anemia and the bone marrow transplant. Then he tells her that she was the donor for the transplant and how he had to go about it. He makes her a drink and puts the drug in it. She tells him about calling Gus to get custody and says that she should’ve trusted him.

Bill is in Jonathan’s room when he sees the plane reservations for that night. He goes back to the cabin, interrupting Lizzie and Jonathan just as she is about to take a drink. He tells them that he left his wallet and as they all look for it, Bill switches their drinks. He decides to stay for a little while and then says that he expected Jonathan and Sarah to be gone by now. He tells them about the plane reservations and then just as Jonathan starts to stumble, he tells Lizzie about Jonathan’s plan to drug her and then leave with Sarah and shows her the prescription that he also found in his room. As soon as Bill and Lizzie leave, Tammy shows up and tells Jonathan that she was worried that this would happen.

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