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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Reva goes to see Josh at his home, he comes outside and asks her where Jonathan is. He says that he was hoping that Jonathan would tell Lizzie the truth. He then tells her that he did not tell Cassie, even though he promised her that they would not have any more secrets between them. He says that he has kept this secret because of Reva. Cassie comes outside, Reva tells her that she thought that they could all go to Sarah’s memorial together. Cassie says that she cried enough at Tammy’s memorial and that she will not be going to Alan’s house. After Cassie goes back inside the house, she suggests that she, R.J. and Will go to the park. Will tries to rat out R.J. by saying that he has a paper due, but R.J. says that he already did it. After R.J. leaves the room, Cassie tells him that even though he just wants to spend time with her, that everyone loves him and wants to spend time with him. He responds by saying that everyone but Josh loves him.

Lizzie is at the Spaulding memorial for Sarah and saying that she doesn’t know how she is going to get through this day. Then Bill shows up with flowers saying that he just wants to support her, seeing as she was there for him when he lost his sight. She says that he can’t help her and that he drove off the only person that could... Jonathan. He says that he thinks that she needs him today. She tells him to leave, but before he does he tells her that if she gives Jonathan another chance, that he will hurt her again.

Reva tells Josh that she thinks that Jonathan will show up at Sarah’s memorial. Alan walks up carrying the doll that he found by Reva’s car after she hit him with the car hood. He asks if it looks familiar. Reva explains that she hit it in the road and thought that it was an animal. Then Alan discusses with Josh about what he wants to happen at the memorial. After Josh tells him that the memorial service will probably lead itself, Alan fires Josh and says that he will lead the service. Alan is asking Reva what’s going on when Bill comes up and tells him that it is about his granddaughter. After Alan leaves, he tells Reva that he wasn’t going to tell him about Jonathan, he just wanted to confirm that Jonathan is alive and that Reva knew it the whole time. He tells her that Jonathan is not worth all of this, but Reva defends him the whole time, saying that she will support whatever choice Jonathan makes.

Jonathan is at the hotel room looking for Sarah’s doll when he sees Tammy. She tells him that he can makes things right again by telling Lizzie the truth and staying in Springfield. He tells her that he can’t stay. He goes to the train station and gets one way tickets to Detroit.

At the park, Will throws R.J.’s new ball on the railroad tracks. When R.J. goes to get it, his foot gets stuck on the tracks. He tells Will to help him, but Will just stands there smiling as train horns are heard in the background. Cassie gets back from getting hot chocolate, just in time to save R.J. She then asks him what happened. He tells her the truth and then she confronts Will. All Will says in his defense is that they can go hiking alone now that R.J. wants to go home. Cassie raises her voice to him and then apologizes, saying that she will make things right.

At Sarah’s memorial, Alan and Beth talk, she says that Rick is on call at the hospital. Alexandra pulls him to the side to confront him about making sure that Rick will be on call. Lizzie is upset because Josh will not be there and because Alan will be handling the service. As Alan begins, he says that they are there for Sarah Spaulding and Reva enters and corrects him by saying Sarah Randall. He blames Jonathan in his speech and then Lizzie gets up to leave saying that she is Sarah’s mother and will not stand by while Alan justifies what he did to them. Lizzie goes back to her room crying and hears a baby. Jonathan comes out of the other room with Sarah and telling Lizzie that this is not a dream. He hands Sarah to her and she couldn’t be happier. Jonathan tells her that he couldn’t keep Sarah from her anymore. He told her that he had no choice but to leave when he did. She begins to get upset about him keeping Sarah from her all of this time. He tells her to keep her voice down before someone hears her, then Alan knocks at her door. Jonathan steps out of the room as she goes to the door. They argue and he still tries to blame Jonathan. He tells her about going away and she declines, then she tells him that she is not pregnant. After she closes the door, Jonathan says that the reason that he took her away was so that he couldn’t treat Sarah like he treats her.

Cassie gets home and tries to explain what happened at the park. She tries to explain that it was an accident, but Josh thinks that Will just needs help. She tells him that she only sees one choice and that is for him and R.J. to move out of the house. Josh tells her that this is the worst time for them to be apart and then that Jonathan and Sarah are alive. Cassie tells him that she has to see him and Sarah. Cassie then realizes that Reva knew the whole time and how it explains so much about Reva not grieving for her child. She says that she doesn’t blame Reva or Jonathan for what they had to do. Josh tells her that he told Jonathan what he needed to. They argue about Will and then he throws it in her face about hiding what she did when she switched Beth’s baby’s paternity test. He then tells her to do whatever she has to do with Will and he will make sure that R.J. doesn’t suffer for it.

Alan goes back home and tells Beth that Lizzie refuses to go with them. Then Beth tells him that she can’t go with him either. She tells him that he needs to stop living in a dream world.

Lizzie tells Jonathan how she has felt since he has been gone. He tells her that he did what he had to do to keep Alan from Sarah. Lizzie tells him that she is not scared of Alan anymore. Jonathan tells her to give Sarah back so that he can leave. She tells him that he is not going anywhere with her daughter. Bill comes in and threatens to call Alan. Lizzie says that she will stop the plane on the runway. Then Jonathan leaves, but says that he will be back.

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