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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/28/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Main Street) Marina asks Judge Brennan to marry her and Cyrus today and promises to get in all the paperwork later the judge agrees to perform the ceremony.

(Beacon) A Harley figure out Remy was pretending to be from immigration in order to force Cyrus to marry Marina. Remy doesn’t deny he helped Marina and explains to Harley that Marina was scared of losing Cyrus to her. Beth comes to talk to Josh because she fears that Alan has a plan to reunite with her after the memorial service for Sarah. Beth tells Josh about the family vacation that Alan has planned for her, Lizzie and even Rick. Beth tells Josh that Alan seems so lost and alone since the end of their marriage that she felt sorry for him and that is why she accepted his vacation invitation. Josh thinks that Beth has every reason to be worried about Alan because he always has something up his sleeve and he thinks that she and Rick should be very careful of Alan while they are on vacation.

(Outside the Bauer cabin) Reva stalls Alan by saying she has something wrong with her car and when he looks under the hood she uses the hood of her car to knock him on the head and Alan fall to the ground. Reva refuses to let a dizzy Alan get up and leaves him on the ground while she drives away to meet Jonathan with Sarah in the car.

(Outside the Bauer Cabin) Lizzie runs away from Bill after screaming at him that there is no baby he chases after her thinking she had an abortion and Lizzie is so distracted a car almost hits her but Jonathan saves her before she is hurt. Lizzie thinks she has died and Jonathan who is an angel saved her. Bill arrives a few seconds later and she asks him if she is dead. Bill tells her no Jonathan is alive I see him too. Lizzie is very happy when Jonathan tells her he faked his own death to escape Alan. Lizzie thinks Sarah is also alive but Jonathan tells her Sarah died in the accident. Lizzie starts to sob saying that it isn’t fair that he lived and Sarah died. Lizzie then begins to hit Jonathan while she is still sobbing telling him she hates him because he didn’t save Sarah. Lizzie is still a bit shocked and stares at Jonathan for a few minutes then she touches his face to make sure he is really there.

(Main Street) Harley tells Marina and Cyrus there was a mix up with his immigration case and Marina asks Cyrus to get her some coffee while she and Harley have some girl talk. Marina cries as she apologizes to Harley for thinking for one second that she and Cyrus had a romantic relationship because she understands they just hot each other through a tough time and became close friends. Marina admits to Harley that she became so jealous of her relationship with Cyrus that she wished that she had been the one trapped in the church with him not her. Marina continues to cry as she tells Harley she lied to Cyrus because she couldn’t bear to lose another man she lost like she lost Ben, Shayne, and Danny. Marina begs Harley to allow her to tell Cyrus her own way so Harley agrees and leaves Marina and Cyrus alone to talk.

(Outside the Bauer cabin) Lizzie wants to know if Sarah was happy before she died and Jonathan tells her Sarah was happy because he was singing her favorite song to her and she was smiling before they went over the cliff. Jonathan asks Lizzie not to say anything to Alan about him being alive. Bill reminds Lizzie that Jonathan faked his own death and caused an accident that killed her baby and just for that she should tell Alan he is alive. Lizzie tells Bill she is well aware of the horrible things Jonathan has done to her but for now she just needs to be with the one person who understands the pain she feels over losing Sarah.

(Church) Reva arrives with Sarah to meet Jonathan at the church with Sarah. Josh arrives and since he has seen them she tells him the whole story. Josh understands wanting to keep Sarah away from Alan but he encourages Reva to tell Lizzie and end her suffering. Josh tells Reva that Lizzie was a good mother to Sarah and she has changed and grown up a lot over the past year. Reva is still very afraid that if Alan finds out that Jonathan and Sarah are alive he will try to take Sarah away from Lizzie and eventually kill Jonathan. Josh promises to do everything he can to protect Jonathan and Sarah.

(Main Street) Marina tells Cyrus that she got a phone call from immigration and assumed they were going to deport him but it turns out they just wanted to clear up some details so they could close his case. Marina also tells Cyrus that by the time she called to clear up the mix up they were already making wedding plans and since she wanted to marry him so badly she decided to tell him about the mistake after they got married. Cyrus kisses Marina on the head and tells her that he can’t believe she thought she had to trick him in order for them to get married. Marina gets a call from Alan who demands that she come take his statement in order to arrest Reva for assault and battery or he will get Frank fired.

(Main Street) Once Marina is gone Harley arrives and Cyrus wants to know the real story. Harley tells Cyrus everything Marina told her about why she lied to him. Harley also tells Cyrus she had decided to risk everything and give their relationship a chance but when she came to talk to him about it he was already engaged to Marina. Cyrus is shocked by all this new information and goes for a walk to think about what he should do.

(Bauer Cabin) Lizzie asks Bill to make her some tea and cries as she tells him she isn’t pregnant. Lizzie explains she went to thee doctor who also thought she was pregnant but when she took several home pregnancy tests she wasn’t pregnant. Bill accuses her of trying to trick him into making a baby but she says she just wanted to have a real family with him like she had with Jonathan and Sarah. Lizzie knows that Bill wanted to be a father even though he tells her he never wanted the baby. Lizzie tells Bill its okay to grieve for the baby he wanted even though it never existed.

(Church) Jonathan arrives and sees Josh, with Reva and Sarah and grabs a candle stick and gets ready to hit Josh on the head with it as he walks in the church. Reva tells him to stop and Josh advises him to tell Lizzie the truth about Sarah and stop running away. Jonathan takes Sarah and starts to walk out of the church.

(Spaulding Mansion) Alan calls Doris and demands that she fire Frank because Marina didn’t show up to take his report.

(Beacon) Marina arrives and is surprised to see Cyrus is gone and all his things are gone from the closet.

(Main Street) Cyrus watches Harley sitting on a bench crying and then leaves without saying a word to her.

(Bauer Cabin) Bill grabs Lizzie and starts kissing her saying that sex is all they are good for and maybe she can get pregnant. Lizzie pushes him off her and tells him that all she can think about now is Sarah because for a moment today she thought she might be alive. Jonathan stands outside with Sarah and watches Bill consoling Lizzie through the window.

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