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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Harley walks into Marina’s room and sees her crying and assumes that Cyrus called off the wedding. But the real reason that she was crying was that she missed Tammy and felt that it was unfair that she was able to go on with her life, but Tammy couldn’t. Harley tells her that Tammy would’ve wanted her to be happy, then they get back to planning her wedding to Cyrus. Marina tells Harley that she was glad that she could talk to her about Cyrus, but also admits that she is a little jealous of the bond that her and Cyrus have. Marina then decides to have her wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Cyrus goes to Company and sits down to have a drink with Buzz. Buzz says that he is trying to figure out how to keep Marina and Harley from getting hurt by him. Cyrus asks him what Harley told him and Buzz tells him that he wants to hear it from him. Cyrus tells him that there is just something about Harley, but he loves Marina and is marrying her. Buzz tells him to take care of her heart.

Bill calls Vanessa to tell her that his sight is back and just as she sits down, he also tells her that Lizzie is pregnant. Vanessa is asking how he really feels about it when Alan walks over to them after hearing the news. Vanessa says that she is going to finally going to be a grandmother and Alan says that he will have another chance. Alan tries to do his usual butting in thing, but Bill is not having it. He tells Alan that him and Lizzie are going away to the Bauer cabin for the weekend and that he is not invited. Alan and Bill discuss what happened the last time that Lizzie had a baby. Alan tells Bill that he doesn’t think that it’s too much for them to get along for the sake of Lizzie’s baby. Bill then tells him that he will send a cell phone picture when their kid graduates college.

Lizzie calls Bill from the Bauer cabin to tell him to come on up there. Jonathan and Sarah are inside when he hears her talking outside. Lizzie goes inside and it looks like someone has been there. Jonathan is hiding with Sarah upstairs. Just as Lizzie is about to go upstairs, Reva comes in. Reva makes up a story about stopping by to get warm. Lizzie tells her that she knows that Reva came there to get away from everything. She then says how sorry she is for everything that happened to Tammy. She tells Reva that she thought that she saw Sarah at the church and how she sometimes thinks that if she lives her life a certain way that maybe she can get just one more day or just one minute with Sarah. Jonathan is listening to this as Lizzie breaks down crying. As they are talking, Sarah makes a noise and Reva says that it was just a squirrel. Lizzie goes out to her car and Reva gets Jonathan and Sarah out of there, saying that she will meet them at Tammy’s grave. After Reva leaves, Lizzie finds a teddy bear that was left behind by Jonathan. Bill comes in as she is holding it and she wonders who’s it is, he says that he knows, then says Goldilocks and then makes her some tea. Lizzie can’t believe that he is being so nice to her. Alan calls Lizzie, Bill tells her that he knows about the baby. She begins to freak out, but Bill hugs her and told her not to worry, that he told Alan what he can do with his rattle. Lizzie tries to seduce Bill, but all he wants to do is talk about them making plans. She blows up and says that she doesn’t want to make plans, because the last time she did that, that she got left alone without her baby and then she runs out of the cabin, with Bill right behind her.

Cyrus walks in while Harley is playing dress up with a wedding veil. Harley then makes a quick exit and Marina comes out from trying on dresses for the wedding. She tells Cyrus that she has picked the perfect day for their wedding, when she tells him Valentines Day, he says that it is too soon. He explains to her that all women want a huge fancy wedding and this is her chance to get that. Then, they decide to go ice skating and as Cyrus goes to get the car, Marina calls Remy. She asks him to slip one more of those Immigration notices under the door.

Frank tells Buzz that he called Immigration, but they told him that the case against Cyrus has been closed for awhile, but he thought that it was a little fishy that Immigration had been calling Marina. Harley comes in and then Frank leaves. Buzz tells her about talking to Cyrus and he says that he thinks it is for real with Marina. Harley talks about being back on the police force and Buzz asks her if this thing with Cyrus is about Gus. She says that she wished that that was all that it was. And then says that she is going to call Immigration to make sure that Cyrus will be able to attend his own wedding.

Reva and Jonathan meet back up and he asks her to take Sarah for a ride so that he can have some alone time with Tammy. He goes to the church where he meets with Tammy in his head. She asks him why didn’t he stay with Aubrie, he says that he liked Aubrie but all he could think about was her. She asks him to let her go, but he says that he doesn’t want to.

Marina hurt her leg and then asks Cyrus to take her home. As they are getting out of there, they see Judge Brennan. She tells Cyrus that they should get him to marry them... tonight.

Harley goes to Marina and Cyrus’ room to get his passport for Immigration, as she is looking on the desk, she sees the necklace that he had given her in Chicago. Then she spots the envelope from Immigration that Remy had left. She opens the door to find Remy there and asks him about working for Immigration.

Reva and Sarah are sitting in her car when Sarah starts to cry. Reva starts to look for her doll and then steps out of the car to see if she can find it when a car drives up. It’s Alan and he asks her if she ran out of gas.

Bill catches up to Lizzie and she tries to get away, she tells him that there is no baby and he asks her what she did. She takes off running again and a car is coming towards her, someone pulls her out of the way. She then realizes that it is Jonathan.

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