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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

Music plays in the background while Cassie looks at a picture of Tammy and cries and Will gives her a hug. Lizzie is also in her room at the Beacon taking a few home pregnancy tests, which are all shown to be negative.

Bill is at the hospital waiting for an appointment with his doctor and Reva is looking all over town for Jonathan whom she thinks is the person harassing Alan about Tammy’s death.

The music comes to an end and Lizzie call the pregnancy test help line and tells them she followed all the directions and still got a negative and then she screams into the phone that she has to be pregnant.

Marina also sits at the Beacon looks at the picture of Cyrus and tries to make sense of what she saw going on between Cyrus and Harley at the engagement part. Marina also looks at a picture of her and Tammy together smiling.

(Hospital) The doctor goes into the exam room to see Bill and Bill tells the doctor he has been able to see some light and shadows but it comes and goes the doctor says that it’s a good sign because it means his vision could come back at any moment. Billy waits in the hall and is happy about the good news and after some talking persuades Bill to go with him to the church for Tammy’s memorial service.

(Bauer Cabin) Jonathan is shown holding Sarah and looking at a picture of Tammy and then he makes a phone call which the audience doesn’t hear before heading out the door with Sarah. Reva arrives at the Bauer cabin but doesn’t find Jonathan but she knows he has been there because she sees Sarah’s clothes.

Alan is out on Main Street doing some Errands and decides to check the messages on his machine at home and is puzzled because he has twenty messages and when he hears the first one its Tammy’s voce saying hi its me Tammy.

(Church) Cassie cries and Will offers her a tissue and Will wonders if Alan is the bad man who made Mommy cry. Josh asks Will to please behave himself because today is a very bad dad for his mother. Tammy’s family and friends gather inside the church to remember her. Lizzie arrives at the service and decides not to sit with Bill and Billy and instead sits with Daisy who also feels awkward because of their involvement in Tammy’s accident. Daisy and Lizzie both tell Josh and Cassie how sorry they are for the role they played in Tammy’s accident. Josh and Cassie tell both girls the accident wasn’t their fault and they should stay and honor Tammy. Lizzie cries as she remembers Sarah and also because she isn’t pregnant like she thought she was it gets worse when Daisy asks her if she has ever thought of having another child.

(Outside the Church) Cassie has another conversation with Tammy in her head but of course the audience sees her and Tammy talking to each other. Tammy tells Cassie that it wasn’t a good idea for her to have a memorial service for her because all of her family should get on with their lives and be happy. Tammy tells Cassie to concentrate on having a happy life with Josh, R.J. and Will that is the best way she can honor her. Tammy also tells Cassie that Will is like Jonathan he needs a lot of love so she should keep him close to her and not send him away again. Tammy tells Cassie she can’t be totally happy where she is until Cassie is totally happy.

(Church) Reva and Jeffrey arrive at the church and sign the guest book while Reva tells Jeffrey she thinks that Jonathan is the person harassing Alan about Tammy. Reva explains to Jeffrey that Jonathan is in town because she saw his things at the Bauer cabin. Jeffrey tells Reva he will make an appearance at the service and then sneak out to keep an eye out for Jonathan. Cassie looks at the guest book and Alan arrives to offer his sympathies and apologize for his part in Tammy’s death. Cassie doesn’t think he is sincere and screams for him to apologize like a man who has lost his family. Alan explains that he was only trying to do what he thought was best in order to protect his family because he loved them. Alan tells Cassie he is truly deeply sorry that Tammy died. Cassie tells Alan to go inside the church with her and pay his respects to Tammy. Josh begins the service and then Cassie speaks about Tammy. Cassie encourages everyone that the service to live there lives and is happy as a way to honor Tammy. Cassie also tells everyone that Tammy always saw the good in everyone even the people that others thought were bad and she taught her to forgive. Cassie also tells everyone that children change their parents because once they are born they teach you to put others before yourself and they soften even the hardest hearts. Cassie concludes her speech by saying that she is happy that Jonathan, Tammy, and Sarah are together.

(Outside the church) Will walks and heads toward some parked cars Jeffrey is also out there looking for Jonathan and calls out Jonathan’s name Will overhears him and wonders why he called him Jonathan because Jonathan is dead. Jonathan sits outside the church behind some trees with Sarah who starts walking away from him but he doesn’t notice because he is looking intently at the church building. Jeffrey brings Will inside and Will asks him why Jeffrey thinks he is as bad as Jonathan. Reva tells Will that he and Jonathan are not bad they have just suffered a lot in their young age. Bill tells Lizzie that what Cassie said got to him and he really wants to try and have relationship with her so they can raise their child together. Lizzie cries as she tries to tell Bill that she isn’t pregnant but Bill stops her because he knows she is sad about Sarah. Jeffrey tells Josh that Will has been asking him if Alan is a bad man and he thinks Alan might be Will’s next target. Josh has the same opinion and is glad when Jeffrey tells him he pulled some strings to get Will in the Fairmont school. Josh goes to tell Cassie the news but she says she promised Tammy she would keep Will close to her and not send him away again.

(Outside the Church) Lizzie sees Sarah walking in the snow and when Lizzie calls her name the baby begins to cry. Lizzie looks for Sarah a few minutes and asks someone in a car if they have seen her but then she comes to her senses and thinks that her mind is playing tricks on her. Alan thanks Cassie for letting him stay at the service and after he leaves Cassie tells Josh she made peace with Alan even though she won’t ever forget what he did she must move on with her life for the sake of her children. Bill looks at the guest book and sees some letters written inside the book although they are blurry then he turns and sees Jonathan but he thinks he is just seeing things because of the memorial service and all the talk about Tammy. Jonathan and Sarah.

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