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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/22/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Cassie is having a dream about she and Tammy shopping and just as they are talking about spending everyday together, Alan grabs Tammy and says that she is his now. Cassie wakes herself up screaming “No.” Will comes in the room to see if she is okay. She tells him it was just a dream and he says that she kept saying Tammy’s name. Cassie tells him that she misses her and he says that he does too.

Ava brings Alan his briefcase with some reports in it that she has been working on and asks if there is anything else. He asks her about Sarah’s memorial and tells her that he is still working on the guests list. After she leaves, he opens the briefcase to find a newspaper inside about Tammy’s accident and on the bottom of it, written in red, it says “Remember.”

Reva goes to the church and finds Josh there fixing the podium for the next day. He talks about the anniversary of Tammy’s death and how everyone is focused on that and then asks her if he should organize something for Jonathan and Sarah, but she firmly tells him not to. They then start to discuss Will and how things have changed now that everything is out in the open. Josh says that he thinks that everything is going to be alright now. Josh goes back home and Reva sticks around the church for a little while.

Alan comes in to talk to her. He tells her that he has been getting calls in the middle of the night, but no one is there and then he shows her the newspaper. She is thinking that it may have been Jonathan, but Alan says that he thinks that Cassie did it. He says that he is going to see Cassie, but she tells him to let her handle it and then they leave together.

Lizzie and Bill are in his room talking about when she was pregnant with Sarah and how that makes it better for her now that she is pregnant again. She keeps telling him how great he is going to be with their baby when he tells her that he never said that he was going to be a part of it. He says that because of his condition that he can’t do anything for himself, let alone a baby. He says that he will support this baby, but he is not ready to be a father. They start to argue and Bill starts to badmouth Jonathan. Lizzie goes on to say that Jonathan may have been a lot of things, but he was a great father to her child, something that he will never be. After she storms out of there, Ava show up. She tells him that it’s too late for her and Coop, but then tells him that she knew about Coop blowing up the trailer and that she was hoping to use it to her advantage with Coop. She asks why he was frustrated before and he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it. They start to make out and she finds the scarf that Lizzie had left behind and she throws it in the trash. Kelly, Emma’s baby sitter, comes by to get Ava and Bill tries to talk to Emma, but she doesn’t seem to happy to see him. He asks Ava if she thinks that he was a good father to Emma and she tells him that a father is more that just having fun with their kids.

Cassie and Will are looking through Tammy and Jonathan’s wedding album and talking about picking some of the photos out for the memorial service. Will asks who is going to be there and Cassie tells him “Everyone that loved Tammy.” Then he asks if Alan will be there and comments that he was that one that made Tammy die. Cassie asks him who told him that and he says that Edmund did. She tells him that they were going to talk to him about that when he got older and then says that Alan will have to live with that for the rest of his life and that sometimes that is enough. She quickly leaves the room to make a call and when Josh comes through the door, she drops the phone. She explains to him about the dream that she had as Will listens in the other room.

Billy and his lawyer are at the hospital discussing what has to be done to get him into the outpatient program where he will be able to come and go as he pleases. Lizzie comes to the hospital to pick up Billy. He realizes that she is upset and tries to find out what is wrong with her. She tells him that she is pregnant with Bill’s baby and he is overjoyed by the news and says that she just has to give Bill time to come around. He comments about the timing of this baby is amazing, considering that a year ago, she had just lost Sarah. Then they leave to get Billy home.

Reva and Alan get to Cassie’s house and she stops him from barging in there after Cassie. She talks him into letting her go inside alone. Then he tells her that if Cassie denies having anything to do with the newspaper, to tell her that he traced one of the phone calls to the Bauer cabin and he knows that she was there with Will. After he walks off, Reva says to herself to please let it be Cassie. Reva goes inside and shows the newspaper to Cassie and Josh. She tells them that Alan thinks that Cassie did it. Outside, Alan starts to light his cigar when Will tells him that his mother doesn’t allow anyone to smoke there. Alan tells him that she would probably make an exception for him and then Will asks him why he killed his sister. He tells Will that he had nothing to do with it and that people that kill other people go to jail, Will responds by saying “Not always.” Alan then bribes Will with five dollars to leave him alone for good. Inside, Josh asks Cassie if she did that to Alan, she says that a year ago that she would’ve done that, but now she has to set a good example for Will. Josh goes out to tell Alan to leave and tells him that Cassie had nothing to do with it. Reva tells Alan that she is going to stay by Alan’s side until this anniversary has passed and that if anyone wants to get to Alan that they have to go through her first. He then comments that she does think that Cassie could be behind this. As soon as Alan goes inside his room, Reva calls Jonathan.

Bill is fumbling around in his room when he knocks over the trash can and finds Lizzie’s scarf. He smells it as someone is knocking on the door. He goes to the door, thinking it is Lizzie, but it is Billy. Billy tells him that he knows about the baby and that he needs to take this opportunity and make the best of it.

Cassie thanks Josh for getting rid of Alan and then she tells him how great Will was today. As soon as she goes to bed, Will comes to Josh to find a doll that he has, when Josh finds it, it has the head torn off. Josh asks him what happened to the doll, but Will just leaves the room.

Lizzie goes to the church and lights a candle for Sarah. As she is crying, Jonathan almost walks in on her, but he just stops and watches her.

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