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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/21/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

Buzz runs to catch up to Harley and tell her that he is having an engagement party for Cyrus and Marina and that she is invited. Harley tells Buzz she doesn’t feel like going to a party and Buzz wonders if she is feeling guilty about trying to steal Marina’s boyfriend from her. Harley tells Buzz that she feels horrible about feeling this way about Cyrus but the feelings are real and they are not a silly crush although she wishes they were a crush and would just go away. Buzz wonders if Cyrus feels the same way about her and Harley says that although Cyrus isn’t very open about his feelings she thinks he feels something for her. Buzz advises Harley to be very careful about the situation and remember that she loves Marina. Harley tells Buzz that she always thinks about that and that she never wants to hurt Marina. Buzz aloe tells Harley that Coop burned the Lewis construction trailer but he didn’t know Bill was inside it.

(Beacon) Marina arrives home with a stack of bridal magazines and tells Cyrus that she is very excited about the wedding. Marina does feel badly that when Coop was at the station confessing to a crime she was at the newsstand buying bridal magazines. Marina gets a phone call from Remy who is pretending to be an immigration agent asking when she and Cyrus are going to be married. Marina assures the agent that she and Cyrus are planning their wedding and will be married very soon. Cyrus tells Marina he wants to speak to the agent but she tells him the agent hung up the phone. Cyrus tells Marina he wants to do things right and ask Frank for her hand in marriage. Marina gives Cyrus her bulletproof vest and tells him he will need it if he intends to talk to Frank.

(Beacon) Doris and Ashlee arrive home and Ashlee wonders why Doris told the press the explosion was an accident and that Coop made a mistake. Doris explains that it took her a long time to see it but when she saw her and Coop together at the police station she understood that Coop is important to her and that she would get hurt if something happened to him. Ashlee is so shocked she can’t catch her breath for a few minutes Doris also tells her that she is still worried that she could be hurt by Coop but while she was working for Buzz she saw that Buzz is truly a good guy and she hopes that Buzz’s goodness has rubbed off on Coop.

(Company) Coop arrives and is surprised that all the lights are turned off. Bill explains that he wanted him to know what it felt like to live in the dark. Coop once again apologizes and tells him that he didn’t know that he was inside the trailer. Bill tells him he must of known he was inside because if not he would have checked to see if the trailer was empty. Coop tells Bill that Zach and Jude and Buzz could be upstairs but Bill says he checked and they are alone.

(Hospital) Lizzie is shocked that she didn’t recognize the symptoms of a pregnancy but she jumps off the exam table and says she will come back soon but she must talk to someone right away.

(Company) Coop tells Bill to think about what he is doing he is putting his own life at risk by burning down company. Bill shouts that he has no life now and nothing to lose. Lizzie arrives and says he has everything to lose and he has to let this go and grow up now because she is pregnant with his child. Lizzie asks Coop to forget this ever happened and he agrees to do so if Lizzie takes Bill home now.

(Beacon) Bill thinks this is just one of Lizzie’s games she likes to play with him but she takes his hand and has him feel her face and he notices that her hand is shaking and once he feels her face he knows she is telling the truth. Bill tells Lizzie he wouldn’t be a good father because he can’t take care of himself. Lizzie tells him his eyes will get better but Bill says he isn’t talking about his eyes he meant that the only time he was ever a father was with Emma and he just signed away his parental rights to her. Bill can’t believe that Lizzie would want him to be a part of this baby’s life. Lizzie tells Bill that she wants him to be a part of this baby’s life more then anything in the world. Lizzie thinks being pregnant is a sign because it happened a week before the anniversary of Sarah’s death. Lizzie helps Bill to lie down in bed and asks if she could just sit with him for a while and he says that would be okay. Lizzie puts Bill’s hand on her stomach even though it’s too early to feel the baby. Lizzie rests her head on Bill’s chest after he tells her its okay. Lizzie thinks the baby is a sign that life is giving them a second chance.

(Main Street) Doris arrives to offer Buzz a job and he is shocked considering the awful things she said about her during the campaign. Doris tells Buzz that she doesn’t have a connection with the people and even though it is hard for her to say she tells Buzz she needs him to be her friend.

(Police Station) Cyrus arrives and tells Frank that he knows that he isn’t the man he wanted for Marina and he understands because he still can’t believe that a beautiful intelligent, loving woman could love him. Cyrus tells Frank Marina’s love is a gift he cherishes every day. Harley overhears the conversation and cries a little but then she comes out from her hiding spot and tells Frank he should let this go and allow Marina to be happy. Frank shakes hands with Cyrus and agrees to go to the engagement party. Once Frank is gone Cyrus thanks Harley for stopping things between them in Mew York because it would have been a mistake and now he has more time to concentrate on Marina.

(Company) Ava arrives and Coop tells her that Bill poured gasoline all over the building and was going to blow it up but then he changed his mind. Ava is surprised that Coop didn’t call the police and have Bill arrested. Bill tells Ava that he let it go because he understood why Bill was mad and because it was the right thing to do. Coop says she wouldn’t understand that because she likes to blackmail people he also tells her he doesn’t want her to be a part of his life anymore.

(Main Street) Coop runs into Ashlee and he explains that he wants to spend some time with her and not go to the engagement party. Ashlee tells Coop that her mother finally realized the Coopers are good people and she is okay about their relationship. Coop tells Ashlee that he told Ava in not such a nice way that he didn’t want her to be a part of his life anymore. Coop and Ashlee feel happy and hopeful despite their possible convictions for their crimes they share a kiss and a hug.

(Company) Marina tells Harley that she is sorry that she thought Philip was responsible for the explosion. Harley apologizes too Marina for taking Cyrus’s time away from her but he really got her through the trauma of being stuck in that church and losing Gus and then she thanks Marina for her understanding ad wishes her all the happiness in the world. Marina asks Harley to be her maid of honor and Harley cries and says she would be honored to be her maid of honor. Buzz toasts Marina and Cyrus and tells them to cherish and protect their love because they may not ever get another chance at love. Harley cries a little after the toast and then goes outside to get some air. Lillian takes Marina aside and tells her she must talk about wedding plans. Cyrus notices that Harley went outside and follows her.

Harley tells Cyrus she needed some air and then she cries as she gives him his dog tags back and thanks him for being there for her through a rough time. Cyrus doesn’t want to take the dog tags back and Harley wishes him much happiness with Marina. Marina gives Lillian a hug for making such a kind offer and wants to rush and tell Cyrus about it. Marina is about to go outside when she sees Cyrus and Harley give each other a kiss good-bye.

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