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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/18/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Alan runs into Reva at Co2 and he offers to buy her a cup of coffee, she tells him that they don’t have to pretend to be friends anymore. He tells her “What happened in Tourmaline will stay in Tourmaline.”

As they are talking about Jeffrey weather proofing her home, Alan talks about the date. Reva doesn’t know what he is talking about. He asks her what kind of parent she is to forget that it has been one year since she lost Jonathan and Sarah. She tells him that a day doesn’t go by that she doesn’t think about them. Then she says that today is the anniversary of Jonathan and Tammy’s wedding and ask what he got for them. He tells her that he is having a memorial service for Sarah and thought that she would want to be there, but she says that he is the reason that they are gone. Reva asks what Lizzie thinks about it and he says that this will help her to reconnect with her family. Reva says that Lizzie doesn’t need that and that maybe he is mourning the fact that Lizzie is doing things on her own in spite of him.

Ashlee tries to get out of Doris’ room when a security guard walks up to Doris and asks her if she wants him to go in there. Doris continues to talk about not letting her run off with Coop and the serious charges that she is facing. Ashlee then gets her cell phone just as Coop is arriving. He tells Doris to let Ashlee out, but she tells him over her dead body. He tries to get past her, but the guard stops him. He accuses her of wanting Ashlee to stick around so that she will have someone to blame when things go wrong. He tells her that he will give her the guy that is responsible for the explosion if she will let Ashlee go. Ashlee tells Doris not to believe anything that he says and that he is bluffing. Doris asks who is responsible and he names himself. She then opens the door to let Ashlee out.

Vanessa goes to see Billy in rehab and he tells her that she needs to talk some sense into their son. She tells him that he is going to make a mess of things by trying to get revenge for whoever did this to Bill. She also tells him that she wants them to work together to help Bill. She says that both her and Bill needs a good strong man. Then Billy asks her if she needs him, she says yes and then he kisses her.

Dinah talks to Buzz about rehab and then turns the conversation to Bill to try to get some information out of Buzz. He realizes what she is doing and tells her that he is not responsible for Bill’s accident. She then tells him that the bullet that went in her head, messed up just about everything except the ability to sniff out a liar. She says that she knows that he is hiding something and when she finds out what it is, that no one will be able to save him and his family. He opens the door for her to leave and then says to himself, “What is happening to this town?”

Lizzie walks in on Bill and Ava in bed. Ava jumps up out of bed saying “Lizzie”, but Bill just stays there saying that Lizzie won’t be back for awhile. Then Lizzie says that he is a selfish pig. Bill realizes that she is in the room and asks Ava is she looks mad. Lizzie starts throwing the things that she bought for Bill and then she calls him on the things that he said about dumping Ava for something real. She can’t believe that he would stoop this low, then he tells her to stop making everything about herself. He says that sleeping with Ava has nothing to do with her and if all she is going to do is act like a jealous wife, then she can get out. Lizzie runs out of the room and Ava follows her. Lizzie tells her that she can have him. Ava then brings up that the anniversary of Jonathan and Sarah’s death is coming up. Lizzie gets defensive and then Ava tells her that it isn’t her fault that she has a lot of baggage and that Bill wants someone that travels light, then she leaves.

Bill calls Dinah to get a ride from her. They go to see Billy at rehab to tell him how things went with Buzz at Company. Billy has changed his mind about Dinah helping to find out the truth and she blames Vanessa for changing Billy’s mind.

Reva is looking at a picture of Jonathan, Tammy and Sarah, commenting that it has been a year and then goes over to Lizzie at Co2. Lizzie tells her what happened with Bill in his room and then says that she just wants to belong to someone too much, then she takes the picture that Reva is holding and says that she knows why. She says that she threw away all of the calendars hoping that this day wasn’t going to come. She tells Reva that she doesn’t think that she can make it through this anniversary. Reva tells her that they should go to the memorial so that they can say goodbye. Lizzie starts to have some stomach pains and says that she has just been really upset lately. Reva takes her to the hospital and while they are waiting, Lizzie tells Reva that she is done with Bill. After Lizzie goes back to see the doctor, Reva calls Jonathan to tell him about Lizzie making herself sick over everything that has happened. She then pleads with him to promise to her that he will not come there. Inside the hospital room, the doctor says that she wants to run more tests, then ask Lizzie if there is a possibility that she could be pregnant.

At the police station, Doris holds a press conference to tell everyone about what Coop did as Frank questions Coop. He tells Frank what happened and then Buzz comes in to see Coop there and realizes what has just happened. Buzz calls Bill to tell him that it was Coop that caused the explosion. He tells him that Coop didn’t know that anyone was in the trailer and that he was drinking because he was angry about Company. Buzz tells him that he is calling as an act of good faith, Bill thanks him and then hangs up the phone. Bill doesn’t tell Billy and Dinah what he now knows about the explosion. He tells them that he is through talking about it and wants to go home to get some rest. He tells Dinah that he knows who did this to him. They talk about how Coop will probably get off easy because of all of the Cooper’s on the police force and Jeffrey being the D.A. Bill then says that if he can’t walk away from this that Coop won’t either.

Frank tells Coop to call Mel and he will do what he can to help him but he may not be able to this time, now that Doris is in charge. Buzz talks to Doris about Coop and asks her to not exploit him, to just let him take his punishment like everyone else. She says that Coop deserves whatever he gets. Buzz goes in to see Coop, Frank pulls him out of the room to tell him that he is looking at attempted murder and then realizes that Buzz knew that Coop was responsible. Ashlee goes in to see Coop and he tells her that he turned himself in so that she wouldn’t have to be scared anymore, they kiss as Doris watches and the reporters take pictures. Doris goes in the room to tell Ashlee that she can’t be in there. Then Doris goes back to the reporters and tells them that she will ask that Coop get a fair trial and that it was not an act of violence, just an error in judgment. Ashlee thanks Doris as Frank tells Coop that he will see what he can do to get him out of there. Buzz tells Doris that it was decent of her to do that and she says that she wants the public to see her as fair and merciful, not harsh and vindictive.

Alan goes over the plans for the memorial with Ava, telling her that he wants the town to know that they are still grieving for Sarah.

Bill and Dinah go to Company, Bill calls Coop and asks him to meet him there. He tells Dinah to leave after she brings him a gas container.

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