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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/17/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Gus and Natalia stop at the Bauer cabin on their way to Chicago to elope. Natalia calls him Nicky again and then tells him that she meant to say Gus. He says that he loves their past but he very much wants to marry the woman that she is now. He also says that she can call him whatever she wants to, but he likes for her to call him Nicky because it is their own thing. As she is looking around, she asks him if he knew that the cabin only has one bedroom. He says yes, but it has a sleeper sofa that he will be sleeping on since they can’t be together until they are married.

Olivia thanks Ava for helping her with the Gus situation and then they both say that they wish that they had more time to spend together. Olivia tells her that she used to let how other people thought of her consume her, but now she just wants to live and spend her time with her and Emma. She then explains how Gus came into her life at just the right moment, when she needed him the most. That she believes that him being there for her is helping to keep her alive. Ava then calls Gus to tell him about Olivia’s “emergency” at the hospital. He tells her that he will come, but he lies to Natalia and tells her that it was the station calling for him to come back to do something. When Gus arrives at the hospital, Ava pretends to be upset and when Olivia comes out of the room, she and Ava play Gus to get him to want to stay with Olivia.

Ashlee and Coop stop by Company on their way out of town. They tell Buzz that they need some time away from everything. As a policeman comes in, Coop goes pale and then Buzz ask him what is really going on. Coop tells him that it is about Ashlee and Buzz just questions him more until Coop tells him that he was the cause of Bill’s accident. Coop explains how he was angry because of everything that was happening and how he got the blueprints, set fire to them and threw them through the window at Lewis Construction. He tells Buzz that he didn’t know that anyone was in there. He says that he is not going to run away from this and that he and Ashlee just need some time away to let things blow over. Buzz tells him that he could get charged with attempted murder and that the longer he waits to turn himself in, the worse it’s going to be. Coop asks him not to tell anyone and even if going away makes things worse, at least he and Ashlee can be together for a little while. As Ashlee and Coop are packing the car, he tells her how it will be better if Buzz doesn’t know everything, so that he doesn’t have to lie. He says that he found a few towns that they can go to and not be asks too many questions. She tells him that if he turns himself in that maybe it wont be so bad, but he disagrees and says that he wont be able to help her if she goes to jail. He says that he doesn’t want to lose her again and they agree to meet later as she tells him that she would follow him anywhere. Ashlee goes to Doris’ room to find her passport and as she is searching, Doris comes in and asks her if she is going somewhere. She tells her that it is a bad idea to run off with Coop and then asks Ashlee if she can get a hug since she doesn’t know when she will see her again. She and Ashlee then have an honest conversation about their feelings for each other and then Doris takes off out the door and locks Ashlee inside.

Lizzie goes to Bill’s room and hears crashing sounds coming from inside. Bill makes his way to the door and makes cracks about helping out the blind guy. He let’s her in and then he starts coming on to her. She tells him that she is not there for sex, that she came to help him to help himself and then teases him by saying that she looks really hot today. She straightens his room up some and tells him that she is going to help him. He says that he doesn’t need any help, but she challenges him by telling him to come find her. He gets up and realizes that she moved some things around. She tells him that he does need her and he says that he wants to go to see his dad and wants her help him get there.

Billy wakes up from a nap and Dinah is standing in his room. She talks about how they both know that what happened to Bill wasn’t an accident and that they should bust out of rehab and find out who is responsible. Billy tells her that he thinks that revenge isn’t going to help, but Dinah disagrees and says that revenge is what Bill wants and that it’s only right. Billy tells her that he wants someone to pay for what happened but he knows that there are consequences to everything thing that you do. She asks if he is just going to do nothing and he says that he is going to concentrate on getting himself better so that maybe next time something like that happens, that he will be able to do something about it before it happens. Billy leaves and she starts to read the 12 step program book and then her doctor comes in to tell her that her cognitive test scores are up some. She says that she has a lot going on, but she does feel sharper.

Lizzie helps Bill to go visit Billy. Billy walks Lizzie out and as he is coming back, he sees Bill throwing his phone in anger because he is not able to make a call. Billy fixes his phone for him and then asks Bill how he plans on getting around. Billy tries to help him, but Bill says the only help that he needs is for Billy to find out who did this to him. Billy then goes to Dinah’s room and tells her that he has a job for her to do.

As Natalia is lighting candles at the cabin and waiting on Gus to return, she hears something outside. She thinks that it is Gus coming back, but it is Alan. He comes in to give her a check for her and Gus to have something to start their new life with. When he asks where Gus is, she tells him that he had to run an errand. Then Gus calls to tell her that it will take a little longer and for her not to wait up on him. Just as he is hanging up, she hears Olivia talking in the background, then she asks Alan to give her a ride back to town.

Back at Main street, Alan runs into Lizzie and asks her why she is helping Bill and Billy. She says that it feels good to help people. He brings up the last time that she had a smile like that on her face, which was when she was with Jonathan. He tries to blame her for Jonathan driving off the cliff and she says that that happened because he was trying to get away from him. He tells her that she asks him to bail her out, but not to asks him to do it again. She tells him that she doesn’t need his kind of help anymore.

Ava tracks Bill down at rehab and talks him into going back to his room so that they can end a bad day by having a little fun. Lizzie goes back to check on Bill and walks in on him and Ava together.

Dinah goes to Company to do some investigating about the explosion and runs into Buzz, he asks her if Billy sent her there. She tells him about spying on Billy to help Bill. She opens up to him about sharing all of her feelings in rehab and he invites her in for coffee just as she had planned.

Gus takes Olivia back to her room, she tries to get him to leave, but he says that there is nothing that she can say to get him to leave her alone. As she is about to go get into her pajamas, Natalia walks through the door and confronts her. Olivia tries to explain to her that it’s not what she thinks, but Natalia fires back at by saying that not only did Olivia ruin her wedding but she has set her sights on the one Spaulding man that she hasn’t had yet. Then she starts in on Gus by asking if this is his last bachelor fling with the town whore. Olivia tells Gus to tell her the truth or she will. Gus says that she doesn’t have to, but she tells Natalia about her condition anyway. Natalia says that she understands about Olivia not wanting to be alone and says that they will help her. Gus asks about them getting married and Natalia says that they have time and then hugs Olivia and tells her that she is sorry about everything that she has been going through.

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