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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/16/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(New York City) Harley meets with the police woman who is the contact that officer Diaz set her up with to help her find Philip. The officer isn’t so eager to help when she discovers that Harley isn’t a cop anymore. Harley tells the police woman that she isn’t on official business. Harley shows the police woman a picture of Philip and tells her that he is a dangerous crazy man who kidnapped her children. The police woman promises to pass the picture around to all the other precincts and keep a look out for Philip. The audience sees someone sitting in a car watching Harley as she walks all over New York asking people if they have seen Philip. but nobody has seen him. The audience sees feet following Harley as she walks faster to try and catch up with another person and ask them about Philip. Harley stops because she starts to feel short of breath and just as she is about to fall on the pavement and pass out Cyrus is there to catch her. Cyrus tries to awaken her but is unable to do it Harley just mumbles and Cyrus can’t understand what she is saying to him.

Harley hears the phone ring and is disoriented because she can’t figure out where she is she finally answers the phone and Mallet is glad that she woke up from her nap but tells her that she has to hurry up and come down to the police station and meet with Frank before they have to go back to Florida today. Harley is even more confused and asks Mallet why they are going back to Florida together and he thinks she was really in a deep sleep because it is only natural that he would want to go back to Florida with his wife. (Police Station) Mallet tells Harley that she missed Frank because he went on patrol with his partner Harley reminds Mallet that Frank is police Chief and Mallet laughs because Frank could never be police chief because he is a man of the people. Mallet tells Harley that he knows her secret that she kept a packed suitcase under their bed just in case their marriage didn’t work out. Harley points out that she was right to do it because he did cheat on her Mallet apologizes for that and tells her it wasn’t easy living with someone who expected their marriage to fail. (Hospital) Harley sees a happy Dylan who smiles and tells her that their little baby Daisy is the most beautiful baby. Harley knows Dylan is rewriting history because she gave birth to Daisy in a car and Dylan wasn’t there because he didn’t know she was pregnant. Dylan then yells Harley that if she had told him she was pregnant they could have raised the baby together and they could have had a different future. Dylan tells Harley that they missed out on something so beautiful because she was scared and thought she was making the grown up decision.

Harley leaves the hospital and runs into Buzz on main street and Buzz wonders if it is his fault that she has never taken any risks because he left her and Frank when they were little and that forced her to grow up way too fast. Harley tells Buzz that she doesn’t blame him she was angry at him for leaving once but she is proud that she had to grow up fast because she thinks it made her a strong practical level headed woman who raises her boys the same way and when they grow up they will be strong men. ( New York City.) Cyrus calls Harley’s name to try and awaken her but she just continues to stir and mumble things and Cyrus is very confused and worried about her. Harley’s dream continues and next she runs into Gus at the Beacon the day of his wedding to Natalia. Harley wonders why Gus was so quick to marry Natalia so soon after his divorce from her was final. Gus tells Harley he still loves her but she gave him no choice because she was the one who wanted the divorce not him. Harley reminds Gus that she just couldn’t share him with Natalia and Rafe. Gus tells her they could have worked things out and been happy but she was just so sure that he was going to leave her that she ended things before even giving them a chance to work things out. Gus tells Harley that she was unwilling to take a risk and find out what the future would be for them. Harley tells Gus she wishes that she had the magical super power to turn time back to when they first met when things were good between them. Gus tells Harley those words are the most hurtful she has ever said to him. Gus wishes that Harley could get her super power one day and that way she could bee happy and alone.

Harley’s dream continues and she runs into Blake and tells her about her strange dream. Harley tells Blake that she is scared of being hurt by love and that is why she always plays it safe. Harley tells Blake all she wants is to feel safe and loved. Blake tells Harley that love is worth the risk and if she doesn’t take a risk she will never find the person who can make her feel loved and safe.

(New York City) Harley awakens to see Cyrus’s face and he tells her she must go to the hospital. Harley says she can’t walk so Cyrus carries her to the car and they head to the hospital. The doctor wonders when Harley started having these episodes and Cyrus explains it was after they were rescued from a building that was demolished. The doctor tells Harley that she must figure out why she feels she isn’t safe anymore and figure out how to get her life back to normal because if she doesn’t the attacks will just keep happening. Harley and Cyrus talk as they walk and Harley wonders what Cyrus is doing there. Cyrus explains that she shouldn’t have lied to him about coming to New York. Cyrus tells Harley that when he saw her pass out on the street his feelings for her became clear he loves Marina but he can’t deny the strong feelings he has for her anymore. Harley is scared to kiss Cyrus but they do kiss and next we see them in a hotel room kissing and taking of their clothes. Harley stops things before they get too far and Cyrus knows that Harley doesn’t want to stop but then he tells her that if they stop this means its over and they can never come close to doing this again. Harley agrees and Cyrus takes off his lucky dog tags and gives them to Harley and tells her he hopes they bring her luck and that someday she will find happiness. Cyrus gives Harley a small peck on the lips and then he says good-bye. Harley takes one of the sedatives the doctor gave her and goes to sleep.

Harley’s dream continues when she is sleeping and suddenly she is at company with Dylan; Gus Mallet, Frank and Buzz congratulating her because she did the right thing and didn’t hurt Marina. Buzz tells her that he wants to be just like her someday. Harley gets a hug from all the men in her life and then Harley shouts for them to stop because she let love get away so Marina wouldn’t get hurt. Harley tells them that Cyrus told her that his feelings for Marina had changed and if that is true she isn’t doing Marina any favors because Marina will eventually get hurt by Cyrus. Harley decides to take a risk for once in her life and find love. The next morning Harley gets in her car to go home but she is still sleepy because of the pills and when she wakes up next she sees the policewoman who was worried that Philip had done something to her. Harley tells the policewoman that Philip isn’t there and she can’t live the rest of her life waiting for Philip to come after her so she is going home. Harley asks the policewoman to call a tow truck because her car doesn’t start but when she tries to start the car it works so she drives home. (Beacon) Harley sees Blake and gives her a hug because she was right Blake has no idea what she was right about but is happy she could help. Harley calls Cyrus on his phone but he doesn’t answer so she decides not to leave a message. Harley goes to Cyrus’s room and tells him she has something very important to talk to him about and he also says the same to her. Marina tells him to let her share the news with Harley. Marina smiles and tells Harley she and Cyrus are engaged because immigration called so they decided not to put off their marriage any longer. Harley smiles and congratulates the happy couple and cries a little bit. Marina invites her to toasts the news but Harley has something to do. Cyrus and Harley share a meaningful look before Cyrus closes the door and Harley holds on to the dog tags Cyrus gave her and rubs the tags with her fingers.

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