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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

At Main Street, Alan finds Rafe and gives him the phone number of a stock broker that he wants him to call. Rafe tells him that he already has an after school job, but Alan tells him that it’s not about a job, it’s about the trust that he had set up for him to give him a steady income. Rafe wants to know why Alan is doing this and Alan tells him that it’s a safety net. He goes on to say that life is full of complications and when he says the word complication, he thinks of Olivia. Alan says that Olivia needs to focus on someone else so that Gus and Natalia have a real chance at their marriage. Rafe tells him that his mom is a strong woman and can handle Olivia.

Olivia is on the phone telling her doctor that she wasn’t coming because all she ever gets is bad news. She overhears Natalia talking to her wedding planner and opens the door to tell Natalia that the ballroom wont be available for her and Gus’ wedding because of repairs being done. She tells Natalia that she has to cancel three months of weddings. Natalia tells her that her wedding is the only one that she wants to cancel.

Harley and Gus run into each other at Company, she tells him about Phillip and the plans that she, Cyrus and Marina have to lure Phillip out. Gus says that he thinks that it’s a terrible idea. Then he tells her that it’s not a good idea to “jump into bed with that guy,” although he is talking about work, she thinks that he is talking about her feelings for Cyrus. He tells her that he knows what is going on inside her head, but she tells him not to be so sure. Gus tells her that if she hears anything else about Phillip, that she should go to a professional, like him or Mallet, instead of Cyrus and just because he is getting married that he is not gonna leave her and the boys hanging.

Cyrus and Marina are at the police station and he keeps trying to get her to leave. He tells her that he is worried about Immigration, but she says for him to stick close to her because she isn’t going to let anyone get him. As he leaves to get some coffee, Remy shows up. He asks her how things went when she told Cyrus and Harley the truth, but then he realizes that she didn’t tell them. Then she tells him about lying to Cyrus about Immigration calling. Remy tells her that Cyrus must really be relying on her now. Marina tells him that she is going to do whatever she has to do to keep Harley and Cyrus from getting together. Remy tells her that she needs to get Harley out of town. He tells Marina that he can help her, but she asks him to leave because she doesn’t want him to have to lie to Cyrus when he comes back. When Cyrus comes back, he says that they need to get out of there so that they can find Remy and get to the bottom of the Phillip situation. When she asks why is he doing this, he says because it is important to Harley, which means that it is important to her and whatever she cares about, he cares about. She then changes the subject and then they go home.

Gus comes in and Natalia tries to explain that Olivia is lying about the ballroom so that their wedding wont happen. He defends Olivia, but Natalia still isn’t buying it and tells him that they should just give Olivia what she wants, then says that the wedding is off. She says that they are going way too fast.

Olivia goes to Company to open her mail, she drops the letter from her doctor as Alan comes over and he asks her what she is so preoccupied about. She says that she was just reading a letter from her accountant. He offers to keep Emma for her so that she will have more time to go after Gus, but she refuses saying that she doesn’t spend enough time with her as it is. He tells her about what he told Rafe about her. Olivia tells him that they should keep Rafe out of it. Rafe overhears this as he is walking in. Then Gus and Natalia come in to tell Rafe, Alan and Olivia that they decided that the wedding is off and that they are going to elope tonight. Alan and Olivia say that they think that it is a little sudden and Rafe says that it’s great and proposed a toast to them. Olivia offers her congratulations and then leaves. Gus then tells Alan that when they get back that they will all be moving out, he thanks him for helping to take care of his family. Alan says congratulations as Olivia looks on from outside crying and saying “No.”

Remy runs into Harley and tells her that Marina asks him to help her, then says that Phillip is in New York City and that he will give her whatever she wants if she wants to track him down. He tells her what he knows and then leaves. He calls Marina to tell her about Harley, then says that he is coming over. When Cyrus comes back in the room, she sends him to the police station to get her cell phone. Remy comes over and tells her what happened with Harley. He tells her to take advantage of her time with Cyrus.

Harley goes to the police station to talk to an officer and then Cyrus comes in to get Marina’s cell phone. She lies to him about the reason that she is there and when he tells her that she seems off, she says that it is because of running into Gus earlier. He doesn’t buy it and asks her again if she is there because of Phillip and she lies again. Harley leaves and Cyrus starts to look for Marina’s phone when the police officer comes back to give Harley a contact’s name at the NYPD. Cyrus tells him to give it to him to give to Harley but the officer says that she will probably call back for it. Then Cyrus starts to figure it out as Marina calls to tell him that she found her cell phone and to come home, but he says that he has to check out something first and then takes off.

Alan talks with Rafe and asks him how he feels about the elopement. Rafe tells him that he sees what he is doing by talking bad about Olivia and then going to spend time with her. He tells Alan that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t want Gus and his mom together but to leave him out of it.

Gus and Natalia drink champagne to celebrate their elopement before they leave and she apologizes about what happened earlier with Olivia.

Olivia goes back to her room upset and Ava comes in to comfort her. Olivia tells her about Gus and Natalia eloping and Ava tells her that he won't go if there is something wrong with her and then they leave to go to the hospital.

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