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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/14/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

Beacon, Cyrus, and Harley share a kiss while Marina takes a phone call from Remy just outside in the hallway. Marina tells Remy she feels badly about lying to Harley about Philip possibly being responsible for Bill’s accident and despite Remy’s advice is going to tell Harley the truth. Marina tells Remy she doesn’t want to act like a silly suspicious girlfriend when she is sure there is nothing going on between Cyrus and Harley. Harley stops herself and tells Cyrus she can’t he finishes her sentence when he wonders if she can’t do this or if she can’t keep holding her feelings in anymore. Cyrus and Harley are about to kiss again when Marina walks in the door. Harley tells Marina she called her when she thought Zach was missing and Philip had taken him but she wasn’t home so Cyrus helped her. Harley tells Marina that Zach had just gotten a ride home with the new kid at school. Marina pretends that she didn’t see how close Harley and Cyrus were when she walked in the door but instead of telling Harley the truth she tells Harley that Remy made contact with Philip and that their plan to make her the bait to draw Philip out is in motion. Marina tells Harley to move into the boarding house with the boys so family can surround her and Philip can think that Cyrus isn’t guarding her. Marina tells Harley to let Cyrus handle the detective agency until they can catch Philip.

(Farm) R.J. is disappointed when he opens the door expecting the pizza he and Daisy ordered but instead finds Rafe who wants to study for a history test with Daisy. R.J. leaves the two alone to talk and goes upstairs once he is gone Rafe tells Daisy she is great with kids and she assumes that Rafe means she should not have had an abortion. Rafe explains that he didn’t mean it that way he was just making an observation and he came by so that she could help him study for his history test. Rafe tells Daisy that he misses the way things used to be and is hoping that they can be a couple again then he kisses Daisy.

(Police Station) Jeffrey tells Josh that they can look at the DVD as many times as they want but the results are still the same Will pushed Alonzo into that circuit box and killed him. Josh knows that Will is a troubled child but finds it hard to believe that Will who is only eight years old could be capable of killing his own father. Jeffrey thinks that now Josh is trying to make excuses for Will and tells Josh that Will could be charged with first or second degree murder.

(Bauer Cabin) Cassie tells Will that she is staying there with him for how ever long it takes for him to let his anger out and be a good little boy again. Cassie goes to get wood and Will takes her cell phone out of her purse walks outside and throws the phone in the snow.

(Police Station) Mallet asks one of his men if Marina has come in to work yet he says no but his divorce papers from Dinah were faxed to the station this morning. Mallet looks at the papers and tells himself he is officially a free man and can’t blame Dinah because he asked her for the divorce.

(Farm) Josh and Jeffrey arrive and catch Rafe and Daisy kissing again but, of course, Rafe says they were studying history. Josh asks Daisy where Cassie is and Daisy explains that Cassie took Will to the Bauer cabin and left her babysitting R.J. for the night. Josh and Jeffrey rush to the cabin because they are worried Will may hurt Cassie. Josh calls Cassie on her cell but she doesn’t answer because her phone is outside in the snow. Cassie asks Will who he is mad at first she names R.J., Edmund, and Josh after a few minutes Will admits that he is mad at all of them because they are trying to take her away from him. Cassie names herself last and Will says he isn’t mad at her because he loves her but Cassie tells Will she knows he is mad at her for sending him away to a strange country. Cassie tells Will it’s okay that he expresses his anger at her because he has to be brave enough to let his anger out so he won’t become like Edmund. Cassie asks Will why he is angry at her and calls him son then Will screams for her not to call him son because he isn’t her son. Will starts hitting Cassie and crying Cassie holds him tightly as he cries and tells him its okay to let his anger out. Once Will has calmed down Cassie holds him in her lap as she explains that she loves him very much because she chose him to be her son and he helped her get through a very sad time when her baby died and adopting him was her gift of hope.

(Bauer Cabin) Will promises Cassie he is going to be a good boy and asks if they can go for a walk outside by the lake before they go home. Cassie says yes and then Will wonders if there is ice at the lake.

(Company) Harley has a bowl of chili and a beer and Mallet arrives and decides to have the same and sit and talk to Harley. Mallet tells Harley he is sorry about her divorce from Gus and shows her his divorce papers from Dinah, which arrived for him today. Harley and Mallet decide its best to concentrate on work, family and friends and not have any entanglements for now. Harley and mallet then raise their beer mugs and Toast to no entanglements. (Beacon) Marina and Cyrus toast with champagne to celebrate her return to the police force and then they decide to play a romantic game of cops and robbers and Marina handcuffs Cyrus to the headboard of their bed.

(Bauer Cabin) Josh and Jeffrey arrive and frantically search for Cassie and Will and go look for them by following the footprints in the snow because they are worried Will has hurt Cassie. (Company) Mallet tells Harley that Marina and Cyrus have an easy relationship in which they accept each other and don’t pretend to be something they are not with each other. Harley doesn’t want to talk about Cyrus and Marina so she decides to go for a walk. Harley walks along main street and fantasizes that Cyrus lit her house with candles and hired a band in order to have a romantic evening with her. Cyrus tells Harley in this fantasy that he told Marina how they feel and she is happy they found each other because she wants them to be happy together. The fantasy ends when they kiss as they dance to the music which Cyrus jokes is coming from the band in the kitchen.

(Main Street) Harley calls daisy and wonders if she wants to have a girl’s night out but she says she can’t because she is at the farm babysitting R.J. and studying with Rafe. Harley then calls Cyrus who stops himself from kissing Marina and sees its Harley calling and ignores the call Harley decides not to leave a message.

(Beacon) Mallet arrives and interrupts Marina and Cyrus romantic day when Marina doesn’t answer the door Mallet continues to knock until Cyrus tells him to come in and he sees Marina trapped in her own handcuffs so he unlocks her she tells him Remy made contact with Philip and he wants her to come into work but she says she must help Cyrus review a case. Once Mallet is gone Marina tells Cyrus that was just an excuse so she could spend some time with him. Cyrus is distracted and looks at his cell phone wondering if he should call Harley or not Marina notices Cyrus distraction and tells him immigration called and wants to talk to her but it is probably nothing. Cyrus then puts his focus back on Marina and they make love.

(Bauer Cabin) Cassie and Will arrive and Josh send s Will upstairs so that he and Jeffrey can talk to Cassie. Cassie tells Josh and Jeffrey that Will admitted that Alonzo tried to grab him and he pushed him away and that is when Alonzo fell into the circuit box. Jeffrey and Josh tell her that isn’t true because they have looked at the surveillance DVD ten times. Jeffrey tells Cassie he is going to have to take Will to the police station. Cassie asks Jeffrey to give her one more night with her son so she can get through to him. Jeffrey gives Cassie her cell phone back, which he found in the snow. Cassie tells Will that Josh is going to stay with them at the cabin and they will all go back to Springfield tomorrow.

(Farm) Jeffrey tells Daisy he will pay her twenty dollars an hour which is double what Cassie pays her if she will keep a close eye on Will and call him if Will does anything strange.

(Bauer Cabin) Cassie apologizes to Josh for not believing him about Will but she is hopeful that they can help their son make it through this difficult time. Josh and Cassie kiss before they turn out the lights and go to sleep. Will sneaks into their bedroom and watches Josh and Cassie sleeping with a very scary look on his face.

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