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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/11/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Josh goes home after spending the night at his office and knocks on the door. Cassie comes to the door and tells him that he doesn’t have to knock because this is his home. He responds by saying “Except last night.” She apologizes to him and tells him that he was right about Will. She tells him that Will told her that he pushed Edmund on purpose and that he is not sorry. Cassie is upset and just wants to help her little boy. They both agree that Will needs help but Cassie is afraid of what’s going to happen to him. After Josh leaves Will come in and is looking for something in the drawer. He pulls out a pair of scissors and Cassie just stares at him with a shocked look on her face. After R.J. comes into the room saying that he needs the scissors, Cassie takes them away and says that she will get him a pair that is safer so that he doesn’t cut himself. After Will leaves the room, she pulls R.J. to the side and apologizes to him for when he got in trouble before because of Will. She tells him that if anything else happens with Will, for him to come to her about it. He says that he doesn’t want to get Will mad.

Marina is still trying to get Harley and Cyrus to back down from finding Phillip, but they just keep going over ways to smoke him out. Cyrus suggests that he use himself as bait, but both she and Marina are against that idea. As Harley and Cyrus walk off, Marina says to herself that Harley will be able to handle herself. Cyrus and Harley come back to the table and start brainstorming ideas about Phillip again. Cyrus is saying that he could take Phillip’s kids. They make up a story that they could tell to trap Phillip that includes dumping Marina. She tells them to drop it before someone gets hurt. Harley asks her why she is so against the plan and she says because of what happened with Phillip the last time. Marina reluctantly says that she is in on the plan so that Harley and Cyrus won’t work together without her around. Marina calls Remy to get him to come over so that they can see what they can get out of him. Once Remy realizes that it is a setup, he is ready to go, but Marina pulls him to the side and tells him the story that she made up about Phillip to try to get Harley and Cyrus away from each other. He agrees to go along with the story and tells Cyrus about Phillip to protect Marina. Remy and Cyrus leave and then Marina goes off to find Cyrus so that she can tell him the truth.

Jeffrey comes in the police station and Frank hands him some messages from Congressman Lampley, he is vacationing in San Cristobel courtesy of Edmund and wants answers regarding his accident. Frank leaves and then comes back with Edmund’s file and asks why Will’s name is scribbled all over the file. Jeffrey tells him that it’s nothing and after Frank leaves, he says nothing that he needs to know about yet. Josh comes in to see Jeffrey and asks how will things work when people start to find out that Will was involved. Jeffrey tells him that he will say that it was an accident because Will was trying to defend himself and his mother. Josh tells Jeffrey what Will told Cassie about the “accident.” Jeffrey tells Josh that this changes everything. Jeffrey tells him that Will may need professional help. Josh tells him that if they put Will in a medical facility that Cassie will feel like she is giving him away again. When Jeffrey asks him how he feels, he says that he fells like he has to defend his family.

Harley goes to see Beth to tell her about the plan to smoke Phillip out. She defends Phillip until Harley asks her what is going to happen if Phillip does come back and sees her pregnant with his best friends child. Beth agrees to do whatever she can to help. She tells Harley that she is sorry that it didn’t work out for her and Harley assumes that she means with Cyrus, but Beth is talking about Gus. Harley played if off by saying that Marina had to come first and she and Gus didn’t get to spend enough time together. After leaving Company, Harley calls about Zach to say that she will be there in a few minutes, but starts to freak out when she is told that Zach has already been picked up. She runs into Cyrus as she is looking for Zach and they take off together. After they get back to Marina’s, Zach calls.

Harley had forgotten about him going home with one of his friends. She is trying to figure out a way to get back in control of her life when Cyrus asks her what would it be like to lose control for once, she responds by saying “Dangerous.” They take a walk and she begins to feel better. She tells him that she needed Gus but not the way that she needs him...to keep her sane. He tells her that he is there for her and then they start kissing as Marina is about to enter the room.

Josh goes home to tell Cassie what they have to do to help Will. Cassie gets upset at the thought of sending him away.

Jeffrey meets up with Mel and they discuss him taking the D.A. job and how it affects both of their lives. She brings him a bag that has some of his things in it. After she leaves, he calls Frank to tell him to find a DVD player.

As Cassie is setting the dinner table, she decides to remove all of the knives from the table. She tells Josh that they can teach him to be a good kid, but Josh talks her into getting him some professional help. As Josh goes outside to take a call from Jeffrey, Cassie begins packing some clothes in a bag. Cassie takes Will up to the Bauer cabin to talk to him about everything that has happened and tells him that they aren’t going back until she knows that it is safe to bring him back home.

Josh goes to the police station to meet with Jeffrey and watch the security tapes from the clinic that Edmund was in. As they watch, they see Will push Alonzo into the circuit box and walk away like nothing happened.

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