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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/10/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

At the Lewis Construction trailer that exploded, Harley is checking out the scene when Cyrus arrives, they ask each other why they are there. Harley says it’s because of the cop in her and Cyrus says it’s the boyfriend in him. They talk about this case and that they are both just there checking things out for their own curiosity. Then Cyrus mentions that it could be possible that someone in her family could be responsible because Bill was about to bulldoze Company. Harley says that she hopes to find anything that will clear her family. Then they start to think of why there is so much glass on the inside instead of the outside. They get in each others way and then she says that she is trying to get him out of her head and that this case is going to be hers, not his.

At the police station, Frank gives Marina her gun and badge back and welcomes her back on the police force. Her first assignment is to look into the explosion at Lewis Construction to see if there was any foul play.

Coop looks at the newspaper article about the explosion and then leaves Company. He goes to the police station to talk to Frank. His intention was to tell him about the explosion but he lied and says that he was there to help Ashlee. He leaves and goes to Main Street where he meets Ava. He tells her that he will not come forward because if he goes to jail, then he can’t help Ashlee. He then asks her to take money from Spaulding so that he can get Ashlee out of jail. She says no, but she will give him some of her money and he tells her that she doesn’t have enough. Coop then goes to the police station and bails Ashlee out of jail with the money that was left over from Buzz’s campaign.

Lillian is at the hospital as Buzz shows up to check on Bill. He comments on how his election messed up so many lives with Ashlee in jail and Bill in the hospital, then he tells her about Bill blackmailing him. He says that now that he has made such a mess of the election that he will be losing some friends and then asks Lillian if he will be losing her. She says no and he says that he owes her some flowers for putting up with him.

Billy and Lizzie are in Bill’s hospital room with him talking about how he is doing when an officer comes in to take Billy back to rehab, they try to talk him into letting him stay with Bill a little while longer, but the officer says that Billy is lucky that he’s not facing charges for leaving rehab like he did. Lizzie stays by Bill’s side holding his hand. Bill wakes up and realizes that Lizzie is there with him, they have a few laughs and then she tells him that Billy was there most of the day. He asks what about her and she lies and says that she has been gone most of the time. Marina comes in to question him about the explosion, he tells her that it wasn’t an accident and that the blue print tube came flying through the window on fire which caused the explosion.

Buzz goes to see Billy at rehab, he asks about Bill and then says that he hopes that after all of this is over that things will go back to the way that they are supposed to be with their family getting along and Bill not coming after the Cooper’s. Buzz asks Billy if it occurred to him that this was not an accident and he said “No, not until now.” Billy tells him that he came to gloat about Bill getting what was coming to him and asks who would benefit from this happening to Bill. Buzz takes this as Billy accusing him of what happened, then Billy tells him that he should leave. Vanessa comes to visit him and tells him that whether or not it was an accident, it may have been a blessing in disguise. Before she leaves to go see Bill, she tells Billy that she needs him.

Marina shows up at the Lewis Construction trailer as Harley and Cyrus are coming out of it. She tells them that she is on this case and when Harley ask what Bill had told her. Marina tells Harley that she should check on Zach because she is thinking that Phillip may have been involved. Harley starts to freak out and immediately calls to get Zach. Marina and Cyrus head back to their room and she tells him that she shouldn’t have told Harley that. He tells her that it will be fine, but he doesn’t know that she lied to Harley to get her away from Cyrus. He then tells her that he wants to find Phillip to help Harley and everyone else that feels threatened by him feel better, Marina tries to talk him out of it, but it doesn’t work.

Rick comes in to check on Bill, him and Lillian remove the bandages from Bill’s eyes. Bill opens his eyes and is not able to see anything. Lizzie, Rick and Lillian offer to help Bill in any way that they can, but Bill refuses and wants everyone to leave.

Buzz tells Ashlee and Coop about what happened with Billy and then Coop tells him that he better not come after Buzz because he didn’t do it. Buzz leave to go to Main Street, then Coop tells Ashlee that he was the one responsible for the explosion. He tells her how he did it out of anger, but he didn’t know that anyone was in there. Then he tells her that he wants to run off with her.

Harley goes to the hospital to tell Rick about what Marina said. Then she tells him about the panic attacks that she has been having, but tries to play it as if they are something different. Then he gives her the name of someone that she can talk to. Cyrus and Marina come in and he tells her about his plan to smoke Phillip out. Marina tries to keep them from looking for him but then Harley says that she wants to do it.

Lillian goes to tell Buzz about Bill not being able to see. Buzz is worried about Billy thinking that he had something to do with the explosion.

When Lizzie comes back into Bill’s room, he tells her that he needs her to help get him out of there. She takes him to go see Billy and then Billy realizes that Bill can’t see anything. Bill tells him that he wants him to help find out who did that to him and help make them pay.

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