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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/9/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Billy and Reva talk about how Bill is doing at Cedars as he wonders aloud if there was anything that he could’ve done different. Reva says that you never stop wondering how you can save a kid.

Reva goes back home and pulls out pictures of Jonathan and Tammy. Then she takes out the locks of hair that Jonathan had cut himself when he was angry with Reva. She has flashbacks of the two of them fighting, when he saved her life with the bone marrow transplant and when his car went off of the cliff with him and Sarah in it. She puts the hair back in the box and gets out a picture of Will.

Josh wants to talk to Cassie about Will but she doesn’t want to talk about him, so she gets up and leaves. Josh hears R.J. scream and Josh rushes inside to see if he is alright, R.J. is watching a game on TV and tells Josh that the team just scored. Cassie comes in the room to ask Josh what he thought was going on and she tells him that she thinks sometimes that he wants Will to be problematic because saving people is what he does. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to make accusations against Will anymore and if Will did do anything that she will still defend him because he is her son. He tells her that she has to stop blaming herself, but she says that she doesn’t think that she will ever stop. She says that she understands why Josh is accusing Will but she is not ok with it.

He calls Reva to tell her that it’s time to put the plan into motion. Reva asks about Cassie and he says that she will probably never forgive him, but he has to do what’s right for his family. He gets Will and takes him to meet Reva. Reva asks Will to draw a picture for her and as he goes off to the other room, her and Josh talk about putting him into a school that will help him with his problems. Then they talk about trying to get a confession out of him and how Josh isn’t going to let Reva go to jail for pushing Edmund. Then Will comes back with the picture that he drew of his family, but it only had him and Cassie in it.

They all go to Company to meet Linda from the Fairmount Academy. She tells Josh that it is the schools policy that they meet with all of the child’s legal guardians, and then she asks about Will’s mother and Reva steps up to say that she is Will’s mother. While they are talking, Will calls Daisy to come to get him. As Linda continues to ask them about their home life, Josh slips up and talks about Reva. When Linda asks who Reva is, Reva says that she is and that Reva is just a pet name that he calls her. Then Mallet comes in and tells Reva that he needs to talk to her. Reva tells Linda that he calls her Reva too because they used to date. She tells Mallet that she will go to the police station to talk to him in the morning. Then Linda leaves and they see that Will has disappeared again.

Will is with Daisy at Main Street and she stops to talk to Rafe, they didn’t notice that Will took her keys out of her purse. Reva and Josh arrive looking for Will when Daisy comes over to tell them that Will has run off and taken her keys. Reva asks her about locking them in the mall and she admits that she was covering for Will. Josh asks her to send Will a text to meet her.

Josh goes to the church, Will comes in shortly after thinking that he is meeting Daisy. Will asks where Daisy is and Josh tells him that he asks her to text him so that he could talk to him alone. He tells him about Reva getting questioned by the police. Josh says that he won’t be mad about anything that Will tells him as long as it is the truth, then he goes over the events that happened the night of Edmund’s fall. He tells him that he knows where he was that night, then Will tries to run off but Reva stops him. Reva then tries to talk to him about what happened and he finally tells them about Edmund saying that he was going to hurt his mom and he couldn’t let him do that. Will says that he didn’t mean to push him and Josh told him that it’s ok. Cassie and Jeffrey show up in time to hear him confess. Cassie tells Reva to stay out of it as Jeffrey offers to take Will to the police station. Cassie tells Will that it will be ok and then tells Josh that she doesn’t want him to go with them to the police station. Reva speaks up to defend Josh and Jeffrey pulls her to the side to tell her that she shouldn’t get in the middle of this, but she brings up that he didn’t believe her about Edmund. Jeffrey, Reva and Will leave to go to the police station. Josh and Cassie talk about what happened and how she couldn’t believe that Will has been going around with this secret. Josh tells her about the school that he found for problem children and she says that Will doesn’t have problems and then asks if Reva was with him when he talked to the school representative, he says yes and she tells him that he should sleep in his office tonight. Josh then goes to see Billy.

At the police station, Mallet questions Will. Jeffrey and Reva leave the room and he asks her if they are ok, she says that she needs some time and then thanks him for going easy on Will. He asks if she thought that he wouldn’t, she responds by saying no and the difference between them is that she knows who he is.

Reva shows up at the church office to see Josh. They both think that Will’s confession was too convenient and that there is more to it than what he said. He thanks her for being there for him today.

Mallet finishes up with Will and comments that it is amazing that it took an eight year old to get Edmund out of their lives. Cassie and Will go home and she talks to him about always telling the truth. He tells her that it wasn’t an accident and that he wanted Edmund gone.

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