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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 1/8/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Gus and Natalia talk about the music for their wedding. Natalia tells him that they have both had weddings before and that she wants this one to be special and only about the two of them.

Frank picked Daisy up after her car died and as she was saying that she owed him, he told that they would call it even if she could get Buzz to smile. She tried but said that she wasn't very good at comforting people. Frank remarked that she really is Harley's daughter in that way. She was about to leave to go get Will and Frank asks what she thought of him. She remarked that he was different, but that she was too and that's probably why she gets him. Then she says that she just wants to make up for some of the mistakes that she has made, Frank and Buzz tell her that the mistakes are part of learning in life.

Rafe overhears this and tells Daisy that she doesn't have to make up for anything, that if she knows the right people that she can get away with anything. Rafe goes on to say that some people can get away with murder, like Ashlee. Daisy and Buzz defend Ashlee by saying that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Rafe can't believe that they would defend her. Daisy leaves to go get Will and Rafe remarks that Will is weird, but Daisy comes back at him and says that everyone can't be perfect like him. After she leaves, Rafe explains that he saw her car and thought that they could start over, but Frank and Buzz tell him that he should've just brought flowers.

Olivia is leaving from her doctor's appointment when the nurse asks her if she is alright. Olivia tells her that she was kind of hoping that she was misdiagnosed and that she is actually fine. Alan walks up to her and tells her about the accident that Bill was in. Then he asks her what's wrong with her, since he saw her talking to the nurse, she makes up a story and quickly changes the subject by asking what's new with him and Natalia. He says that he has plans for Natalia later that day and then he catches onto how Olivia feels about Gus, saying that she could never resist a Spaulding man. She responds by saying that Gus is the best one of them all.

Alan meets up with Natalia and tells her that he wants to get something for Gus to patch things up between them and he needs her help to do that. He then tells her that she is living her life in the past by some of the things that she does, like calling Gus Nick and picking old songs that her and Gus used to listen to for their wedding. She tells him that their wedding is about the future, not the past.

Gus goes to see Olivia to see what the doctor said. She tells him that she is showing no symptoms but she is still sick. Then she tells him about a nightmare that she had about Phillip, to get his sympathy. He tells her that no matter what happens with Phillip or Alan, that he will be there for her and Emma, that he would even step in as a father figure if he needed to. She can't believe that he would do that for her.

Emma comes in and Gus looks at a Spanish book that she has and says that Natalia could help her with that and that Emma should meet Natalia. Gus calls Natalia to get her to come over to help Emma with Spanish. Olivia faints and after she comes to, she asks Gus to stay, but Natalia says that she sees right through her scheme and calls Olivia on her always wanting to spend time with Gus. Natalia and Gus go outside to talk and Alan tells Olivia that he had almost forgotten how good of an actress she is. Emma comes in and Alan tells her that if she ever needs anything to come to him and he will get it for her.

Gus tells Natalia that if she has a problem with Olivia that she could tell him in private instead of being mean like she did. She tells him that she does have a problem because Olivia wants him, she tells him to cut her loose and that she doesn't trusts her. He tells her to trusts him because it takes two. Then she tells him that she is not the same girl that he used to know and if he wants to marry her that he should get to know who she is now.

Back at Cassie's house, her and Will are having hot chocolate when he asks her why Josh hates him and loves R.J. She tells him that he loves him just as much, but he says that he treats other people better than him...like Reva. Then he asks if Josh loves Reva. She tells him that Josh loves a lot of people. Daisy shows up to pick up Will and Cassie mentions to Will that she might clean his room later and asks if there's anything that she should leave alone, he says no, since he had already gotten rid of the buttons.

Mallet finds Edmund's buttons in Reva's purse and begins questioning her. Josh tries to defend her, but the evidence says it all. She tells him that she must have been set up. Josh asks Mallet if they can do this another time because of Bill being in the hospital. Mallet responds by asking Reva to come down to the police station. She goes and Josh decides to go with her. Josh gets ahold of Mel to have her present at Reva's questioning. She tells him that she didn't push Edmund and she doesn't need Josh to come to her rescue. He tells her that he thinks that he can bring in the person that is responsible for pushing Edmund. Josh leaves to go talk to Cassie. Mallet then asks Reva if Josh was going to come back and claim that he was the one that pushed Edmund. Then Jeffrey shows up and starts questioning Mallets actions, then gets Reva alone to talk to her, after he tells her that they will come back later, she thinks that he thinks that she is guilty. She reminds him that she has revealed a lot of secrets to him and why would she keep it from him if she was guilty. He asks her how the buttons got into her purse, she says that Josh thinks that they were planted there. Jeffrey then talks about how Josh can only see the good in Reva but not in Cassie. Reva then thinks that Jeffrey feels threatened by Josh. Reva tells him that she doesn't need his help, that she can handle this on her own.

Daisy goes back to Company to get Will something to eat. Rafe is still there and says that they should talk, she says not until he grows up. Rafe couldn't believe that she has been talking to Will about things and she tells him that Will is easier to talk to and more mature than he is. As Daisy is talking to Will, he confides in her about Josh saying bad things about him.

Josh gets back home and explains what has happened with Reva. Cassie gets defensive about Will and tells him that she couldn't believe that he would sacrifice Will for his ex-wife. She says that she doesn't know what to believe but she is not going to lose another child. As Josh is walking around Main Street, he spots Will holding onto R.J. and R.J. is telling him to let him go. Josh grabs him and then R.J. told him that they were just fighting over the football, then Daisy says that they were just playing and that he needs to cut Will a break, but as she and Will were walking off, Will turns around and looks at Josh with a smirk on his face.

Daisy brings Will home and Will tells Cassie about what happened on Main Street, then Daisy says that she believes Will. Josh tries to explain what he thought was going on. Then he gets a call from Reva. He tells her that he thinks Cassie is in denial and that Will is manipulating her. Reva tells him that she believes him. Josh tells her that if Cassie won't do anything that he will have to. Back inside the house, Will packed a bag and told Cassie that he is going to leave before Josh can send him away like he did to Edmund. Cassie hugs him and tells him that he isn't going anywhere as Will smiles to himself.

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