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Guiding Light Update Monday 1/7/08

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(DA’s Office) Jeffrey greets Reva with a kiss when she arrives to see him and explains that he wanted to ask her if he should take the district attorney job. Reva thinks he should take the job because it obviously makes him very happy. Jeffrey doesn’t think he can live by rules and uphold them like he did when he had the job at one time. Reva tells Jeffrey that one of the things she loves about him is that he lives by his own rules. Reva realizes she just told Jeffrey she loves him and begins to feel awkward so she tells Jeffrey she wants to go say Hello to Frank.

(Farm) Josh arrives home from his trip and Cassie is glad to see him but Will doesn’t respond to Josh when he says hello to him and just goes upstairs to his room. Josh admits to Cassie that his trip had nothing to do with church business and that he went to San Cristobel to see Edmund. Josh tells Cassie that Edmund woke up from the coma and called him and said enough to him to let him know that Will caused his accident. Cassie refuses to believe such a horrible thing about her son and insists that Edmund was trying to provoke a fight between them and has succeeded in his effort. Cassie is hurt that Josh believes Edmund and refuses to believe a little boy who he claims to want to be his son.

(Rehabilitation Center) Billy and Dinah sit at a group therapy session but Dinah doesn’t want to share her feelings with the doctor. Billy does want to share his thoughts and admits he wanted a drink on New Years Eve because he feels he is to blame for the wrong Path his son Bill is on and he is very worried that something will happen to him.

(Main Street) A drunk and angry Coop sets fire to the Main Street project blue prints and throws them into the Lewis construction shack unaware that Bill is inside working. The shack catches fire and explodes Lizzie arrives a few minutes after the explosion and calls 911 to come right away because Bill is hurt. Bill awakens and sees Lizzie and tries to get up but she tells him to lie down until the ambulance arrives to help him. Bill loses consciousness for a little while but Lizzie wakes him up again because she was told she must keep him awake. Lizzie calls Billy to tell him about Bill’s accident and asks him to meet her at the hospital because Bill needs him. The doctor is annoyed that Billy broke the no cell phone rule and when Billy tells Dinah about Bill’s accident she checks herself out of the center. Billy asks for permission to leave for a few hours but the doctor says he can’t allow it even if he wanted to because he is there because it is court appointed treatment.

(Main Street) Coop continues to get drunk and tells Ava that Ashlee fixed the election and is at the police station and could possibly go to jail for a long time. Ava throws Coop’s new bottle of booze in the trash and hears sirens coming closer then she gets a call telling her there has been an accident on the main street construction site. Coop figures out what he did and wants to go tell Frank but Ava tells him everyone is going to think he started the fire on purpose. Coop tells Ava he had no idea that anyone was in the construction shack. Ava takes Coops hand and takes him to the Beacon so that they can figure out what to do.

(DA’s office) Jeffrey and Reva are surprised that they are not running away or scared of the word love and in the end they decide it’s just a word

(Farm) Cassie refuses to hear anything else that Josh has to say and asks Josh to let the police handle things. Josh suggests that they search Will’s room for the missing buttons from Edmund’s shirt that the police wants to find Josh hopes that this is going to help Cassie believe that Will needs help. Will holds the buttons in his hand while he tries to think of the next step in his plan. Josh and Cassie are unable to search Will’s room because Billy calls Josh to tell him about Bill’s accident and ask him to go to the hospital since the doctor won’t let him out of rehab. Josh and Cassie grab their coats and Will insists hat he wants to go to the hospital too because he likes Bill and is worried about him.

(DA’s Office) Reva gets a call from Josh informing her about Bill’s accident and she heads to the hospital. Jeffrey gets and urgent call from Ava and heads to the Beacon to help his daughter.

(Rehab Center) Billy pleads with Dinah to help him escape so he can go to the hospital and see Bill because he thinks Bill is going to need his father with him. Dinah decides to help Billy and distracts the doctor so Billy can sneak out of the center.

(Beacon) Coop is surprised that Ava called Jeffrey to help him but she points out that he is going to need a lawyer. Jeffrey explains to Ava that he just took the job as district attorney and Ava pleads with him to delay his appointment because this is her chance to get Coop back in her life. Ava blurts out that she can’t lose Olivia and Coop at the same time. Jeffrey wonders why Ava would lose Olivia but Ava says she just meant that Olivia has been distant with her lately. Jeffrey advises Ava to call Mel so that she can help Coop and then leaves reminding his daughter they never had this conversation.

(Hospital) Lizzie tells Bill not to open his eyes because he has medication on them to try and help the burns. Bill thinks Lizzie is happy to see him in pain because of the fight they had earlier. Bill’s pain medication finally works and he falls asleep. Lizzie tells him that she was coming to see him because she wanted to apologize for their earlier fight. Lizzie thinks that if she hadn’t locked Bill out of his room in his underwear the accident never would have happened because he would have been home safe. The doctor arrives and asks Lizzie to leave because she isn’t family. Josh, Cassie, Will, Vanessa, and Dylan arrive followed a few minutes later by Billy and Dinah. Lizzie explains to everyone that she went to the construction site looking for Bill and when she came around the corner and saw the explosion.

Lizzie tells Everyone Bill has burns on his arms, hands, and other parts of his body but they wouldn’t tell her much because she wasn’t family. Will screams for Cassie and tells her he saw a man on a stretcher that looks like Edmund and that he misses him. Will asks Cassie to take him home because he doesn’t want to be at the hospital. Cassie tells Josh to stay with the family and she will take Will home. Billy asks Lizzie if the police have arrived yet because he thinks one of Bill’s many enemies may have done this to him.

(Beacon) Ava puts two pills in Coops drink while he is calling Frank to check on Ashlee. Coop is upset because Ashlee could go to prison for a long time because her mother isn’t going to help her. Ava thinks Coop should wait until tomorrow too go to the police and gives him the drink with the pills in it. Coop takes a sip then stops saying he doesn’t want to make any more mistakes and if he got drunk they would just end up in bed. Coop thanks Ava and tells her he must handle his problems alone.

(Hospital) Dylan follows Dinah outside and she admits that she is worried about Bill because his life is going to change now just like hers did after her accident. Dinah admits that she wishes she had died because she hates living this way. Josh tells Reva that Edmund called him and said Will pushed and he went to San Cristobel to see if Edmund would tell him more but he is in a coma. Josh tells Reva Cassie doesn’t believe his suspicions about Will and she says that is only natural because she is Will’s mother. Reva wonders what Josh is going to do about Will.

(Farm) Will tells Cassie he doesn’t want to go back to the scary hospital so Cassie promises he won’t ever have to go back to the hospital. Cassie goes in the kitchen to make Will some hot chocolate and Will plays with his little toy men saying that good prince Will is going to get rid of the evil stepfather then Will walks over to the phone and using a voice distorter calls the police to tell them he has information about Reva Shayne’s suspicious activity.

(Police Station) Coop arrives to visit Ashlee who is being moved to prison because they set a high bail that she can’t pay. Coop promises to figure out a way to pay her bail. Ashlee cries as she says good-bye to Coop before they take her to prison.

(Hospital) Billy sits by a sleeping Bill’s bedside and tells him that he warned him if he kept down the wrong path people would want payback. Billy promises to help get his son through this crisis.

(Outside the hospital) Mallet arrives and sees Dinah crying Dylan explains that Bill has been in an accident and Dinah has been a rock for him because he is a mess. Mallet tell Reva he has a court order to search her purse, house and car because they got an anonymous tip that she caused Edmund’s accident. Reva tells Mallet she is innocent and gives him her purse to search. Mallet finds the buttons from Edmund’s shirt inside Reva’s purse.

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