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Guiding Light Update Friday 1/4/08

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Written by Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Harley is in Company having a panic attack, she tries to reach for her phone, but it falls off of the counter. She is finally able to get to her phone and calls Marina. 

Marina tells Cyrus on their way back to their room that she hated to drag him out of Company like she did, but she really needs to find her grandpa. Cyrus tells her that they will help him any way that they can and not to worry because they are in this together. The phone is ringing as they are trying to get into their room, but as soon as Cyrus gets to it, no one is there. Marina leaves the room and then the phone rings again. 

Ashlee walks into the police station and even though Buzz tells her not to, she confesses to Frank that she is the one that fixed the election. Coop doesnít believe that she did that and that she is just trying to help out Buzz. Frank tries to take her to another room so that they can talk, but then Doris walks in and begins making a speech about how the person responsible will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and leniency wonít be tolerated just because a family member is involved. While she is speaking, Buzz tries to get her attention and then she asks why is Ashlee there. Coop is saying that she is leaving, but Ashlee is protesting. Ashlee says that she had to come to the police station to tell them about fixing the election because Buzz didnít deserve to be in jail. Doris isnít buying her story and thinks that Coop put her up to it. After Frank tells Doris to listen to her daughter, she tells him that he should be thinking about a new career. Ashlee tells her to stop going after the Cooper family. Doris doesnít think that it sounds like something that she could do, but then Ashlee reminds her of how she met Einstein. Ashlee told her that there was only one thing that she didnít count on and that was for a brief amount of time, Doris became human. Coop and Buzz tell Doris not to let this happen to Ashlee, but Doris sticks by her word and says that nothing has changed just because Ashlee is her daughter. As Frank tells Ashlee that anything she says can be used against her, she tells him that she wants to say that she would do it again, only she would do it better. Coop stops Frank from taking Ashlee away so that he can have a minute with her. She says that she is sorry that it didnít work. He told her that she shouldíve come to him first and now he doesnít know what to do to help her. Ashlee tells him that she will be fine. After Ashlee is put in a cell, Coop asks Frank what he can do to help her, but he tells Coop that there is nothing that he can do and it doesnít help that she has a prior record. Coop storms out of the police station feeling helpless. 

Lizzie and Bill are kissing heavily as she tells him to tell her that he is committed and that she is the only one for him, he turns it around and says that he is committed to getting her clothes off. Lizzie tells him that they have the sex part right, they just need to get everything else right, too. She takes off into the bathroom and tells Bill that she wants his pants off by the time she comes back out. When she comes back out, she tells him that they need to mix it up some, that she doesnít want to have sex in the bed, then she suggest outside. After she gets him to agree to it, they go out, only she gives him a push and then closes the door to lock him out. She then tells him that he was just using her to get what he wants and that he only cares about himself. Bill begs her to let him back in but she gets dressed instead. He jumps off of the ledge so he can get back in another way. She then finds his wallet on the floor and pulls out a newspaper clipping of herself. Bill is trying to get in his room just as Doris comes around the corner. They are talking about their day as Coop comes to talk to Doris, but Bill grabs him and tells him ďDonít even think about it.Ē Coop breaks loose and tells Doris that she shouldnít just stand by and watch Ashlee go to jail and that people arenít going to let her bulldoze his dadís restaurant. Then he says that he gets why Doris is the way that she is and then asks Bill what happened to him, then he leaves. 

Cyrus was asked by Dinah to meet with her. She tells him that for rehab, she need to come up with a list of names of people that she needs to make amends to and wants him to help her. He tells her that he will not help her because he would be listing the crimes that he has committed. She tells him that he should make a list also and that Marina should be the first one on there and then asks him if she knows how he feels about Harley. He pretends to not know what she is talking about. Dinah tells him that she thinks that he and Harley could be good together, but he responds by saying that ďThere is no me and HarleyĒ before leaving. 

Marina show up at Company to help Harley. She takes Harley outside to get her to calm down. Harley tells Marina about the panic attacks that she has been having since the collapse of the church. She tells her that she didnít want anyone to know, but she didnít have anyone else to call, then Marina tells her that she will be there for her. Harley tells her that Cyrus knows and then Marina understands about how they have acted lately. Marina tells her that she has always looked up to her, then Harley tells her that she hasnít felt so good about herself lately, not only about the panic attacks but other things too. Buzz calls Marina and tells her that he is about to give a speech on Main Street and that she and Harley should be there. Buzz, Marina and Frank start to get prepared for his speech, but Harley stays back. Then Cyrus shows up and she tells him that Marina helped her today and he realized that it was her that called and didnít say anything earlier, she told him that she was trying to reach Marina, not him. He seems upset that she didnít want to talk to him. A photographer takes their picture and asks if Cyrus is her boyfriend, but Marina comes up and says that he belongs to her. Harley asks Marina if she sent the text from Cyrusí phone and she admits to it. Harley tells her that there is nothing going on between them and the he is with her. Marina tells her that she is not the only one who sees things, but Harley says that she loves her and would not try to take a man from her because that is just wrong. 

Lizzie goes to the hospital to visit Billy and overhears Dinah talking to some people in rehab about relationships and how it can be complicated but still work out. Then Lizzie leaves rehab to find Bill. 

Coop gets drunk, breaks into Lewis Construction and takes the plans for the Main Street project. 

Back at the police station, Ashlee is being fingerprinted when she asks the officer if he can tell Coop that she is ok, but he says itís against the rules. As the officer is leaving, Doris stops him and asks that he take very good care of her daughter and that some of the other prisoners might want to get at her because she is her daughter.

Buzz gives his speech and apologizes to everyone for his mistakes while trying to become mayor. While Buzz is giving his speech, Coop tries to see Ashlee, but is turned away. He then goes back to Lewis Construction and decides to set the Main Street plans on fire, then throws them through the window, not knowing that Bill is inside. Coop leaves and Lizzie shows up to see Bill, just as she is walking up to the door, the office explodes.

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