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Guiding Light Update Thursday 1/3/08

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Written by Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Marina came back home to surprise Cyrus, he told her that he got her reinstated as a detective, she responded by saying that him and Harley can now have what they want, which is to run the agency without her. 

Ashlee finds Coop to talk to him about what happened with Buzz. When Coop tells her that he has to go talk to Frank, she wants to go with him, but he told her that he doesnít want her to get hurt by coming between their families. 

Doris goes to the police station looking for Frank to get him to investigate the election and to announce that she was just sworn in as the new mayor. While there, Bill comes in with flowers for her and they discuss the Main Street plans. She tells him that the plans are not enough, that she doesnít want Company left standing. Doris and Bill have a press conference about the election when Frank comes in and tells her to get out, she then talks to herself about changing the color of the uniforms for the new Chief of Police. Doris runs into Ashlee and after taking a few pictures with the press, she lets Ashlee know her plans for Main Street and the Cooperís both going down. 

Lizzie tells Ava that Billís not boyfriend material, then Ava says that she doesnít need a man in her life to fill a void and that she is happy to have Coop. Lizzie asks her if Coop knows that she is having meaningless sex with Bill and Ava comes back at her by asking if Bill knows that she is so into him. After Ava left, Lizzie gets the maid to let her in Billís room so she can find out what heís up to, but instead of snooping, she picks up his shirt to smell it, then reminds herself to have self control. Lizzie finds Bill to tell him that She wants him to drop the Main Street project and if he does that she will be there for him. He tells her that he needs her to tell him that she wants to be with him and mean it. Then Ava comes in and Bill tells her that he is dropping her for Lizzie. After Lizzie asks him how much of his conversation with Ava was real and how much was for show then they go back to his room. 

Harley and Buzz talk about the election being fixed and Buzz turns the conversation onto Harley by telling her that he saw her and Cyrus. She explains that there is a little something between them, but that nothing happened. She then asks him how he could throw away his dream, he tells her that although he really wanted it, that he wanted his family more. Then an officer comes to get Buzz to take him to the station. Frank is waiting for him there and starts questioning him, but Buzz doesnít tell him anything. Then Frank tries to blame Coop because he is smart enough to be able to fix the election. Doris shows up and she and Buzz have a talk about how she could get the town to like her, she says it doesnít matter because she is going to tell the D.A. to throw the book at him. 

Back at Company, Marina and Cyrus get there to find Buzz. As she goes upstairs to find him, Harley comes out of the other room, she lets Cyrus know that Buzz thinks that they are having an affair and that itís best if they keep their distance. Cyrus gets upset  and tells her that it was nice knowing her, then apologizes and just as they are comforting each other, Marina walks in. Harley plays off her being upset on everything that has happened with Buzz. After Marina and Cyrus leave to go to the station to find Buzz, Harley breaks down inside Company, this time with no one to help her. 

Ava and Ashlee argue about Coop and the election. Ava tells her to tell Coop what she did and Ashlee tells Ava to tell Coop that she held it over her head. 

As Coop and Frank are arguing about who fixed the election, Ashlee walks in. Even though Buzz tells her not to, she confesses that she was the one that fixed the election.

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