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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 1/2/08

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Buzz is talking to himself about how he feels bad for winning the election when Zach tells him not to be mad that he cut school to see him get his crown for being mayor. Buzz received flowers from Bill and then called Marina to find out if she found out if the election was fixed or not. Then he goes to Harley’s house to find Cyrus.

Inside at Harley’s. she wakes up to find that both she and Cyrus are naked and neither of seem to know how that happened.

At Ashlee’s room, she is talking to her dog about Buzz winning the election and how she couldn’t let her mom win and she can’t let Ava win either. Her mom shows up to ask her opinion about what to wear to the inauguration.

Ava and Bill are in his room discussing the inauguration and how they will both get what they want from the situation. She goes to Company  and runs into Coop, she tells him how excited she is about today and kisses him.

Bill has come to talk to Buzz about the Main Street project. He tells Buzz that he made a wise decision by hiring Doris, to keep his enemies close, but Buzz tells him that Doris is not a enemy, that he sees the good in her. Bill lets him know that he knows that Marina is trying to find proof that the election was fixed. Buzz tells him that he might wipe the smile off of Bill’s face, Bill counters by telling him that he will then go to Doris and get her to do what he wants and he will be on the first bulldozer to flattens everything including Company. Buzz then goes to Company where Frank, Coop, Lillian and Ava are waiting to start the inauguration. They begin talking about how Doris’ plans for Main Street are done, as Buzz yell’s for them not to gloat.

Harley goes back to the bedroom to find Cyrus, but he is gone. Cyrus is back at Marina’s room when he runs into Buzz. Buzz asks him to keep Bill away from the ceremony today. As he is leaving, Buzz runs into Mallet, who tells him about Einstein being a hacker that was let go free by Doris. Mallet says that the election was going to be fixed but it was called off.

Buzz finds Ashlee at the church, she wishes him well before she leaves for the wedding that she says she was going to. Then Marina calls to inform him about Einstein fixing the election, but she hadn’t found out for who yet. Then Zach called to get Buzz to go by Harley’s to find the tie that he left behind. When he gets to Harley’s, he lets himself in and then hides when Cyrus shows up. He overhears Cyrus and Harley talk about seeing each other naked.

Later, Doris is going over Buzz’s speech and tells him that there is not enough of him, the person that everyone loves, in the speech.

As Ashlee is walking into Company, Ava spots her, and gets her to go back out reminding her that she will blow the whole thing for her and Einstein if she doesn’t stay away, what Ava didn’t realize is that Buzz was watching the whole thing. After Ava goes back inside, Buzz goes out to confront Ashlee about what she did. He tells her that he can’t let Ava or Bill hold it over their heads.

At the inauguration, Buzz daydreams about Harley and Cyrus being together, Ava and Coop being together and Doris telling Ashlee that she is nothing to her. As he is giving his speech, he realizes what has to be done and finally tells the truth about the election being fixed. After he leaves, Doris tells everyone that if she is mayor, that she will make sure that whoever is responsible will be punished.

Buzz goes back to Company and tears apart everything that has to do with the election.

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