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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/28/07

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Written by Tanya
Pictures by Dora

After Harley gets out of the elevator, Cassie walks up on her and Cyrus holding each other. Harley and Cyrus explain to Cassie about the panic attacks that Harley has been having since the church collapsed on them. After Cyrus leaves to go talk to Frank, Harley and Cassie talk about Cyrus and how Harley was embarrassed that Cassie saw them.

Coop borrowed Ashlee’s room key and put a dress in her room for the inauguration. Doris had suggested that he get a personal shopper to pick out the dress. Coop thanked her and Ashlee couldn’t believe that her mom helped Coop do something for her. Doris then tells Ashlee  that she is enjoying her new job with Buzz and that she thinks that she can learn some things from him. Ava comes over after Doris leaves to tell Ashlee that she wants her to make Coop take her to the party or she will tell what she knows.

Josh talks to Will about why he was so surprised that he made it home on Christmas Eve night. Will tells him that he was happy that he wasn’t there and that he just wanted to be with his mom, not Josh. Cassie and Daisy come in as Josh is questioning Will about locking them in the mall when Daisy confesses that she did it because Reva misses Josh. When Will goes outside with Daisy to say goodbye to her, he thanks her for covering for him, she tells him that he owes her and that he can’t keep pulling stunts like that because she can only cover for him so much. Inside Cassie is fussing at Josh for blaming Will.

Cyrus talks with Frank about getting Marina back on the force. Buzz tells Cyrus how grateful he is for everything that he is doing for Marina. Cyrus meets back up with Harley as she is speaking with Spaulding Enterprises’ lawyer, they both found out that their divorces are final...on the same day. They both get drunk and then go back to Harley’s house to go to bed.

At the hospital, Edmund wakes up long enough to say Saint Mark’s.

Ashlee lies to Coop about why she can’t go to the party and suggests that he takes Ava.

Josh visits Billy at rehab and tells him about Will, then he tells him that he felt guilty about what went on at the mall with Reva. Josh then goes to the church for his meeting where he receives a phone call from Edmund, all Edmund can say is “Will...pushed.” Jeffrey shows up in Edmund’s room, hangs up the phone and turns off the I.V.

Cassie suggests to Will that they go surprise Josh and R.J. Will fakes a fever by putting the thermometer in his hot chocolate so he and Cassie can be alone. 

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