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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/27/07

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Cyrus and Harley go to question a maid about stolen laptops and agree to have a drink together afterwards.

Gus is comforting Olivia when Natalia spots them. She listens to them for a minute before letting them know that she is there. After Natalia and Gus leave, Olivia sees Ava leaving Bill’s room. Ava tells her that she and Bill have slept together. Olivia is okay with that and tells Ava to “Consider Bill as part of her inheritance.” Ava tells Olivia that she is happy that they found each other. Ava convinces her to call Gus and Olivia lies about the wedding planner coming over to get Gus away from Natalia.

Rafe tells Natalia that he heard her cry at night in the past hoping Gus would come back to her. Then the wedding planner comes in and Natalia realizes that Olivia lied to get Gus to come over to her room. She then goes to Olivia’s room and calls her on her lie. After Gus gets her to calm down, they leave and Olivia takes a better look at Natalia’s dress.

Harley meets Roc Hoover as her and Cyrus are doing surveillance and then she literally runs into Gus and Natalia. Gus tells Harley the wedding will be in January. Harley freaks again as she is getting out of the elevator and then tells Cyrus to lock her in so she can face her problem. As she is locked in the elevator, she sees a snake and tries to get Cyrus to let her out, but he doesn’t believe her. After a kid tells Cyrus that he lost his snake, he then opens the elevator, apologizes and takes Harley into his arms.

As Bill and Dinah talk about their plan to find out what Billy’s been up to, she reminds him that he doesn’t need to get distracted by Lizzie. Dinah and Billy talk about being in rehab and he tells her that she is gonna be fine “because in rehab, everybody’s damaged.” Billy then opens up about putting Dylan in charge of the company with Lizzie as  number two in charge. Dinah immediately calls Bill to fill him in. Dinah gets Dylan alone to try to get him to trust her.

Lizzie is still thinking about the kiss that she and Bill shared when he shows up with flowers and then tells her that she is fired. She is freaking out and trying to push him out of the room when he tells her that “it’s the golden rule not to mess where you work”, she responds by saying that she hates him for making her care and that he can’t fire her because she is quitting. After talking with Dinah, Bill goes back to see Lizzie and tells her that he “Only fired her because he was scared of the way he feels about her.” Lizzie throws him out and then gushes to Roxie that she is all that Bill can think about.

Ava talks with Roc, they have a nice conversation until she tells him that Jeffrey is her father, then he disengages from the conversation and leaves.

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