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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/26/07

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Written By Beth
Pictures by Dora

Lizzie is watching a video on her computer of her doing a WSPR report mentioning Bill Lewis. After she leaves and runs into Dinah. Dinah says she is in the same rehab the  as Bill. Lizzie says can she visit. Dinah says no then she says she has a movie that goes on in her head about her thoughts on her life. Lizzie says it'll stop as soon as you stop the pills. Lizzie then goes window shopping and talking to herself about it. She sees a mom, dad and baby and still is talking about it (voice-overs). Talking about Jonathan trying with her. Still talking to herself she winds up at Company?? and sees Bill there trying to get any woman's attention, and not having any luck. Lizzie is shocked when he comes her way with a newspaper. He got wind of her report. And is not happy. He slaps down on the table the newspaper. He says enjoying yourself?  Lizzie says she thinks the headline is rather nice. He rants and raves about what the article says about his love life, drink, etc. He says he didn't sleep with her to get to the top. Lizzie says, "No you stole my project and outed your dad as a drunk." Bill says he is drunk. Lizzie calls him names... He fires her from the Main Street project, because he can't trust her anymore after she sold him out. "You can answer phones," he tells her. Later Lizzie visits Billy in rehab. She brought him gifts of lavender to promote relaxed awareness. Billy says she better take it herself. Through television and newspapers, Billy knows of her report and wonders what she was doing. She insists that someone had to take Bill down.  She tells Billy that Bill called her drunk and easy, that they could take him on. Back at Company? Dylan shows up with a businessman. Seems Billy gave Dylan Power of Attorney. Later Lizzie is arguing with Dylan about how she's changed and that yes she was a screw-up with Jonathan and other guys. Lizzie then runs into Vanessa. Lizzie asks her if she is ok with what Bill did to her. Vanessa says he's a good man, just that he's in the dark at the moment. Lizzie then says if a guy has no morals to do this to Dinah or Maureen. Vanessa says no. Vanessa says Bill is a good man, just going through a tough time. Lizzie tells Vanessa that Bill is using her as bait to get clients and she is threw. Later Lizzie cannot believe her eyes and ears when Vanessa gives Bill hell. Threatening rehab if he doesn't shape up. Vanessa asks him who he is? Because it's not her son.

Then Lizzie is at the Towers bar. A man comes on to her very heavy. Bill sees it, interrupts her and then lets it go on. She later is in a room going through Bill's clothes when she is caught by Beth! Beth says this isn't good. Lizzie agrees and says it isn't. Beth say she should get a lesson from Break In 101. Beth says she'll help her clean up. Lizzie says she shouldn't because she is pregnant. Lizzie goes on ranting about Bill. Beth wants her to stop before she starts acting like Philip. Lizzie says she was being a good person helping Billy, Bill. Beth agrees. Beth says Lizzie was hurt, by Jonathan. Beth asks if Sarah would be proud of her behavior. Then Bill arrives as Lizzie runs out. Beth is standing in the middle of Bills room with Bill in shock. Lizzie is outside on a roof. She goes almost to the edge of this roof. Meanwhile she is talking to herself about how she wants things to be. Then Bill arrives on the roof and sees Lizzie. Bill grabs her before she falls. Or that is what he thinks would have happened. He gets angry at her about being on the edge. Lizzie reminds Bill about a discussion they had about being on the edge and taking a breath. That is what she was doing. Bill says lets go. They wind up back at his room. Lizzie says she wants to go back to hers. Bill stops her. He starts bundling her up. She wants to know what he's doing. He then sets up his bed so she can lay down and warm up. He lays beside her and they talk about the incidents at Company and Towers. And they also talk about hurt. Lizzie says after her father did what he did, she is done hurting people. Lizzie is talking to herself in saying she needs a translator with him. Then Dinah barges in and catches them together. Lizzie is alone and not happy. Later at Bill's Dinah is giving him a talking too. Dinah doesn't like what her brother is doing. Lizzie visits Billy again. Billy says it's obvious that Bill gets to Lizzie. Lizzie isn't sure she wants Bill in her life.

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