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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/24/07

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Cassie is getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner as Will is drawing a picture of Josh, Reva and R.J. together while mumbling how they can be together as a family and he and Cassie will be a family. Cassie assumes that the picture is of her, Josh and R.J. and tells him that he needs to draw himself in it too. 

Josh and Reva talk about being locked in the mall, while trying to keep R.J. happy. Josh explores the mall to try to find others that may be locked in also. R.J. finds a Christmas display in the mall and decorates it some more while Josh and Reva take a trip down memory lane discussing their past Christmases together when Shayne calls to wish them a Merry Christmas. Reva, Josh and R.J. make their own Christmas together. Shayne calls back after getting disconnected and asks them to play Christmas music for him and then Reva and Josh begin to dance.  

Beth is locked in the mall and hungry, then Alan shows up and says that it must be a Christmas miracle being locked in with her and she responds by saying, “More like a nightmare before Christmas.” Then they share an intimate moment as Beth sees what Alan has bought for her baby. Alan explains to her that he was on his way to the jewelry store to buy a gift for Natalia and then went right pasts the jewelry store and into the baby store to get her and the baby something instead. He is telling her that he can’t shake her and the baby when Beth has a contraction. Alan takes off to find her some help. He comes back to get Beth and they try to find some help.

They run into Josh and Reva and tell them what’s happening. Alan says that the ambulance is on the way, but Beth says it’s not going to make it in time and asks who is going to deliver her baby. As Josh and Alan try to get out of there, Beth tells Reva that she wants her to deliver her baby. 

As Gus is looking around for people that have been locked inside the mall, he finds Olivia, who is in a dressing room wearing hardly anything because her seamstress has taken her dress before the lockdown happened. After she gets dressed, they found a bottle of champagne and start drinking as they look for a way out. After they go to the top of the staircase, Olivia is out of breath. Gus tells her that it’s going to be alright because he is there for her and that he is not going to let her die. Olivia tells him that when she is in his arms that she believes that and then they kiss. They start moving again and run into Josh, Reva, Alan and Beth. Gus says that he delivered Jude and takes over to help Beth. Then Rick and Jeffrey show up only to find out about Beth going into labor when the contractions stop. Everyone says their goodbye’s and go home.  

Lizzie, Ashlee and Daisy talk about this year and how it has not been a good one. Then they go raid the snacks in the mall while talking about their wishes.  

Josh and R.J. get home and Will almost lets it slip that they were supposed to be locked up in the mall. Josh fills Cassie in on everything that happened. Then they all get ready for Josh to read the Christmas Story. As he is reading, Beth, Rick, James, Jude, Lizzie, Ashlee, Daisy, Reva and Jeffrey all come in to listen to the Christmas Story.

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