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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/20/07

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Written By Beth
Pictures by Dora

Billy and Lizzie are talking about their "relationship." Billy wants it purely professional and Lizzie is fine with that. Then Billy says that in 28 days he's taking back Lewis Oil. Coop and Ashlee are having a good laugh about themselves.  And having some fun. He leaves and Ava comes by and wrecks the good mood Ashlee is in. Lizzie stops Bill in the hotel hallway, and they take off. Ava tells Ashlee she knows she rigged the election so that Buzz would win. And can prove it. When Doris visits Buzz, Lillian is also there. Lizzie lays it into Bill until he answers his phone.  Lizzie wants to leave, she feels stupid being there. Bill assures her she isn't and tells her to stay while he takes a shower. Coop sees Doris at Company. This after Lillian tells him what transpired. He doesn't go to Doris, Ava stops him with a question not even dealing with the election. Lillian goes to talk to Doris about Buzz. Lillian tells Doris to leave Buzz alone. Doris mentions the Spaulding men. Lillian says after years of dealing with the Spauldings, she can handle him. Mallet and Dinah are in bed together, then he gets up. They continue to talk about being fair with each other. Dinah says Mallet made her a better person, but there are things she has to do on her own. Lizzie asks Bill what he's up to. She asks about Company. He says it's going to stay where it is. Then the discussion moves on to Billy and his stint in rehab. Bill doesn't seem to care. Lizzie mentions a project Bill stole and rants about belonging and that with Bill she feels she belongs with him as a friend. He's stunned. She asks Bill about the holidays. He asks her about what she did. She tells him about when she was little with Philip and Beth. Bill tells her about him as a kid. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Lizzie at first goes into hiding. Then when she sees it is Ava, she takes off babbling. Buzz talks with a man who is treating him like a waiter until Doris tells the guy off, telling him that he's speaking to the Mayor-Elect. In Billy's hospital room, Dinah, Vanessa, and Bill are there. Dinah says she knows Vanessa lied to her about Matt. Dinah slipped a note to Vanessa. Dinah tells them she wanted to hurt them but is not telling them this because of Billy; she is also checking into rehab. Buzz thanks Doris. She says that's what he hired her for. Later Buzz gets some unsettling news from Mallet. Ashlee can't believe Coop found her. Coop says he's been looking all over. Ashlee doesn't want Coop to make her laugh. He does hug her though. After Mallet finally gets off the phone, he tells Buzz that he and Dinah are making their divorce final. Bill is watching with delight Lizzie's interview concerning Lewis Co. Then she tells the interviewer what Bill did to her in stealing notes, and what he did to his father. Bill doesn't look pleased.

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