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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/19/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Dinah is frustrated and angry when Mallet makes her sell Christmas trees for the police station. Dinah is determined to spread her hate around to all. Harley is frustrated as well but about a much different problem. Her roof is leaking again and it destroyed the tree she and the boys put up last week. Now she has water dripping, decorations scattered everywhere. Cyrus and marina invite Harley over to their place to make phone calls and hang out. Harley is reluctant but agrees. She leaves within minutes f arriving feeling very uncomfortable. Harley goes home to face her mess.

Alone with Marina Cyrus tells her of Christmas in Australia and his mother. Recalling Christmas memories of his mom, Cyrus is reminded of Harley. Marina goes to Harley’s to help her out. They discus having trust and faith in people. Cyrus runs into Dinah who is still in a foul mood despite conning a woman out of her coat. Matt didn’t help her already humbug mod by admitting he and Vanessa weren’t back together. They agreed to lie to Dinah because it was the best thing to help Dinah get a hold of her life. Dinah is enraged and hurt that Matt lied but even after coming clean he won’t take her back. Dinah throws a fit tossing trees everywhere.

Cyrus has a renewed outlook on life and love and shares this with Dinah. At first Dinah dismisses Cyrus’ cheer of good will until she sees the selfish Aussie do something quite selfless. He turns down a great deal of money from Alan for Harley’s sake. Maybe there is hope for people Dinah realizes after Cyrus turns right around and purchases a tree for Harley and her boys. Dinah is so enlightened that she offers to deliver the tree and go one further she is going to give back. Rather than sell the trees she was assigned she gives them all away spreading and encouraging love and peace.

She begins by bringing a tree to daisy at Company. Earlier just before Rafe was going to give Daisy and answer when she asked if he would give them a second chance Dinah interrupted. Dinah put Rafe down calling him a fool and telling daisy she didn’t need to act like someone else for Rafe or jump through hoops. He should accept her as she is and he will screw up one day too. Daisy really thinks and sees Dinah is right, she walks away from Rafe. Rafe follows and just as he is apologizing and it appears they may have a new start Natalia and Gus walk in. Natalia jumps all over them demanding that Rafe go home and leave Daisy alone. Daisy lashes out sticking up for herself and her mother. Just to put Natalia in her place daisy thanks Gus for the flowers he sent to Harley. Natalia gets angry and storms out.

Gus and Natalia were at Company to warm up after having a fight at the Christmas tree lot. Natalia picks out the tree she wants but Dinah won’t sell it to her. She claims that tree is reserved for Harley. Gus grows concerned and offers to drive the tree over making Natalia quite jealous. After the tree incident at the lot and now learning that Gus sent Harley flowers Natalia is furious. Natalia goes to work. Gus follows and makes light of her jealousy claiming he is there to visit Olivia his friend. Natalia and Gus argue. Dinah comes around the corner plopping a tree down right between them claiming it is for them both. Peace is made and they decorate their tree together.

Rafe and Daisy make peace and he admits he was not just angry with her but mainly with himself. What Dinah said really got to Rafe and he is sorry he hurt Daisy and wasn’t there for her. They decorate the tree together at Company.

Cyrus and Dinah drag a huge tree into Harley’s living room claiming Santa accidentally delivered it to Cyrus’ place. Harley is so touched. Dinah can see the chemistry and feelings between the two. When Cyrus goes home to Marina to decorate their first Christmas tree together Dinah has faith maybe it was meant to be for Harley and Cyrus.

Last but not least Dinah pulls a short stubby tree into the police station for Mallet. She admits that she gave all of the trees away rather than selling them. Mallet takes Dinah and kisses her. He begs her to please not give u on them because they have each other right now in this moment. Dinah kisses him back and genuinely smiles for the first time in months.

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