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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/18/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Olivia asks Gus to have diner with her after her doctor’s appointment. Gus regretfully has to turn the invite down because tonight is suppose to be his first date with Natalia. Feeling jealous when Gus leaves Olivia phones Towers and uses her clout to have Gus’s reservation cancelled. When Gus learns they can’t accommodate his reservation he goes out of his way to recreate his and Natalia’s real first date. Gus arranges for a police officer to set up a candlelit picnic in one of the jail cells. Natalia loves it.

For her big night out with the love of her life Natalia borrowed a sexy dress from Ava who was more than happy to help the maid out. When Olivia visits Ava and discovers that Ava is helping Natalia to impress Gus she flips out. Ava doesn’t understand then she sees Olivia has feelings for Gus. Olivia breaks down in tears and explains the truth about her bizarre behavior lately. Ava is horrified to learn her mother that she just found is dying and there isn’t anything doctors can do to save her. Both mourn Olivia’s future or lack there of and bond. Olivia explains it isn’t love she wants from Gus she just wants time and friendship with him.

Natalia returns the dress to Ava who is rude to her now eager to help her mother. Ava warns Natalia Gus is a Spaulding and with the Spaulding men one woman is never enough. The comment doesn’t help Natalia’s already jealous tendencies.

Cassie and Josh are having problems agreeing on what is the best way to deal with Will and face his problems. Cassie doesn’t believe Will has problems, or at least not the kind of problems Josh thinks that Will has. Josh can’t face another argument with Cassie blindly defending Will. Daisy drops by asking if Josh and Cassie will hire her to baby-sit Will and RJ. Cassie would like to help the girl out and she does need a babysitter but Josh has reservations leaving Daisy alone with Will. Josh covers but Cassie knows he is fearful for Daisy’s safety.

Daisy goes to Reva who happens to be in the company of Will on main Street. Will ran away to seek Reva out. He begs her to help him. Trying to drive a wedge between Cassíe and Josh Will produces an old photo album and tells his aunt that Josh looks at it when he fights with Cassie. The photos inside are from the many years that Josh and Reva were together. Daisy tells Reva and Will the good news about her babysitting gig. Will isn’t happy about it at all until he learns Daisy can drive. Suddenly will lights up and is all over Daisy. Daisy drives Will home so Reva can go talk to Josh. They remember what it was like being parents of young children. Reva and Josh laugh and remember the good times. Reva wants to help Josh through his troubles with his step son. Josh admits there are problems but he doesn’t go into great detail.

Cassie and Will talk through what it is Cassie believes is troubling Will. Will is afraid she will send him off again. Cassie promises never to do that ever again. They have a sweet heart to heart until Cassie mentions going to find Josh. Will doesn’t want to but Cassie explains they both owe him an apology.

When Will and Cassie walk into the church they find Josh and Reva hugging and laughing. Will turns to Cassie in hopes that she is upset.

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