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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/17/07

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Reva talks with Marah on the phone about coming home for Christmas, both Marah or Shayne will not be able to make it. Jeffrey and Reva pick out a Christmas tree that has already been bought by someone else, as Reva goes to find another, Jeffrey offers to pay the man double for the tree that she wants.

Josh asks Will if he was in the loft when Edmund fell. Will avoids the question and then goes running into Cassie’s arms saying that Josh is saying bad things about him and how he only misses Edmund.

Marina tells Remy that he is wrong about whatever he thinks is going on with Harley and Cyrus. Remy then shows Marina how Cyrus was holding Harley and tells Marina that she needs to mark her territory before it’s too late. Marina tries to make it seem like Cyrus is just a flirt and then starts to get upset.

Cyrus and Harley talk about how they should feel bad for their feelings for each other, but they don’t.

Reva tells Jeffrey that she knows what he was up to and that she thinks that the whole thing that has happened with Edmund has made him miss his past.

Josh tells Cassie about James getting pushed at the play and he thinks that it’s possible that Will could have been the one to push him. He also asks Cassie if she realizes that they did not know where Will was when Edmund fell. Cassie tells him that he is not seeing the best in Will and Josh then tells her that maybe she’s not seeing the worst. She tells Josh that Will doesn’t need to be abandoned, that he needs love. Josh apologizes to Will but also lets him know that if anything else bad happens while Will is around, he will be watching. Cassie calls Jeffrey to come over so she can apologize to him, then she asks him if he thinks Edmund falling was an accident. He tells her that Edmund was alone in the loft.

Cyrus and Harley have another tender moment when Marina walks up behind them. Marina makes it a point to bring up that she and Cyrus are moving in together. Marina lets Harley know that she trusts her and respects her opinion. Later, Harley is happy to get a text message from Cyrus, but then seems worried when he asks if she thinks Marina suspects anything. She answers by saying “No, what’s to suspect?”, but she doesn’t realize that Marina is the one that sent the text.

Josh talks with Reva about Will while Will is listening close by. He tells her that he thinks Will did push James and that he doesn’t think that they can help him until they face the things that he has done.

Will sneaks out of the house and follows Reva to Main Street. He tells her that Josh needs her. 

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