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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/14/07

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Written By Tanya
Pictures by Dora

Josh and Cassie sit down with Will to remind him that his Uncle Edmund will be going back to San Cristobel for good. Will responds by wanting more cookies.

Buzz talks with Marina about Bill blackmailing him. Marina tells him to let her figure it out before he decides to tell anyone else about the election being fixed. Doris takes her frustrations about losing the election out on Buzzís campaign poster.

Harley and Cyrus wrestle a man to the floor that they think is Phillip, but it turns out that itís actually Remy. Harley then spots the package that he was carrying with Zackís name on it. When she opens it, it has Phillips old high school lettermanís jacket inside.

Beth and Mel have a nice conversation about Rick and raising their children. They also talk about Autism and how mothers should be more informed of what to look for if their child does have Autism.

Mallet has to escort Doris to jail for assault after she attacks Buzz.

After overhearing Cassie, Josh and Frank talk about Edmundís situation, Will disappears. Cassie and Josh go to look for him, while Josh wonders if Will might have overheard them discussing Edmund.

Remy tells Harley and Cyrus about how he ran into Phillip and how he misses his kids. That Phillip wanted to give them the things that he wanted them to have.

Lillian dismisses the guard outside of Edmundís room so he can go take his break and turns up the intercom in his room. As soon as she is gone, Will enters the room and turns the intercom all the way down. He is standing beside the bed when Josh comes in and asks what is he doing. Will tells him that he is saying goodbye to Edmund. Josh reminds him that he left without saying anything to anyone and Will responds by saying that he didnít think that they would let him come. They then leave to go back home.

Cassie runs into Beth and tells her that Will is missing and to look out for him. Beth shows Cassie drawings that Will did and left at school. Cassie interprets them as feelings of abandonment towards her for leaving him when he was little.

Marina visits Mallet at the station and they discuss Doris and if the election is legit. Buzz brings Doris some cake. Marina tells Mallet to let his concern about the election go so that the problem with Doris will just go away.

Remy doesnít give too much information to Harley and Cyrus about Phillip, then he defends him by comparing him to things that Alan has done. Harley expresses her concern over Phillip and Cyrus comforts her. During this tender moment between them, Remy trips over the trash can outside after spying on them.

Buzz drops the charges against Doris for assault.

Josh has a heart to heart talk with Will about what has happened to James and Edmund since he has been back home. He asks if Will pushed Edmund. Will tells Josh that he doesnít want to talk to him anymore and when Josh tells him that they will talk about it when his mom gets back. Then Will tells him that he will never try to come between him and his mom, ever!

Buzz is hoping to shut Doris up by getting her to work for him. Meanwhile Mallet makes a call asking about rigging an election.

Cyrus admits to Harley that he has had feeling for her since the cave-in. They decide that they are going to move past the feelings that they have and then they shake on it.

Remy tells Marina to open hers eyes before Harley steals Cyrus away from her.

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