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Guiding Light Update Thursday 12/13/07

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Written By Eva
Pictures by Dora

(Hospital) Buzz arrives to tell Billy that Bill is blackmailing him with some information that could hurt a lot of people. Billy is upset that Bill is doing something so wrong but he warns Buzz if he messes with Bill he messes with him too. Buzz asks Billy to send Bill away or persuade his son to change the direction his life is going because at this point he is the only person that can do it. Buzz gets a call from Coop who tells him the Governor wants to talk to him and that many other people have sent congratulatory e-mails to him. Coop reminds his father not to be late for his party but Buzz is too preoccupied to think about the party. (CO2) Ashlee is nervous and jumpy and can’t deal with the guilt she feels when Coop tells her she was brave to support Buzz and not vote for her mother. Coop gives Ashlee a kiss and tells her Buzz couldn’t have won the election without her help, which makes Ashlee feel even guiltier.

(Beacon) Ava wonders when Bill is going to tell everyone that Ashlee fixed the election Bill tells Ava that he intends to take his time and use the information to blackmail Buzz into giving him the contract for construction on Main Street. Bill also advises Ava to use the information as leverage to get something she wants and Ava can’t believe how much Bill has changed since he left town.

(Harley’s place) Harley has another panic attack while decorating her house for Christmas and calls Cyrus for help but when she hears Marina’s voice in the background she changes her mind about asking Cyrus for help and tells him to give Marina the phone so she can talk to her. Harley tells Marina she is going to Zach’s basketball game and she is closing the office today so she and Cyrus can take the time to do something fun. Marina hangs up the phone and tells Cyrus the news and they agree to meet later for a romantic day because Cyrus has a case to follow up on now so he gives Marina a kiss and leaves the room. (CO2) Coop continues to check that things are ready for the party, as a depressed and crying Doris arrives in a jogging suit no makeup and messed up hair. Ashlee tries to console her mother by telling her she will be able to find another job but Doris says she was born to lead and doesn’t know how to do anything else besides she can’t even get her old job back as DA because it has already been given to Jeffrey. Doris is depressed because her own daughter didn’t even vote for her and begins to cry as she leaves the room.

(Hospital) Bill arrives to talk to Billy a few minutes after Buzz leaves and Bill wonders if someone has been telling him bad things about him. Billy asks Bill not to hurt Buzz or his family because they are good people. Billy also tells Bill that he told Buzz not to go after him because he would always defend his son even against his friend. Billy makes it clear to Bill that if he finds out he has done something bad he will settle his hash himself. (Beacon) Buzz arrives and tells Marina that Bill is blackmailing him because he found out someone that he cares about fixed the election so that he would win. Marina wonders what Buzz will do if the information is true and Buzz tells him that at first he considered giving the job back to Doris but then he thought about all the good he could do for the city and now he has no idea what to do. Buzz asks Marina to investigate the allegations to see if they are true so that he can be better informed when he makes a decision. Marina tells Buzz that she is on his side because being with Cyrus taught her that sometimes you have to do the wrong thing for the right reason. (Harley’s house) Zach arrives and Harley does her best to cover he panic symptoms for Zach’s sake. Zach asks her to look for his basketball uniform and tennis shoes. Zach gets a call from Philip who wants to know if he got the new Tennis shoes he sent him and Zach says yes and promises not to tell Harley that he called him. (CO2) Coop tells Ava he feels sorry for Doris and that it must be hard for Ashlee to see her mother in so much pain. Ava reminds Coop that the better person won after all it wasn’t like the election was fixed.

(Harley’s house) Cyrus arrives and Harley admits that she had another panic attack but had to cover because Zach was in the house. Cyrus notices that Zach has new shoes and Harley asks where he got them. Zach doesn’t want to tell Harley because she will get mad. Cyrus asks Zach if the shoes came from Philip and if he received them at the gym. Zach says yes and that Phillip will be at the basketball game so he has to wear the shoes. Harley gets a little nervous and upset but decides take Zach to the game and confront Phillip Cyrus goes with Harley and Zach to the gym just in case she has another panic attack.

(Beacon) Coop consoles Ashlee who cries because her mother is in so much pain. (Main Street) Marina goes with Bill to Company because she wants Bill to buy her a hot Chocolate so she can talk to him. Bill Knows that Buzz sent her to find out if the information is real. Bill tells Marina that the information is very real and he intends to make sure it gets out unless Buzz gives him the construction contract for Main Street. (CO2) Ava confronts Ashlee and tells her she has proof that she fixed the election. Ashlee Cries a little and asks Ava not to make the information public for Buzz’s sake. Ava says she likes Buzz too so she will keep her secret but Ashlee must be ready to do a favor for her some day.

(Main Street) Cyrus wonders if Harley ever misses Phillip and she admits she misses the good parts of him she fell in love with when they got married.

(CO2) Coop tells Buzz that the Governor is coming to his swearing in ceremony because he is excited about Buzz’s after school program. Bill arrives to talk to Buzz and Buzz sends Coop inside to finish getting ready for the party. Bill tells Buzz that he is willing to compromise and leave company in tact and revise the plans for Main Street if he gives him the construction contract. Bill reminds Buzz he could do a lot of good for Springfield and gives him until January 1, to make his decision. (Main Street) Harley tells Cyrus that she feels like she will never be on solid ground again and that she will never get passed the feelings of being trapped in the church. Cyrus says he feels the same way and has tried to talk to Marina about his feelings but she just wouldn’t understand unless she had been trapped with him. Cyrus and Harley almost kiss but hear and see someone approaching and when the person comes near Harley tackles him to the ground.

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