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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/10/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Cyrus runs to Harley’s emotional rescue again and again. Cyrus desperately wants to reach out to his friend and help her. He knows the feelings, thoughts, and troubles Harley is struggling with and can’t imagine the additional pain she deals with every day. First Gus and his inconsiderate marriage proposal to Natalia on thanksgiving day then Phillip looming as a threat out there. Harley shuts down after she admits that there is more going on with her than just her problems and the collapse of the building. Harley finally tells Cyrus she is struggling with other feelings besides being trapped and her ex-husbands. Feelings for him. Cyrus doesn’t know how to respond and now Harley is embarrassed and regretting saying anything. Cyrus returns to the couch but this isn’t good enough he thinks Harley needs more than he can offer.

Marina and Mallet are playing drinking games keeping each other’s minds of their work and personal problems. Cyrus calls Marina asking her to come to the house. Marina rushes right over. Cyrus explains the problems Harley has been having, leaving out Harley’s confession of feelings more than friendship towards the Aussie. Marina feels horrible he didn’t notice and wants to help her only aunt who has always been there for her. Harley claims there is nothing wrong with her trying to put up a tough front but Cyrus and Marina are sick of Harley carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders for everyone else.

Marina goes up to check on the boys while Harley makes the couple sandwiches for them to take home with them. Cyrus admits she wasn’t the only one who had thoughts about other things other than being trapped. For some reason this doesn’t make Harley feel any better.

With marina off to help Harley mallet goes to the hospital, supposedly off duty even though he had been drinking and is on official business. Mallet asks Rick questions about Edmund’s fall and his medical records. Not wanting to appear difficult or guilty Rick gladly hands over Edmund’s medical records but is suspicious of Mallet’s questions even though the detective says he is off duty.

Mallet steps outside and phones Beth. He asks if he can ask her a few more questions about Edmund’s fall and Rick’s behavior and whereabouts.

Reva and Jeffrey find themselves retreating to the same place. The church looking up at the choir loft that Edmund fell from. They sit in silence. Reva finally speaking first, making a joke. Jeffrey feels he must go on the defensive and defend himself, his thoughts and feelings, as well as his actions. Jeffrey knows he isn’t Josh and frankly doesn’t want to be. Jeffrey has and never will let anyone he loves or cares about get hurt, especially by someone like Edmund or Alan. He sleeps well every night because he knows he does the right thing and he doesn’t hurt innocent people but Jeffrey does understand that Reva may need to be with someone that doesn’t do what Jeffrey does when pushed to it.

Reva begins to cry she feels horrible for the way she judged Jeffrey when he has never judged her for all she has done recently or in her life. And she knows he isn’t Josh but she also is glad. Josh would have and couldn’t have ever protected her and her secrets, have understood what she has been going through, has helped her with more than one vital issue in her life, been there for her and Jonathan. Reva doesn’t want Jeffrey to be there and Reva cares for him and likes the great man that he is. She begs tearfully for Jeffrey to forgive her. Jeffrey agrees on one condition. He leans over and whispers in her ear bringing a smile to Reva’s face.

They leave to go home together and Reva tells him that she doesn’t care if he did or didn’t push Edmund, she knows the kind of man he is. Jeffrey stops her pulling her into him. I didn’t shove Edmund he tells her honestly.

With each passing moment Josh’s life begins to snowball into lie after lie, secret after secret. With a heavy heart about the day’s events and his thoughts and feelings towards his stepson Josh comes home to find Cassie is motherly bliss reading to Will on the couch. Cassie sends Will off to bed. Josh asks if she knows where Will was when Edmund fell. No she doesn’t and Cassie feels even more guilty for not paying more attention to her son. Josh mentions seeing James at the hospital but doesn’t disclose what it is he is thinking about Will. Will returns wanting a another story. Cassie agrees. Happily she sits with her son on the couch reading to him. Will pretends to drift off to sleep. Cassie looks at Josh asking if he knows how happy she is at this moment. RJ comes into the room and immediately becomes jealous and feeling slighted when he sees a skateboard on the couch. He asks about it and Cassie claims it was an early, special present for Will because he has been through so much. I love with her boys Cassie playfully tells RJ that if he looks there may be a special early present for him from Santa. RJ is thrilled and runs off to bed again. Will’s eyes pop open in jealousy that Cassie gave RJ a gift as well. He pretends to wake up and turns to Cassie telling her he doesn’t mind about Edmund’s accident. She is his best friend now. Cassie is so touched.

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