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Guiding Light Update Friday 12/7/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Mallet wants Marina’s help with his most recent case. What happened to Edmund. Marina knows that Mallet has a less that favorable history with Edmund and asks if he really wants to get to the truth or would rather just call it an accident. Mallet admits he really doesn’t care if Edmund dies but there is just something funny about this case that he can’t shake. Reva, Jeffrey, and even Rick are all acting very peculiar and too quick to call it an accident. Mallet can’t hang around and talk any longer, he gets a call for an home invasion and robbery.

Dinah rushes to meet Bill at his room. He is drunk and unhappy about the way things have gone since he returned. Bill has a mark for her. He wants his one-time thief sister to break into Andrea Daniel’s home and steal some bids on a big time real estate deal. No problem Dinah is happy to help and be treated like she is normal.

Bill waits nervously at Towers for his sister to return with the stolen information. Dinah arrives but has company. Mallet is with her. He lectures them both about the dangers had it been another cop that found Dinah in Ms. Daniels’ closet. Dinah is flippant getting catty with her husband. Bill is a bit more insulting and to the point as he defends himself and Dinah telling Mallet to buzz off. Mallet gets so angry he punches Bill who fights back. A fight ensues. Dinah breaks them up she is angry at Mallet. She tells him to stay away from her brother and her. Dinah accuses Mallet of hating anyone who treats her normal.

At a table as Bill hold ice on his lip Dinah proudly produces the spreadsheet Bill had wished to acquire in addition to a swanky pair of shoes she swiped while in the closet. Bill is proud of her. Bill and Dinah make a pact. Everyone is out to get them but together they will get everyone first. Dinah feels alive and normal again.

Marina and Cyrus begin to enjoy a lovely evening together after Cyrus helped Harley interview Gus about Phillip. The interview was on the terrace at Towers. Gus tries to talk about family and the boys but Harley can only grip the side of the wall and hope Gus doesn’t notice. Gus notices and asks but Cyrus covers for her. Cyrus sticks by Harley’s side as her protectorate. It gets on Gus’ nerves but he lets it go. Cyrus doesn’t like the way Gus has treated Harley throughout their separation. As Marina is trying to get frisky with Cyrus he asks about Philip and if he is a real danger to Harley and the boys. Marina doesn’t think so but he could be. They begin to play only to be interrupted by a knock. It’s Alex and she has come armed with divorce papers and a promise. Alex promises to tell immigration the marriage was real because to her it was. Marina and Alex exchange a few quips and Alex makes a speedy exit. Marina and Cyrus are ready to celebrate. Cyrus wants to step out and get Champaign but he has left his wallet in his jacket at Harley’s. Cyrus plans to pick it up on his way to the liquor store.

Harley comes home upset after seeing Gus and having a near panic attack. She and the boys decorate and prepare for Christmas. They open Christmas cards first. Harley finds a post card that simply reads “Don’t bother looking , you’ll find me when I come.” She gets scared. Locking the door and keeping a close eye on what is going on outside. They continue their festivities until Harley hears something outside. She grabs her service revolver, and sends the boys to hide upstairs. Throwing the door open she finds it is only Natalia who tripped walking up to the door. Harley doesn’t feel like hearing anything Natalia has to say but lets her in. Natalia wants to clear the air before she and Gus get married. Harley certainly could care less and dismisses Natalia supposed act of kindness.

Harley and the boys get back to decorating the tree. They have a really good time until it comes time for the star to be placed on top. Harley grabs the ladder and climbs to the top but the short trip up a few stairs is too much for her. She freezes. Luckily Cyrus is knocking at the door. Zac lets Cyrus in and he passes Harley’s episode off as a game. The boys play along and they get Harley down. She is very shaken, realizing this wasn’t an isolated incident. Cyrus is understanding and comforting. Harley is almost in tears as she expresses she only wants to feel safe and secure again. Cyrus calls Marina without explanation as to where he is and tells her not to wait up. Cyrus promises Harley he is there for her and will stay the night.

Olivia promises Natalia if she wanted Gus she would have already had him. It isn’t her Natalia should be worried about it is Harley. Gus still loves Harley and always will. Olivia won’t fire Natalia because she actually feels sorry for her. Natalia goes to Gus with her insecurities. Gus promises there is nothing going on between him and Olivia it’s just business. While Natalia is worried that Gus may not care for him the way she loves him Gus is checking up on Olivia and going to doctor appointments with her. Gus is determined to get Olivia on the to p of the transplant list. Olivia asks if they can talk about something fun and exciting. Gus brings up his wedding but he doesn’t sound enthusiastic. He asks for Olivia to help him to do something special. Olivia closes her eyes and speaks from the heart, she describes a all white wedding on the beach. A wedding to signify new beginnings and fresh starts. White foods, white wine, flowers, clothes. Everything all white. Gus doesn’t think that would be Natalia’s style.

When the wedding planner arrives to go over wedding ideas with Olivia she scratches all of the planners thoughts and insists all white. She gets inspired turning the wedding into her dream. Olivia chuckles to herself, “I’ll just make it my wedding.”

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