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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Josh accepts his charge in the church while standing proud and taking ownership of the pulpit, as Edmund and Will argue above in the choir loft. Will will not allow Edmund to hurt his mother. When Edmund claims he is the only one who loves Will, the child is enraged, reminded of Alonso claiming the same thing. When Will makes an odd comment referring to fixing Alonso for good Edmund grows concerned and curious for his beloved nephew. Edmund looks away to see what is taking place below. Suddenly Edmund’s lifeless body lay at Josh’s virtuous feet. The crowd is shocked by the mass of man that they all hate. Reva and Jeffrey stand at opposite sides of the room exchanging guilty and knowing glances. Neither will admit to his or her own involvement but believes the other is responsible. Josh screams out for Rick who is no where to be found. Finally, Rick appears and assists in treating Edmund.

The scene is chaotic and everyone tries to make sense of what has happened. Beth wants to know where Rick had gone off to but there is no time to answer he is needed as a doctor. The EMT teams gets Edmund to the emergency room, there Rick is released from his duty as Edmund’s primary physician. Rick doesn’t like it.

Jeffrey and Reva go to Towers for a drink. There they tip toe around the truth. Rick meets them. Together they agree on a story that will keep everyone in the clear. Word for word that cannot, they must not deviate from the story decided upon. It’s a good thing they have gotten third stories straight because Detective AC Mallet is hard at work on the case. Rick tries to avoid questioning with one excuse after another but does comply when he is with Reva and Jeffrey. Their stories seem too similar, to exact, too rehearsed Mallet notes but doesn’t make an issue of it now.

At the hospital Will slips into be with Edmund’s body. Will talks to Edmund not sorry for what he did. Edmund should not have wanted to hurt his mother. Edmund’s eyes open. He is weak and too injured to speak. Mallet tires to get some hint as to who pushed Edmund or if it was an accident but Edmund can’t answer or will not answer. Cassie is very concerned about the effect this will have on Will who is already struggling emotionally. She tries to shield him from the situation but Will is more in tuned to what is going on than she knows. At home Josh tells Cassie that he took Jeffrey off the Edmund case and made some calls to take care of the tyrant . Josh is determined to keep him and his family safe from Edmund but is not willing to allow him to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Will is listening though Josh and Cassie believe he is upstairs resting.

Gus and Natalia enjoy a day out Christmas shopping and making plans. Natalia tells Gus over lunch that she wants to set a date to be married. Gus is a little nervous about making it official with a date but calls Olivia so they can begin making arrangements at the Beacon.

Olivia and Emma decorate for Christmas. Olivia is anxious to get in to see her doctor for some more tests while keeping the truth from everyone, especially Emma. While taking a call in the hall so Emma will not over hear, Bill stops by. He has Christmas gifts for Emma and wants to visit with her. Olivia says no and until he straightens up he cannot see Emma anymore. Olivia lectures Bill on being a good attentive father. If he cannot commit to Emma 100% then he cannot be a part of her life. Bill leaves the presents and walks away.

Olivia confides in Gus that she has an appointment with the specialist while he and Natalia are in her room looking at wedding books. Gus insists that he go with her to the appointment. Olivia waits for Gus in the hall. Gus makes and excuse for Olivia needing to jet then lies to Natalia claiming he was called into work. Natalia is disappointed but understands. Gus tells her it is okay if she stays and looks at the books. When Gus is gone Natalia realizes she doesn’t want to look at the wedding ideas alone and leaves. When Natalia steps into the hall she sees Gus and Olivia slipping away together. She is suspicious about the strange behavior and lies.

Natalia runs into Alan whom she tells of the odd incident. Alan warns her not to trust Olivia because Gus is the only Spaulding man she hasn’t sunk her claws into. Meanwhile, Gus is at the hospital with Olivia. He makes her smile to get through the nervousness. When the doctor arrives with grave news Gus uses his influence as a Spaulding to get Olivia placed high on the transplant list. Olivia likes being taken care of by her new friend.

Gus also runs into Alan after he had spoken to Natalia. Gus tells Alan to give up he has lost Natalia. Alan grins claiming “I don’t lose” Natalia is waiting outside Olivia’s door. While Olivia is unlocking the door Natalia orders, “Leave Gus alone.” Olivia is startled and tries to make Natalia see it truly isn’t what she is assuming.

After visiting Olivia Bill decides to stir up more trouble, specifically with Lizzie. Bill swoops in and steals a business deal from Lizzie. The business woman is young and attractive and Bill uses this to his advantage in many ways. Bill dismisses Lizzie as though she were a mindless secretary rather than an equal. Lizzie goes to Vanessa asking that she help reel Bill in before it is too late.

Bill has the young woman in his room, they are undressed down to their under garments and popping the cork on a bottle of Champaign. Vanessa knocks. She can hear Bill inside so she lets herself in when he doesn’t answer. Everyone is startled. Bill thinks it is funny. The girl gets upset when he can’t remember her name to introduce her to his mother. The business woman gathers her clothes and storms out. Vanessa leaves promising to speak with him later. Lizzie is pleased with herself for ruining Bill’s conquest. Bill thinks Lizzie only did it because she was jealous, then he kicks her out slamming the door in her face.

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