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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 12/5/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Today is the big day for Will and Josh, unfortunately neither know just how big. Will is happy that Edmund will be at his pageant and Josh is happy Edmund will finally be leaving for good. Jeffrey has one more surprise for Reva, Edmund won’t be leaving after the ordination ceremony he will be leaving during the pageant. Reva doesn’t think that is a good idea but Jeffrey insists they need all the help they can get and the element of surprise is a huge help.

Rick doesn’t want to go to the pageant knowing Edmund will be there but no matter what excuse he comes up with Beth insists on going. As a precaution Rick takes his medical bag that is stocked with the syringes like the one he used to render Edmund unconscious at the hospital. At the church Rick tucks the bag away under the pew but it isn’t long before Edmund spots it but decides to tuck that bit of info away until he needs it.

Before the family and Edmund had left the farm house, Edmund gave Will a slip of paper with a plea on it. Edmund instructs Will to read it just as he is about to take his final bow, and when he does, make sure he makes eye contact with the Reverend Rutledge and turn on the water works. Will tucks the note away and promises to do just as he is instructed.

As members of the church and Josh’s supporters gather, so do a few enemies, one of which that only makes Rick’s day worse. Alan Spaulding arrives with Bill just as they planned. Billy catches them just as they are entering the door. Billy tells Bill that this isn’t the place to stir up any trouble. Bill doesn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the situation around and make it look as though Billy is treating Bill bad and unfairly. Bill leaves but Alan slips in and catches up with Beth. Rick doesn’t like that Alan is speaking to Beth and he is really incensed when Alan hands Beth an envelope. Rick snatches the card from Beth but Alan takes it back from Rick correcting him on the contents. It was simply a get well card for James.

Jeffrey and Reva wait and watch from the back of the room to keep an eye on Edmund after he tried to escape from Reva’s house but the guard stopped him. Edmund makes his way around the room as if he doesn’t have care in the world. When the pageant begins Edmund takes his seat next to Rick. Alan is seated next to Beth. Jeffrey and Reva take their place directly behind Edmund. Rick is upset by Alan sitting next to Beth and the two bicker in a whisper.

Suddenly Jeffrey and his guard snatch Edmund up and tell him it is time to go now. Leading Edmund out the entire scenario is spelled out for Edmund. Edmund tries to under Jeffrey’s skin but Jeffrey has better ammunition, Edmund is going to be executed. Edmund becomes enraged. Jeffrey walks away as Edmund is hysterically drug off. Jeffrey returns to the church .

While Jeffrey was gone, Will noticed Edmund was no longer in the audience and screams out for his uncle. Will won’t go on and insists on speaking with Edmund. Josh explains it is time for Edmund to pay for the things that he has done. Cassie can’t stand that Will is so upset and pressures Reva for a number to contact Edmund at. Reva won’t hand over a number but does explain why it isn’t possible to reach Edmund any longer. Josh and Cassie are immediately concerned this isn’t what they wanted to happen at all. Josh wants desperately to stop things before they go too far. Josh can’t take vows to live a virtuous life when he is responsible for someone’s death. Cassie tries to calm Josh though she is worried as well but Josh is willing to miss his own ceremony to prevent harm coming to Edmund. Josh tells Jeffrey is they do this none of them are any better than Edmund. Jeffrey can live with that.

Will is angry with Cassie asking why she lied to him. Will is heartbroken the only person he loves and is his friend has been taken away again. Rick discovers the syringe is missing from his medical bag. Reva and Jeffrey go home and decide what’s done is done and it is time to put this whole mess behind them. Just as they are getting cozy in each other’s arms Rick bangs at the door. He tells them the syringe is gone. Reva and Jeffrey return to the church knowing Edmund will come there to seek revenge.

Josh’s ordination is taking place. Josh and Cassie have heavy hearts as they get through the ceremony. Little does anyone know Edmund is above in the balcony watching, just as he is about to shout out Josh’s sins he hears a noise. It’s Will!

Edmund is speaking fast as he accuses everyone in Will’s life of wanting to kill him especially Cassíe. Will won’t believe Cassie would do anything wrong. Edmund fires accusations of spite and cruelty at Will about Cassíe. Edmund goes as far as to tell the young boy Cassie will never love him. Will insists that Edmund stop saying those things about his mom. Edmund vows revenge on all of them especially Cassie. He will make her know what it is like to lose someone. Will is getting worked up saying “No, don’t hurt my mommy, I won’t let you!” Will admits that Alonso wanted Edmund dead and Will took care of that. This gets Edmund’s attention and he questions the boy. Will doesn’t come right out and say that he killed Alonso but hints greatly at it. Edmund looks away just as josh is taking the pulpit to thank everyone and make his vows to live each day as God would want him to.

Edmund’s unconscious body falls from the second floor balcony to the floor directly in front of Josh. The crowd is in shock and Reva and Jeffrey are no where to be found. Last Cassie saw Reva was slipping up the stairs to the balcony area.

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