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Guiding Light Update Tuesday 12/4/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Reva grows more and more frustrated with Edmund and the entire situation she feels she has been forced into. Edmund isn’t helping matters my trying to provoke Reva and bait her into a touchy subjects concerning josh and Jeffrey. Reva doesn’t take the bait and bites her tongue dealing with Edmund the best she can. Edmund does have one question he would like answered, her strange warning the night before, what was that all about? Reva avoids answering and is grateful when the time arrives for her to deliver Edmund to Josh and Cassie.

Cassie and Will work on his angel costume for the Christmas pageant. Cassie is stuck on the wings she can’t get them to stand up and remembered Beth had the same problem. When she phones Beth for help Cassie learns the truth about why James had to drop out of the pageant. Cassie questions Will about why he didn’t tell her. Will gets nervous and manages to croak out al lie. Cassie takes her son’s word but find it all odd. Cassie thinks possibly they should go over and visit James, take him a get well gift. Will acts even stranger and changes the subject claiming he needs to practice his lines.

Will wants Edmund to help him practice the way he helped Tammy practice for her play. Cassie makes excuses why Edmund can’t be there to help him rehearse but Will just becomes angry and runs off to his bedroom. Later when Cassíe is trying again to work with will and his costume he claims if she would call Edmund he could fix the wings.

Josh comes home after visiting with Billy before he leaves for rehab. Will runs to the door excited “Uncle Edmund!” When he sees it is Josh he hangs his head and goes to his room. Cassie talks to josh about her concerns over Will’s lack of care for his friend James. Josh talks to Will. Just before Josh can break through Reva arrives with Edmund. Edmund and Will go speak in private. Edmund discusses what happened to James with Will. Will doesn’t hide the truth from Edmund who more than understands but explains Will must pretend to care. If you act like you care they will trust you. Will listens to what his uncle has to say.

Will begins making a heartfelt card to take to James. The adults are eating it up. Josh is also getting ready for his own big day. Tomorrow is Josh’s ordination and his loved ones are so looking forward to it.

Billy refuses to leave for rehab until after the ceremony because this is such a big, pure, good, day for the family. Bill drops by the farm to offer anything Josh wants or needs to celebrate the day. Josh politely tells his nephew that he is not welcome at the ordination or at Josh’s home until he makes amends for the pain that he has caused. Bill appears to be taking the rejection well but appearances can be deceiving.

Earlier Lizzie catches Alan and Bill in a cozy business meeting agreeing that they will begin working together. Lizzie blasts Bill for the way he is and the pain he has caused. Bill doesn’t take Lizzie serious, even turns her words and business dealings into a joke. Lizzie understands Bill more than he knows he is just too stubborn to see it. She tells him so later as she waits for him outside his room. Lizzie knows that it is hurting Billy that bill is being so cold-hearted. Bill acts as though he doesn’t care. Lizzie admits she has feelings for him even though she knows his whole act was a lie.

Bill goes to Alan and invites him to go as bill’s guest to the ordination ceremony tomorrow. Alan doesn’t pass up an opportunity to stick it to the Lewis’ .

Lizzie tells Billy that Bill is getting into business with Alan. Billy sobers up to confront Alan with a warning. He wants Alan to stay away from Bill. Alan doesn’t see that, that is quite fair considering Lizzie is Billy’s right hand man. That is completely different Billy explains and leaves his warning hanging in the air.

Reva confides in Billy what is really in store for Edmund. She is struggling with the truth. Billy tells her that it is up to people like, him, her, and Jeffrey to look out for the innocent like Josh and Cassie and keep them safe from people like Edmund. Reva still doesn’t feel any better about keeping the lie.

Edmund compliments Will in private on the very good show of concern he is putting on. Will asks Edmund to stay, to fight to stay. Edmund begins making excuses and Will snaps, asking why won’t he fight, why is he giving up. That isn’t what Edmund has taught him TO JUST GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT. Will asks why Edmund can’t see they are all just trying to get rid of him. Edmund listens to the youngsters words and really thinks his predicament over.

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