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Guiding Light Update Monday 12/3/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Ashlee overhears Doris on the phone with a mysterious man going by the name Mr. Einstein. They are plotting to rig the election to ensure Doris’ win. Ashlee confronts her mother who feels betrayed by Ashlee’s support of Buzz and the Cooper family. Doris decides to deny being up to any wrong doing, especially concerning the election. Ashlee isn’t as gullible as she once was and sees through Doris’ lies. When it is apparent that Ashlee is not getting through to the mayoral candidate she grabs Doris embracing her and exclaiming “I love you Mom!” Doris is weirded out by the strange show of affection and walks away.

Doris shouldn’t underestimate her daughter. While hugging Doris, Ashlee swiped her PDA to get to the bottom of Doris’ tomfoolery. Ashlee calls the hacker, Mr. Einstein and arranges a meeting at towers. Mr. Einstein assumes it is Doris that wants to meet and arrives. Ashlee takes the meeting on the terrace. Ashlee is stern with the hacker telling him he will not help Doris anymore or he will face criminal charges. Mr. Einstein is worried and agrees.

Doris arrives believing she is going to meet with the man that is going to win her the election but finds Ashlee waiting for her instead. Ashlee tosses the PDA on the table as Doris is looking for it. Ashlee doesn’t begin to dance around the truth and what she did. Ashlee admits to stealing the PDA to reach Doris’ contact and that she put an end to it. Doris blames Ashlee’s loyalty and love of the Cooper family for turning on her but Ashlee explains she actually did it to save Doris from herself. Doris doesn’t handle the news well and makes it clear that this means war. When she wins the election on her own she will make every Cooper pay, especially Coop. Ashlee doesn’t seem bothered because Buzz is ahead in the polls. Ashlee returns to CO2 to find Buzz, Lillian, and Coop down in the dumps. They share that Buzz has dropped and Doris is now in the lead. Ashlee panics internally telling Coop, “I think I just made a big mistake.”

When Marina walks in and finds Cyrus comforting Harley after she admitted that she too is struggling with the memories and scars from being trapped in the building he covers for them both. Cyrus turns the incident into a big joke and Marina buys it. Harley is finished working for the day she tells the couple but she really only wanted rid of them so she could research her symptoms on line. Harley learns she had a panic attack due to post traumatic syndrome. This is just unacceptable Harley tells herself, she doesn’t have panic attacks. To prove herself wrong Harley goes in search of the bike messenger. She is angry he didn’t fax his delivery log like he had promised.

Harley waits outside the hospital for him. The bike messenger isn’t happy to see her and smart mouths the detective. Harley jacks him up and demands the log he promised. The messenger agrees but makes another smart comment about Harley only acting tough to prove something. She realizes he is right. Back at home Harley is determined to get past the trauma of the building collapse but just looking at a photo of stairs sends her into another attack.

Cyrus speaks with Marina about switching partners claiming he doesn’t get along with Harley. Marina knows that isn’t true but agrees if it will make him happy. They go to CO2 for Marina to talk with Coop. While she is occupied with her uncle Cyrus pulls Buzz aside and asks him to pay special attention to Harley because she isn’t handling the recent things in her life that well. Buzz is really impressed at what a true caring man Cyrus really is. Marina over hears and is touched he really does care for Harley’s well being. At home she asks him again if he will stay with Harley as his partner and he agrees.

Rick feels anger, panic, fear, out of control loss, a range of emotions as he listens to Edmund emotionally blackmail him into helping keep demand in town, if Rick wants his secret to stay secret from Alan. Rick reaches for a syringe and plunges it into Edmund’s neck. Jeffrey is outside the door waiting for Edmund and trying to convince Reva sending Edmund back to face the false murder charge is the only way to ensure he is out of their lives for good. Reva doesn’t like it but agrees not to talk.

Reva goes to the church to light a candle and talk to Richard. She works through her emotions about what they are all doing to Edmund but really doesn’t walk away feeling any better. While Reva is praying for a safe solution Jeffrey discovers what Rick has done. Rick vows not to allow Edmund to ruin his life. Jeffrey thinks it would be best that Edmund’s unconscious body be taken back to Reva’s house so he can’t threaten anyone or at least be heard.

Just as Reva was coming to terms with the Edmund situation she sees how dangerous it could be for everyone when she finds Edmund passed out on her couch and Jeffrey fills her in on his threats to Rick. Jeffrey asks Reva to help house him until they can get him out of town. She agrees but warns Edmund he had better shape up for his own good before it is too late. Edmund is intrigued by her warning, what does Reva know that he doesn’t

Rick isn’t taking any chances he wants to flee the country with Beth but she won’t and can’t leave. Beth assumes Rick is afraid Phillip is going to come back and tells him they will handle it if he does. That is how they are they don’t run from their problems they face them.

Just before Rick arrived home Beth received a box filled with baby supplies. It was odd but she set it aside thinking nothing of it.

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