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Guiding Light Update Friday 11/30/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Josh and Cassie continue to get the unruly Will ready for his Christmas pageant. Will doesn’t want to do anything his parents ask. Cassie believes it is because he is shy . She encourages him to make friends with James. James is going to be the angle in the pageant the lead role. Will hates being a Sheppard and wants Edmund to stay until Christmas. Josh explains to Will why Edmond can’t stay in baseball terms and the boy seems to understand. After rehearsal Will returns to Cassie with the halo James had been wearing. He tells his mother that James dropped out of the play and he got the lead role. Meanwhile Beth is rushing James to the hospital with an injury to his arm. The boy’s arm is put in a sling. At home he explains that he thinks one of the Sheppard’s tripped him.

Later Will hears Cassie and Josh talking. Josh makes reference to baseball terms again telling Cassie that Edmund is on his third strike out and he will be out of their lives forever. Will stands listening devastated in the costume he was once proud of.

Jeffrey lowers the boom on Reva, they are going to have a house guest for a while. Reva assumes it is one of his many lady friends but boy is she in for a surprise when Edmund walks through the door. Jeffrey explains the details of their plan and why Edmund must stay. Reva understands but she doesn’t like it. She certainly isn’t going to be welcoming to Edmund. She agrees he can stay believing he will be going to Peaceful Valley shortly. For now Jeffrey must take Edmund to the hospital to have his wrists looked at after being tied up. As Rick examines Edmund he tries to tell Rick what had happened to him. When Rick doesn’t care and isn’t interested in anything Edmund has to say , Edmund reveals he knows the truth that Josh and Rick are keeping from poor sweet Beth.

Beth runs into Edmund who is overly curious about her baby. Beth warns Edmund to stay away from her daughter and her.

Reva confronts Josh over protecting Cassie at all costs once again. Josh feels he is protecting everyone. Reva gets emotional as she expresses her worry for Josh possibly not being able to live with himself if he brings harm to Edmund. Josh is curious about where all of this is coming from. Reva tells him she has reached the edge and now she has to live with that every day and she doesn’t want Josh to go through life with the feelings and thoughts she has. Cassie returns home with Will and Reva leaves it at that.

Reva meets Jeffrey at the hospital. She jokes “Is the patient dead yet.” Jeffrey answers “not yet” Reva talks to Jeffrey about the plan she just doesn’t know if it is going to be as simple as he and Josh seem to believe. Jeffrey is sure of the plan. What if he doesn’t take the deal and if he does this place, the compound, seems to good to be true. Jeffrey doesn’t keep the truth from Reva. It is too good to be true. The idea of the compound is only so Edmund will behave himself while in Springfield. No matter what happens Edmund will face execution for the death of Alonso. He had to tell Josh a lie or he would not have gone along with the plan.

Marina follows her lead Frank gave her in hopes of making it into a real paying case for the detective agency and Cyrus and Harley get to work trying to locate Phillip. Before they hit the streets Harley tells Cyrus what kind of man Phillip is the good and the bad. The sorted details are intense. They go to Beth’s room and ask her about the baby gift she received. Beth doesn’t feel she has anymore to add to what she has already told everyone but Cyrus charms her into revealing the identity of the bike messenger and giving up the paper the gift was wrapped in. Cyrus and Harley find the messenger in a stairwell where they confront him wanting answers. The messenger tries to stonewall them but Cyrus jacks the guy up. The messenger’s bike helmet tumbles down the stairs, Harley goes after it. When she does the air and space around her turn unstable like she is in water. All Harley can do is reach for the railing to stabilize herself. Cyrus rushes to her side. He knows it is a form of panic attack but she denies have any problems since the building collapse. Harley blames the entire incident on the lack of eating breakfast. Cyrus doesn’t buy it.

When they get back to her house Cyrus wants to make issue out of it asking why she doesn’t feel anything or will acknowledge anything is wrong. He admits he has nightmares and he hates Harley had to go through that but he also hates he feels as though he is alone in his torment when he knows she was there too. Harley breaks down, she cries as she describes how out of control things felt and sometimes do since they cheated death. Cyrus holds her . Marina walks in and sees the emotional connection her boyfriend and aunt have.

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