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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

No matter what Josh and Cassie do to help Will feel incorporated into a normal life and family, the boy resists, throwing temper tantrums and refusing to participate in family activities. Will misses his father but understands why he can’t see him.  What he doesn’t understand is why he can’t spend more time with his Uncle Edmund. Cassie tries to be nurturing and supportive but her son plays her every time. Against Josh’s wishes and better judgment, Cassie thinks it is best that they allow Will to see Edmund. Edmund is fantastic with the boy after all. Josh is acting squirrelly as he tries to put Cassie off. Cassie knows that Josh knows more than he is telling her.

Josh explains that he just couldn’t let Edmund hurt her or Will anymore so he asked someone who could take care of it to make Edmund disappear. Cassie fears Josh had Edmund killed but he promises Edmund is alive he will just be leaving town for good. As Josh is explaining the details of the plan to Cassie, Jeffrey is explaining the same plan to Edmund. Jeffrey isn’t nearly as compassionate about the matter as Josh is with his wife.

The plan is: Edmund will agree to leave town and never return or he will face murder charges for Alonso. Killing a member of royalty would mean a death sentence. If Edmund does agree to leave he will live in a luxurious compound. Essentially a life of house arrest but on a very large scale.

Will over hears the mention of Edmund’s name and demands to see him. Josh caves in and calls Jeffrey telling him to bring Edmund to the house but make it clear, Edmund must make sure he lets will down easy. Josh and Jeffrey don’t like the idea but they go along for Cassie’s sake. Will is elated to see his uncle. Edmund does tell Will very kindly that he must go back to the island, the people need him. Will understands and is willing to let go but not after his Christmas pageant at the church. Will insists Edmund see it. Edmund makes excuses just as he agreed to leave town. Will clings to Edmund screaming that Edmund cannot leave until after the pageant. Cassie blurts out that Edmund can stay.

Josh pulls her aside and finally explains why he is so desperate to get Edmund out of town. Cassie can’t believe that Edmund figured out that she switched Beth’s baby’s DNA results but she still agrees to let Edmund stay. Will is happy again though Josh and Jeffrey aren’t.

Jeffrey tells Josh all they can do is watch Edmund every moment of the day until he finally gets on a plane out of town for good.

Daisy is concerned for Rafe who is still drinking and cutting class. After her reconnection on Thanksgiving Daisy feels she is the only person who can reach Rafe. Natalia is resistant she is still blaming Daisy for having the abortion behind Rafe’s back. She doesn’t approve of them seeing each other and feels Daisy needs to leaves Rafe alone. Natalia knows how Rafe really is, he will be fine after a while.

Daisy knows what Natalia thinks of her and reminds Natalia that she wasn’t the greatest mother in the world and she certainly isn’t without sin. She broke up Harley and Gus’ marriage after all.

Natalia complains to Alan about daisy’s hurtful accusations and that she isn’t good for Rafe. Alan agrees completely with Natalia, calling daisy a mutt is she were a dog. The thing that bothers Natalia the most is daisy seems to be doing well and getting on with her life as if the pregnancy and abortion didn’t take place and Rafe is a hurt angry little man that will not open up.

Rafe finds his way to daisy and finally feels comfortable at once and even a little happy.

Gus sits with Olivia and comforts her still unaware of why she is so upset. Olivia is talking very heavy about death and good-byes. Gus asks why? Olivia finally breaks her silence over her illness and tells Gus what was discovered. Gus wants to jump into action immediately, calling in specialists and getting her the best help. As much as he hates to admit it, Alan needs to be told. Olivia turns frantic again. Absolutely not! If Phillip finds out he may try to come after Emma. Olivia makes Gus swear he will not tell Alan. Gus agrees.

A knock at the door is the delivery of a bicycle for Emma for Christmas. Gus wants to help Olivia with the bulky box but she feels he is trying to treat her as if she is broken. Olivia is still trying to cope and deal with her recently diagnosed illness that is deadly. Gus helps Olivia with the box anyway. She leans across the box and kisses Gus. She asks him to sleep with her.

Gus is very polite and boyish as he turns her down. Olivia is sorry she asked and hopes it doesn’t ruin their friendship. Gus tells her she isn’t going to die. Olivia asks how do you know and his answer is heartwarming. “Because I don’t want you to.”

Gus leaves but gives Olivia a kiss on the cheek in the hall. Rafe is watching from around the corner. Rafe goes home in a hurry. He tells his mother he doesn’t want her to marry Gus and he believes Gus will hurt her again. Natalia doesn’t understand the change of heart is frankly sick of her son’s flip-flopping behavior. She tells him enough is enough! Rafe is clear, Gus hurt her once he will hurt her again. Natalia doesn’t believe her son.

Gus comes home hot for Natalia he is trying to get her in the bed and tells her he loves her. This is the first time since they have been reunited. Natalia is happy. Unfortunately they never make it to the bed. Work calls and Natalia must go in for a co-worker that is sick. Gus is disappointed but takes the time alone to call Olivia and check on her.

Gus is sweet and tells her he would like to have a steak dinner with her sometime. Olivia is touched by his kindness and friendship. Olivia agrees a steak dinner sometime, for certain. When she hangs up Alan bangs at the door. He wants to know why Olivia doesn’t have Gus in her web yet. Olivia explains that is no problem she doesn’t mind spending any time with Gus because he is such a good guy.

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