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Guiding Light Update Wednesday 11/28/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

We last saw Olivia lying unconscious on the floor of her suite. Olivia begins to come to, everything is foggy for her especially her memory of how she came to be on the floor. Natalia has entered the room to clean it, she shakes Olivia gently. The two women discover blood oozing from the base of Olivia’s skull. Olivia gasps! “Phillip!” she assumes before she can see plainly that it is Natalia at her side. Natalia wants Olivia to go with her to the doctor immediately but Olivia freaks out when she finds Emma isn’t in the room. Olivia is frantic believing Phillip stole Emma. Natalia finds a note from Ava stating she took her baby sister to the library. The note still doesn’t satisfy the worried mother, Natalia suggests Olivia call her daughters.

Natalia insists Olivia go get checked out. At the hospital Rick is the physician that takes a look at Olivia’s head. Olivia is convinced she was knocked out and it was Phillip that did it. Olivia’s paranoia is overwhelming. She doesn’t want Rick to look at her because she thinks he is keeping secrets and the truth for Phillip. Rick tries to assure her that he has not seen or heard from Phillip. Olivia doesn’t believe him.

Rick is very concerned about the spot of her neck. He wants to run tests. Olivia thinks it is silly to run test when it is obvious Phillip hit her and is trying to scare her into believing he will take Emma. Rick orders multiple test to be run. Olivia waits impatiently, finally she can’t take it. After running into Beth whom she thinks is working with Phillip and Rick Olivia goes home.

Beth didn’t come right out and share that she believes Phillip could have changed but she insinuates it. This infuriates Olivia. Beth tries to convince the fellow ex-wife of Phillip that she is simply at the hospital to visit Rick and knows nothing of Phillip’s return, other than…..

Beth shares that she did receive a baby gift from Phillip the same day Emma received her birthday gift. But there has been no other contact. Olivia is more unnerved than before

At home Olivia is so relieved to see Ava and Emma. The girls had a wonderful day together. As mother and older daughter talk, Olivia gets a call from Rick. He wants her back at the hospital immediately. Rick is firm that Olivia must come back to the hospital. Ava is concerned but Olivia covers. Ava is more than happy to stay with Emma for a bit longer.

At the hospital Olivia still thinks it was foolish to come in. Rick tells her he has medical reason’s to believe she wasn’t knocked out but fainted. Olivia doesn’t believe him. Rick forces Olivia to see a specialist, a heart specialist. Olivia goes for the appropriate tests and is nervous when a silent doctor comes into the room. She expected him to give her a clean bill of health and send her on her way. The news isn’t that good or simple. Olivia has a heart defect that is causing her heart to only work at 1/3 of its capacity. There is no cure or treatment, all they can do is manage her lifestyle so her heart doesn’t have to work so much. Olivia is silent, unable to digest what she is hearing. The only thing that may help is a heart transplant. The news is shocking, devastating, and over whelming. Olivia doesn’t tell anyone of the diagnosis but makes some snap decisions about her life and her future.

First thing she does is meet with Mel. Olivia wants to make sure her will is in order, specifically who will care for Emma. Mel suggests naming Bill, Emma’s adoptive father, guardian. Olivia agrees. She chats with Bill who has stopped by to visit Emma. Bill promises he will try to do better by Emma but things are hectic right now, since he has kicked Billy out of the company. Bill is cold and distant, such a departure from the man she once loved. Bill is surprised she doesn’t like the new man, the man that is more like herself. Bill doesn’t apologize for the new attitude he has, he rather likes it.

The small things in life become apparently clear and important to Olivia, as she meets with employees over petty issues concerning customers. She blows up at them screaming about what is and is not important. Olivia’s personal assistant interrupts asking for an RSVP to a program at Emma’s school. Yes, of course she will go, because this is what is important.

Olivia congratulates Buzz on his work running for mayor and promises she will be the first to vote for him. Without telling Ava the grave news Olivia talks with her about how special Emma is and how they both love spending so much time with the preschooler. Olivia realizes no matter what she must protect Emma in this life even once she isn’t here to do it anymore. Olivia is distraught as she reaches out to Alan making him swear if she breaks Gus and Natalia up he will never let Phillip get Emma. Alan is confused by her passion on the subject but agrees.

Olivia feels God is punishing her and she is dying because of all that she has done in her past. Emma sleeps on the couch and Olivia talks to her daughter about how much she loves Emma and no matter what people say she hopes Emma knows that she made her mother a better person. Olivia breaks down holding Emma’s sobbing body crying say her good-bye’s to Emma. Gus watches from the open doorway.

Olivia turns to see him and runs into his arms for comfort. Gus holds her without asking questions.

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