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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

Olivia is still worried about Phillip reappearing in her life, more importantly Emma’s life. Olivia has herself convinced, thanks to Alan’s manipulations, that Phillip is looming around every corner. Olivia is jumpy as she peers out the door of her suite to make sure the coast is clear. Frank is walking the hallways investigating a break in. They talk. Olivia is a real friend to Frank and Frank returns the kindness. He is hurt that she needed him in a bad way with Phillip and didn’t feel she could call. Frank still loves Emma very much and he still has feelings for Olivia. Olivia helps Frank more than either realize. Olivia points out as a friend and in a kind way that hurting Cyrus is hurting Marina, much like something Alan would do. Frank sits up and takes notice to the comparison. Frank’s natural goodness rubs off on Olivia as well.

Olivia goes to tell Alan the deal is off. She doesn’t feel he can really protect her and Emma from Phillip and she doesn’t want any part in hurting Gus who has become a friend. Alan tries to convince Olivia working with him is the best but Olivia sees the truth for herself. Olivia tries to reach out and connect with Alan asking if he really wants to push away the only son he has left over a woman. Yes, Alan replies, Natalia is worth it. Natalia has made him a better person, a person who can feel again.

Alan has just learned of Gus and Natalie’s engagement moments before. Gus was dreading telling Alan. He knows his father is falling in love with the Latin beauty and fears how Alan will react. Gus warns Natalia, when Alan wants something or someONE, he gets it. Natalia doesn’t believe Alan is as bad as Gus says. She wants to give Alan the benefit of he doubt. When they tell him, he is joyous and smiles congratulating them both, especially Natalia. Gus can’t buy the act of kindness. Gus and Alan dispute over the last name Natalia and Rafe will take once they are married.

Alan pressures Natalia to take the Spaulding last name. Natalia wants to stay neutral, she doesn’t want to upset her new fiancé or soon-to-be father in law. Gus has to meet with Harley over a case that is going to court. As soon as Gus is gone Alan begins planting doubts in Natalie’s mind, calling her a strong woman because she can live with Gus seeing Harley, his ex-wife everyday at work. Natalia must leave for work herself.

Cyrus and marina show up for their first day at work at the new detective agency. Harley is very uncomfortable being around both Cyrus and Marina. Harley blurts out as they begin working that she feels she made a mistake. Harley rushes out of the house to supposedly meet Gus and to discuss resigning from the force with Frank. Frank thinks opening the detective agency is a mistake as does Gus when Harley shares her plans with him. Marina and Cyrus speculate about ways of making money and making the business work if Harley were to pull out. Cyrus gets an idea and rushes off. He does promise however that it is legal, just unpleasant. Marina waits for her boyfriend and aunt to return. She is stressing out about money and a job.

Harley meets with Gus to discuss an old case. Gus tries to ease into telling Harley but she cuts him off. I know.” Harley is very civil and supportive although Gus is making excuses that he did it for Rafe and will not admit he wants to be married to Natalia. Gus and Harley arrive at some sort of peace and understanding about their failed relationship and future relationships with other people. Harley has had enough and treats herself to a massage at the beacon.

In the middle of the massage Harley drifts off to sleep, she dreams Cyrus comes in and takes over the massage. When she realizes the thoughts that she is having Harley hates herself more. She does not want to get hurt anymore and certainly doesn’t want to hurt Marina.

While Harley and Cyrus were out Frank stops by. He apologizes for the Thanksgiving day fight and tries to make amends with his daughter. Marina wants desperately for Frank to accept Cyrus. He won’t verbalize that he will try harder to come around and accept Cyrus but he insinuates it, after Marina tells him how happy she is for the first time in a long time. Frank tosses an envelope on the table. Marina assumes it is money and asks “What are you Alan Spaulding?” the comparison twice in one day really hits Frank hard. He just leaves. Inside the envelope was a lead from the police department about a case. Frank gave his daughter a much needed job. She is excited.

Cyrus goes to the Spaulding house to try and shake Alan down. A quiet divorce for cash money. Alexandra got herself into hot water and Cyrus could hang around making Alan’s life miserable if he doesn’t pay up. Alan is no dummy. Their conversation was interrupted by Olivia. When Alan came back he was more than willing to wheel and deal. If Cyrus wants Spaulding money he must work for it. Alan lays out a work arrangement that Cyrus agrees to.

Harley returns home very disturbed by her dream during the massage. Marina is leaving Cyrus a cheesy message that really gets to Harley. When marina notices Harley she begs her aunt not to back out of the business because she knows how good it can be for all three of them. Harley agrees to move forward as planned. Cyrus returns within moments with good news of his own. He got them a job. “So did I!” Marina boasts the couple is so happy! Marina shows Harley and Cyrus the lead frank gave her. Cyrus’ job is a bit more complicated. Alan has hired them to locate Phillip. Cyrus doesn’t know this but Alan has hopes of the job also reuniting Gus and Harley so Natalia can be free and clear to be with Alan.

While Cyrus is telling his ladies about the new job Alan looks at photos of his boys . Speaking out loud Alan dreams that there is still hope for Phillip and him. Looking at Gus Alan says , as far as he is concerned he never had Gus.

Olivia needs a drink after visiting Alan. She runs into Gus who is having a drink after meeting with Harley. They talk and get close as friends and confidants, nothing more. Gus is really concerned for Olivia who is filled with fear over Phillip. Olivia feels sorry for Gus and wants him to know that Alan is trying to sabotage his relationship and engagement to Natalia. They talk about first loves and Alan being in their lives. Olivia wants to share with Gus but can’t bring herself to hurt him. Olivia does congratulate Gus and she really means it. She is happy for the couple.

Gus is overjoyed, finally this feels like a real engagement and real love. He shares his thoughts with Natalia who is glad to finally start seeing the old Gus come out. Gus wants to take her out on their first real date as adults. They remember the first date they had as kids.

The show closes with Olivia lying unconscious on her living room floor. The room is undisturbed and quiet.

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