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Guiding Light Update Monday 11/26/07

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora

The miserable Thanksgiving day in Springfield continues. Marina brings Mallet dinner from Harley’s. She tells him how the day turned from a happy family get together to a brawl. Marina feels so guilty for bringing Cyrus and her family into her issues. Mallet assures her that the Coopers love Marina and so does Cyrus. Marina wants to change the subject by looking at case files. Marina adds insight to a couple of cases Mallet is working on. Both miss their friendship and work compatibility. Mallet believes it won’t be long before Marina is back on the force and in his life as his partner not just his friend.

Before Marina heads out to meet Cyrus she asks about Mallet and Dinah. She suggests he call and invite Dinah to a late night turkey sandwich. Mallet doesn’t want to. He explains that he loves Dinah and always will but he can’t be a part of her games anymore. Mallet can’t be with someone he constantly has to chase, he needs someone that will come to him for once. Marina feels sorry for AC knowing that he is hurting.

Marina goes back to her room and crawls in bed to wait for Cyrus to return home.

Cyrus and Harley turn their horrible Thanksgiving day into a goodtime. They drink at the bar in Towers, laughing and talking like old friends. Harley thinks Cyrus is only staying because he feels sorry for her but Cyrus tells his new confidant that it is he that doesn’t want to go home. Harley helps Cyrus work through his fears of facing Marina. Against Harley’s sound warning Cyrus orders up a bottle of tequila that they begin doing shots of and the good times continue.

Lizzie is joining Billy at the farm for thanksgiving. She heads out to pick up Billy’s favorite pie from towers. Before she leaves Cassie and Lizzie have a good but emotional talk remembering last Thanksgiving when Jonathan, Tammy, and Sarah were there. Today, Thanksgiving marks Sarah’s first birthday. Both cry and hug grateful for the happiness they had with their loved ones and in their life after the deaths of Jonathan, Sarah, and Tammy. Lizzie is most grateful Billy. She appreciates the professional and personal attention he has giving her since they became friends.

Lizzie arrives at towers to find Bill having a liquid Thanksgiving dinner of wine. They bicker over the way Bill has treated her, Billy, and everyone else that loves him. When Lizzie isn’t paying attention Bill steals her pie and exits. Lizzie is furious with the staff for giving her pie to someone else. While she waits for a replacement she sees Harley. Believing Lizzie is doing the right thing she apologizes from the bottom of her heart for Harley’s bad Thanksgiving. Harley is amused at first that everyone knows what a failure she was as a host. As Lizzie goes on it is revealed that Gus and Natalia are engaged. This is news to Harley. Cyrus understands the silenced shock Harley is experiencing and pushes Lizzie onto the elevator before she can get her pie. Lizzie didn’t mean to hurt or upset Harley and makes one excuse after the other.

After getting rid of Lizzie Cyrus picks up where the Spaulding lass left off with excuses about the supposed engagement. Harley turns without saying a word and kisses Cyrus. A huge kiss! Immediately realizing she messed up Harley is sorry. Cyrus understands that the day has just been a bit much for her. They part ways but their good-bye is awkward.

Josh is not enjoying his holiday as he is haunted by what is was exactly Jeffrey did to Edmund. Josh now regrets being responsible for Edmunds death. Josh calls Jeffrey. Jeffrey assures Josh that Edmund is alive but will not be a problem for Cassie any longer. Edmund is being held by his captor in a mechanical room at the Beacon. He is tied up.

Bill arrives with the stolen pie in hand acting as though everything is perfect between him and the family. Josh lectures Bill for the way he has been treating his father. Josh doesn’t want to permit Bill to join them for Thanksgiving but Billy yells out the door to let him in. The visit starts off rocky. Billy wants to know why Bill is so determined to hurt everyone he comes in contact with. They argue. Bill still has a lot of pent up rage.

It isn’t long before father and son are laughing remembering funny stories from past Thanksgivings. Remembering what their relationship used to be like Billy asks how they can begin fixing what has happened. Bill is cold as he tells Billy the first thing he can do is get rid of Lizzie Spaulding. Billy refuses sparking another fierce argument. Lizzie arrives empty handed back at the farmhouse, just in time to witness Billy kicking Bill out. Bill grabs a bottle of wine and swills from it as he storms out.

Josh’s day only gets worse when Will is giving Cassie trouble. Will wants Edmund to be a part of the family celebration. Cassie understands that Will feels he only has Edmund left in the world but Josh can’t accept Edmund being a part of Will or Cassie’s life. Will throws a temper tantrum wanting to go visit Edmund. He knows Edmund is in trouble after he receives a text on his new cell phone. Edmund had managed to get a hold of Mr. Hoover’s cell phone to send out the SOS.

Josh tries to talk Cassie into not giving in but she insists she is going to take Will to se Edmund. At the Beacon Will leads his mother and step-father to the locked mechanical room insisting Edmund is inside. Josh is nervous and fearful that his and Jeffrey’s secret will be exposed and Cassie is confused. Will bangs on the door calling out for his uncle Edmund. Cassie and a maid manage to convince Will that Edmund isn’t in the room and has checked out of the hotel. Cassie is elated though Will is hurt. Cassie believes Edmund has left town after realizing he wasn’t going to win her back.

To help Will through losing yet another family member Cassie and Will drop in on Harley. Cassie had hoped playing with Zac would bolster Will’s spirits. The boys are at Buzz’s Harley explains but tells Will that Zac and Jude got the new video game every kid has been wanting. Harley is glad to have the company in the wake of discovering Gus and Natalie’s engagement and kissing Cyrus. Will goes to Zac’s room to play the game so the ladies can talk. Cassie first tells Harley that she is so happy Edmund has left town, hopefully for good.

Harley tells of the engagement then admits she is beginning to have feelings for Cyrus. Harley hates herself for falling for her only niece’s man. Cassie believes the feelings are only there for Cyrus because of the ordeal they went through and because she is lonely. Harley wants to believe this and wants this to be true but she has her doubts that this passing flood of emotions will just go away.

While Cassie is being a supportive friend to Harley Josh returns to the mechanical room to see Edmund. Mr. Hoover lets Josh in.

Cyrus returns home and apologizes to Marina. She apologizes too. They make love. Afterwards Marina lies in Cyrus' arms, telling him that she believes the future will be better and brighter for them. Working for Harley is going to be a wonderful experience for them all.

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