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Written By Dani
Pictures by Dora


Harley exhausts herself making everything perfect for the family Thanksgiving gathering. With the help of Zac and Jude they turn the semi-finished house into a lovely, fancy dining room. The boys ad the last and most important touch to the table. Homemade place cards. Little turkeys made of cut outs of their tiny hands and colorfully decorated place each guest just where they should be. Coop, Ashlee, Buzz, Frank, Marina, Cyrus, Gus, and Daisy.

Daisy even gets in on the action lending a helpful hand. She is sad that she won’t be with Rafe this holiday but she is great for her mom.

Natalia helps Gus get ready before she leaves for her witnessing job at Towers. Rafe will not even speak to Gus who promises next year they will have their own Thanksgiving. Gus wants to discuss the marriage proposal again with Natalia but she won’t agree to marry him until she knows that this will definitely be the last Thanksgiving for him and Harley.

Natalia and Rafe go to work but Alan intervenes every chance he gets. First when a customer is rude and demanding of Natalia and a second time when Rafe’s anger gets the best of him and he gets Natalia and himself fired. Alan insists that Natalia join him for dinner. They eat at towers. Alan tells Natalia how grateful he is to have her and Rafe in his life. He goes on to point out how foolish Gus is by not dumping Harley and embracing his real family. Natalia is quiet but agrees she is glad to have Alan and Gus in her life.

Cyrus sends Marina out the door for Harley’s believing that it is the right thing for her to be with family on this special holiday. Buzz retrieves Frank from work who is angry and frustrated. Buzz insists that frank join the family for dinner. Frank is still upset with Harley too but agrees to go to dinner.

All the guests begin to arrive. Marina and Frank will barely look at each other. Harley tells frank what Cyrus suggested to her. If they act like a family they may remember that they are a family. Buzz tries to keep peace between all of the squabbling family members.

Just as the family sits down at the table to eat Cyrus arrives as a surprise. Harley, Marina, and buzz welcome him in but frank is not cordial at all. Throughout dinner and the day Frank makes comments about Cyrus’ nature. Claiming he counted the silverware before Cyrus arrived, and he knows he would cheat at a game. Cyrus tries to let the comments go but eventually the constant nagging would get on anyone’s nerves.

Buzz gives a speech of family togetherness as they all hold hands. At the completion of Buzz’s speech a diner roll comes flying through the open door. Gus jumps up to go investigate. When he peers out the door Rafe throws his arms in the air and cheers “Happy Thanksgiving Dad!” Rafe stole a bottle of wine from towers and is drunk. Rafe acts out. Pretending to be happy he expresses his hate for the Coopers and the entire family. Rafe tries to throw a punch at Gus who hems his son up and leads Rafe away to sober him up.

At home Gus tries to explain how close he is to Harley’s boys but he also wants to make a real family with Rafe and Natalia. Rafe is opposed to accepting Gus as a part of the family and doesn’t believe it will ever happen. Natalia is listening outside the door of the Spaulding study as her son and his father talk about them all being a family. Natalia comes through the door to set her son straight. They can be a family at last. She turns to Gus and asks if the proposal is still on the table. Of course he tells her, “Then the answer is yes. Yes I will marry you.” Rafe watches as Gus officially asks Natalia to marry him, but only with their son’s blessing. Rafe’s attitude begins to dwindle away.

At the cooper house dinner is silent as everyone’s mind is on Rafe’s drunken escapade. Finally Harley makes a poor joke out of it and everyone begins to disagree at once about Gus and Rafe being right or wrong. The family is divided. Harley calls a halt to the debate over who is and isn’t family and who belongs or doesn’t belong at this family meal. She orders them all to play the traditional game of football.

The teams are determined but rain clouds put a damper on the game. Rain or not Harley isn’t going to pass up the opportunity for everyone to put their differences aside and be happy. She insists they move the table and play indoors.

The game goes well and all are having a good time and smiling laughing until Frank accuses Cyrus of cheating. Both teams were using Zac and Jude to pull tricky maneuvers over on the other team to score touchdowns. When Cyrus masterminds a trick on Frank it isn’t seen as funny but under handed by frank. The rest of the players for both teams thinks it was funny. Frank and Cyrus begin to brawl, falling into the dinner table and breaking dishes.

Cyrus apologizes and storms out covered in food. Marina and Frank argue outside. Harley throws her hands up and walks out. Coop and Ashlee are the only ones who are happy. They break the wishbone and Ashlee gets the bigger half. Kissing Coop she tells him she got exactly what she wished for.

Coop walks Ashlee home who is so happy about her first real family Thanksgiving. She does feel badly for not spending it with Doris. They make plans for tomorrow. Ashlee opens her door to find Doris working away at her laptop. Doris makes rude comments about how great the Coopers are but she lightens up when Ashlee shares leftovers with her. Both mother and daughter seem to be happy and at peace.

Rafe gets a call from Daisy. He rushes to meet her in the rain. Rafe has been thinking that maybe he should give her a second chance. Daisy is glad to hear. For the first time they speak of their baby together. Daisy confesses that she misses it even though she never really had it. Rafe comforts her. They walk in the rain and in love. At the Spaulding mansion Gus and Natalia sit back and enjoy the quiet moments of their engagement. Gus holds Natalia as she admires her ring.

Harley finds peace at the bar drinking wine. Cyrus has made his way to Towers as well, he buys her another glass. Cyrus and Harley decide to avoid the family drama and hang out together. On the terrace of Towers they drink, talk, and smile enjoying the rest of their holiday.

Harley’s house is cleaned by Frank, Marina, and Buzz in silence. Marina hates being at odds with her father but she will not give up Cyrus just because Frank wants her to.

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